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Got bored, here's a route-

START: Los Angeles, CA (i mean...come on)
LEG 1: to Taipei, Taiwan
LEG 2: to Bohol, Philippines
LEG 3: to Kathmandu, Nepal
LEG 4: to Khumjung, Nepal
LEG 5: to Petra National Park, Jordan
LEG 6: to Madaba, Jordan
LEG 7: to Bucharest, Romania
LEG 8: to Hortobagy, Hungary
LEG 9: to Boquete, Panama
LEG 10: to Cuenca, Ecuador
LEG 11: to Baltra Island, Ecuador
LEG 12: to New York, NY

4 continents, 9 countries, 27,000ish miles.

Lots of actual monuments (the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, the Himalayas, Petra, Mt. Nebo, the Great Hungarian Plain, and the Galapagos) and lots of underutilized countries (the most prolific of which is Panama with 3 visits).

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Got bored, here's a route-

START: Los Angeles, CA (i mean...come on)
I mean, you can always wish for a different starting place. :lol:
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Leg-1 (United States → Taiwan)
Leg-2 (Taiwan → Cambodia)
Leg-3 (Cambodia → Vietnam)
Leg-4 (Vietnam → Maldives)
Leg-5 (Maldives → Kenya)
Leg-6 (Kenya)
Leg-7 (Kenya → Latvia)
Leg-8 (Latvia → Finland)
Leg-9 (Finland → Germany)
Leg-10 (Germany → Spain)
Leg-11 (Spain → Peru)
Leg-12 (Peru → United States)

was thinking about a route with a Christmas theme where teams do tasks themed on Christmas celebrations in each place and came up with something similar to this so tweaked it and wow i love this route!! think it would be cool to see!!

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7/12 of that route looks pretty familiar... :funny:
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7/12 of that route looks pretty familiar... :funny:


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Leg 1: Seattle, USA --> Queenstown, New Zealand
Leg 2: Queenstown, New Zealand --> Brisbane, Australia
Leg 3: Brisbane, Australia --> Alice Springs, Australia
Leg 4: Alice Springs, Australia --> Naypyitaw, Burma
Leg 5: Naypyitaw, Burma --> Thimphu, Bhutan
Leg 6: Thimphu, Bhutan --> Cape Town, South Africa
Leg 7: Cape Town, South Africa --> Polokwane, South Africa
Leg 8: Polokwane, South Africa --> Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Leg 9: Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina --> Budapest, Hungary
Leg 10: Budapest, Hungary --> Cortina, Italy
Leg 11: Cortina, Italy --> Montevideo, Uruguay
Leg 12: Montevideo, Uruguay --> San Jose, Costa Rica --> Chicago, USA

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Amazing Race Route for Fun! Enjoy  :conf:

Leg 1: United States (Austin, TX) --> Bahamas (Nassau)
Leg 2: Bahamas --> Bolivia (Santa Cruz de la Sierra)
Leg 3: Bolivia --> Argentina (Mendoza)
Leg 4: Argentina --> Samoa (Apia) --> American Samoa (Pago Pago)
Leg 5: American Samoa --> Australia (Cairns, QLD)
Leg 6: Australia --> China (Beijing)
Leg 7: China --> Sri Lanka (Colombia to Kandy)
Leg 8: Sri Lanka --> Uzbekistan (Tashkent)
Leg 9: Uzbekistan --> France (Calais)
Leg 10: France --> United Kingdom (London, England) --> Ireland (Dublin)
Leg 11: Ireland --> Morocco (Rabat)
Leg 12: Morocco --> United States (Phoenix, AZ)

Continents: 6
Countries: 13
Distance Traveled: 36,000mi/57,000km (rounded to the nearest thousand according to Google Maps)

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Got bored, decided to recreate a better route for S.31
Just for fun!

Leg 1: Los Angeles, USA -> Busan, South Korea
Leg 2: Busan, South Korea -> Luang Prabang, Laos
Leg 3:  Luang Prabang, Laos -> Vientiane, Laos
Leg 4:  Vientiane, Laos -> Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Leg 5:  Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan -> Amman, Jordan
Leg 6: Amman, Jordan -> Kampala, Uganda
Leg 7: Kampala, Uganda -> Grindelwald, Switzerland
Leg 8: Grindelwald, Switzerland -> Brienz, Switzerland
Leg 9: Brienz, Switzerland -> Split, Croatia
Leg 10: Split, Croatia -> Riga, Latvia
Leg 11: Riga, Latvia -> Dublin, Ireland
Leg 12: Dublin, Ireland -> Chicago, USA

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I think this route can actually work for TAR US  :waves:

1. Los Angeles, USA > Osaka, Japan > Kyoto, Japan
l Night-time arrival, roadblock in Osaka to determine departure time
l Train to Kyoto for tasks in the morning

2. Kyoto, Japan > Arashiyama, Japan > Ine, Japan
l Self-driving leg, NEL

3. Kyoto, Japan > Hong Kong
l Bus to transport teams back to Kyoto during pit-stop
l Public transport only leg, Double U-turn leg

4. Hong Kong > Kathmandu, Nepal
l Urban city leg

5. Kathmandu, Nepal
l Mountainous leg on the Himalayas, NEL

6. Kathmandu, Nepal > Budapest, Hungary
l Public transport only leg, Double U-turn leg

7. Budapest, Hungary > Ljubljana, Slovenia > Pula, Croatia
l Train to Ljubljana, then self-driving leg
l Visit to the Postojna cave

8. Ljubljana, Slovenia > Cape Town, South Africa
l A detour featuring Diamond VS Wine

9. Cape Town, South Africa > Port Elizabeth, South Africa
l Bus ride from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth
l Self-driving leg, Double U-turn leg

10. Port Elizabeth, South Africa > La Paz, Bolivia (KOR)

11. La Paz, Bolivia > Santiago, Chile (Double elimination)
l Double roadblock + A detour

12. Santiago, Chile > Miami, Florida

2 new countries, 2 second-time only countries, 5 continents race :cheer:
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Wow that is very good! Love that idea however knowing the backlash from the Double Elimination would probably just replace it, and cancel the leg 2 NEL but this is amazing (pun intended)!!  :cheer: