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TAR32 Racing reports, episode #1 is on page #1
« on: October 18, 2020, 11:59:21 AM »
And we are back. I could not do these reports without all the work which everybody else here on the board does.

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Re: TAR32 Racing reports, episode #1
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2020, 12:00:18 PM »
Racing report
Amazing Race Season 32, Episode 1, "One million miles"
Film date: 2018-11-09 - 2018-11-11

And we are finally back again. Now in these Corona times we definitely need a bit of escapism and what better than a new version of our favorite race? The title of this premiere episode refers to the fact that after this season the race has traveled more than one million miles total.

This season starts at night in the Hollywood bowl in Los Angeles. The teams are:
  • DeAngelo & Gary - former NFL stars
  • Kaylynn & Haley - sisters, moved out when they were young
  • Leo & Alana - Dating
  • Will & James - Boyfriends, James has applied 9 times
  • Nathan & Cody - Best friends and Noodlers
  • Jerry & Frank - father/son, father was professional coach
  • Michelle & Victoria - sisters
  • Hung & Chee - married parents
  • Riley & Maddison - pro volleyball brothers
  • Eswar & Aparna - siblings and software engineers
  • Kellie & LaVonne - Olympians (110m hurdles)

At the starting line Phil tells them that this race will be 33,000 miles.

The first clue reads: "Fly to the island of Trinidad. When you arrive travel by taxi to the 24 hour fruit stand in St Augustine and search for your next clue."

Once they have read the first clue teams jump into the taxis which just happens to be lined up outside (production may have had a hand in this) and make for the airport. There is no real rush as everybody is booked on the same flight.

 UA1815 LAX-IAH  2018-11-10  05:57 - 10:55  (scheduled 06:00 - 11:00)
 UA1457 IAH-POS  2018-11-10  14:55 - 22:07  (scheduled 14:38 - 22:00)

Once in Trinidad there is a race to the taxis and then on to the fruit stand.

Teams arrive to the fruit stand in the following order:
  1. Riley & Maddison
  2. Hung & Chee
  3. DeAngelo & Gary
  4. Jerry & Frank
  5. Nathan & Cody
  6. Michelle & Victoria
  7. Kaylynn & Haley
  8. Kellie & LaVonne
  9. Leo & Alana
 10. Will & James
 11. Eswar & Aparna

The clue here is a route info which tells teams to pick up a pair of empty oil drums, they must then roll these 1/4 mile to a carnival. Here they must find the midnight robber who will given them their next clue. The clue also says that the first seven teams to arrive will have an advantage over the others.

The midnight robber turns out to be giving out tickets for a flight the following day to Tobago and there are only room for seven teams on the first flight.

It also seems as if the clue tells teams that they must roll the oil drums because nobody tries to carry them (even though they seem to be empty and thus relatively light). Rolling the drum seems to be very uncomfortable for the longer racers.

 "Me and Maddison have these giant backpacks on, we totally over-packed", Riley on why it was hard to roll the drums
 "I thought it was better to kind of lay behind as there was a lot of pushing and showing in front", Eswar, before they realize they are way behind

The carnival is a sight to behold. There is a steel drum band, fire breathers and lots of people in colorful costumes who are dancing. Many of the costumes are also of a minimal nature so there is a lot of blurring on the screen. It seems to be a really good party.

Teams find the midnight robber in the following order:
  1(+2) DeAngelo & Gary
  2(+2) Jerry & Frank
  3(-2) Riley & Maddison
  4(-2) Hung & Chee
  5(+0) Nathan & Cody
  6(+0) Michelle & Victoria
  7(+3) Will & James
  8(+0) Kellie & LaVonne
  9(-2) Kaylynn & Haley
 10(-1) Leo & Alana
 11(+0) Eswar & Aparna

The first seven teams get a clue which reads: "Congratulations, you're flying to Tobago on the first flight."

Teams spend the night in a conference room at the airport and the next morning they fly over to Tobago. Flight #1 is:

  BW1504 POS-TAB 07:46 - 08:17 (07:40 - 08:05)

This carries:
  DeAngelo & Gary
  Jerry & Frank
  Riley & Maddison
  Hung & Chee
  Nathan & Cody
  Michelle & Victoria
  Will & James

The second flight is:

  BW1506 POS-TAB  08:03 - 08:33 (08:10 - 08:35)

This carries:
  Kellie & LaVonne
  Kaylynn & Haley
  Leo & Alana
  Eswar & Aparna

Once teams get to Tobago they must make their way to Swallows beach (5min). Here they will get their next clue from one of the boat captains sitting on the benches.

This clue tells teams to travel by boat to the Nylon pools. Here they will find 125 painted wooden fishes, scattered over an area the size of a football field. Each fish is secured with a combination lock. Attached to their boat is also a fish, and a four digit code. They must search among the fishes for one whose color marking (6 colored lines on the fins) matches the one in their boat. The code will unlock that fish which they can exchange for their next clue. Teams may not remove the fish or the code from their boat.

Many teams have to go back to their boats to look at their fish and/or code again.

Hung & Chee promptly forget their colors so they brute force the task by trying the combination on all locks.

During this task we learn that Kellie is dyslectic.

Teams get their next clue in the following order:
  1. (1st flight) Michelle & Victoria
  2. (1st flight) Riley & Maddison
  3. (1st flight) Jerry & Frank
  4. (1st flight) Will & James, the 31st fish they tried
  5. (1st flight) Hung & Chee, the 55th fish they tried
  6. (1st flight) Nathan & Cody
  7. (1st flight) DeAngelo & Gary
  8. (2nd flight) Kaylynn & Haley
  9. (2nd flight) Eswar & Aparna
 10. (2nd flight) Leo & Alana
 11. (2nd flight) Kellie & LaVonne

The next clue tells them to travel by boat to Pigeon point.

Teams reach this in the following order:
  1(+0) Michelle & Victoria
  2(+0) Riley & Maddison
  3(+1) Will & James
  4(-1) Jerry & Frank
  5(+0) Hung & Chee
  6(+1) DeAngelo & Gary
  7(-1) Nathan & Cody
  8(+1) Eswar & Aparna
  9(+1) Leo & Alana
 10(-2) Kaylynn & Haley
 11(+1) Kellie & LaVonne

Road block: "Who thinks they can steel the show?"

In this road block contestants must learn to play the steel pan. They are given a sheet of numbers (1-8). The sheet looks like:

           "Day O"
     Band Intro
Play 3, 5, 3, 5, 5, 3, 5, 8
     Band plays
Play 3, 5, 3, 5, 5, 3, 5, 8

The steel drums are marked with the corresponding numbers. All they need to do is play the indicated notes in the correct rhythm and tempo. They will even have the same sheet in front of them when performing so they do not need to memorize the tune. There is only one bad they can perform with so there will be a line.

We learn that Michelle & Victoria have been playing piano since they were five.

 "I need somebody who is smart and pretty, which is all of you", Cody selects an instructor
 "This is so embarrassing right now]/i]", Michelle as Chee is getting it (after she failed her first attempt)
 "He's hitting, it's just no rhythm", DeAngelo about his partner

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+4)Hung & Chee*        (0-1)On his 1st shown attempt
2(-1)Michelle* & Victoria(1-0)On his 2nd attempt
3(-1)Riley & Maddison*   (0-1)On his 3rd attempt
4(-1)Will* & James       (1-0)On his 5th attempt
5(-1)Jerry & Frank*      (0-1)On his 4tg attempt
6(+3)Leo* & Alana        (1-0)On his 3rd attempt
7(+1)Eswar* & Aparna     (1-0)On his 5th attempt
8(+2)Kaylynn* & Haley    (1-0)On her 7th attempt
9(-3)DeAngelo & Gary*    (0-1)On his 11th attempt
10(+1)Kellie* & LaVonne   (1-0)On her 9th attempt
11(-4)Nathan & Cody*      (0-1)After more than 6 attempt

Route info: "Race with the goats to the very first pit stop at the Buccoo integrated facility."

 "He's Asian, he probably plays the piano", Michelle about Chee
 "I should thank my parents for all those years of piano lessons", Chee after the road block

Teams get back into their boats and are then driven to the pit stop location.

 "I think I would have done better because I play the actual base drum and the piano", Victoria reveals some team dynamics (and I do not think it bodes well for them)

The Buccoo integrated facility turns out to be rigged for goat racing. There is a starting gate and each contestant gets a goat on a rope. The trick is to hold on to the goat until you cross the finish line where Phil awaits.

Holding on to the goats is trickier than it sounds since they are fast and eager to run (at least most of them). Some contestants are forced to let go but all that happens is that you get to try again.

Hung wipes out when she gets to the mat and is a bit slow to release her goat. She crashes into the greeter but quickly composes herself and gives Phil a hug.

Teams reach Phil in the following order:
  1(+0) Hung & Chee, it seems there was no price
  2(+0) Michelle & Victoria
  3(+0) Riley & Maddison
  4(+0) Will & James
  5(+0) Jerry & Frank
  6(+0) Leo & Alana
  7(+0) Eswar & Aparna
  8(+0) Kaylynn & Haley
  9(+1) Kellie & LaVonne
 10(-1) DeAngelo & Gary
 11(+0) Nathan & Cody, are eliminated

Once teams have checked in Phil tells them that they are still racing and gives them their next clue. At least he does that for the first 10 teams. The last team is summarily eliminated instead.

Route info: "Fly to the city of Bogotá in Colombia. You have $232 for this leg of the race."

 "It is still amazing, just to get to this point with my best friend", Nathan

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Re: TAR32 Racing reports, episode #1 is on page #1
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2020, 11:29:24 AM »
Another AMAZING recp! Thanks Maf!

I'll move these to the EPisodes at the end of the season so we preserve them to forever!

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Re: TAR32 Racing reports, episode #1 is on page #1
« Reply #3 on: October 21, 2020, 05:35:43 PM »
Thanks for doing these! I love checking here just to see how the teams' placements changed in-between tasks.