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TAR33 racing reports. Episode #3 is on page 1
« on: January 07, 2022, 04:06:59 PM »
I am happy to once again be able to provide you all racing reports for the legs. In them I try to document what happened during the leg with focus on all the data we can glean from the episode. That said I must thank the people writing to these boards as I often use other posts as input to the reports.
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Re: TAR33 racing reports. Episode #1
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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 33, Episode 1, "We're Back!"
Film date: 2020-02-22 - 2020-02-23

Our favorite race is back again. The episode starts with Phil explaining that due to the onset of Covid they had to suspend shooting after the third leg. But eventually they managed to complete the season.

This season starts with all the racers at home packing for the trip, in many cases surrounded by family, when they suddenly get a video message from Phil. He tells them that their first clue is hidden at Trafalgar Square in London, England. He then says go and tells them to make their way to London as quickly as possible.

The 11 teams are:
  • Caro & Ray, dating, met on Love island
  • Akbar & Sheri, married educators, opened up their school to kids in the evening to keep them safe
  • Kim & Penn, married parents, internet personalities
  • Taylor & Isaiah, married, YouTube sensations
  • Connie & Sam, married, took in a kid who was in a  bad spot and helped him achieve greatness
  • Raquel & Cayla, flight attendants
  • Lulu & Lala, twins, radio hosts
  • Arun & Natalia, father/daughter
  • Anthony & Spencer, friends, stopped a terrorist attack on a train in France
  • Ryan & Dusty, best friends , Ryan was wrongfully convicted and spent 10 years in prison
  • Michael & Moe, singing police officers

It seems production transported teams to one of four cities (Los Angeles, Chicago, Charlotte and New York). Then they flew from there to London. Teams met up at Heathrow and were released close to the Envoy Roundabout which is next to the Hilton Garden Inn just outside the airport. Production has arranged for a bunch of taxis to wait in a parking lot outside the hotel.

Teams must now travel by taxi to Trafalgar square and look for men in Bowler hats dressed up as the iconic London red phone boxes.

Around Trafalgar square teams find a bunch of men dressed up as phone boxes. Each of them has two clues so teams arriving later may have to ask around a bit to find one who still have a clue to give.
 "I'm afraid I don't", the clue givers are extremely polite when teams asks if they have a clue
Teams get their clues here in the following order:
  1. Raquel & Cayla
  2. Kim & Penn
  3. Caro & Ray
  4. Lulu & Lala
  5. Anthony & Spencer
  6. Ryan & Dusty
  7. Taylor & Isaiah
  8. Michael & Moe
  9. Arun & Natalia
 10. Akbar & Sheri
 11. Connie & Sam, their taxi took a different route

Connie & Sam are the last to arrive and it seems they spent a while searching for a clue here. Eventually they find one though.

Route info: "Travel on foot to the Buckingham Palace and find your clue next to the Canada gate".
This is fairly easy to find. There are even street signs showing the way. Basically there is just one road you need to run down along for about 1.1km. This does not however stop some teams from struggling.
 "We are dumb-asses for not asking before", Lala when they get lost on the way to Buckingham palace
Teams reach the clue box outside Buckingham palace in the following order:
  1(+0) Raquel & Cayla
  2(+4) Ryan & Dusty
  3(+0) Caro & Ray
  4(+1) Anthony & Spencer
  5(-3) Kim & Penn
  6(+2) Michael & Moe
  7(+3) Akbar & Sheri
  8(-1) Taylor & Isaiah
  9(+0) Arun & Natalia
 10(+1) Connie & Sam
 11(-7) Lulu & Lala

Detour: Artist den or Digiben

In artists den teams must make their way to the mess hall (1.2km) where they must  glue an piece or artwork to a wall.The trick is that the artwork is given to them in the form of 4x9 panels. They must first figure out which panels go where. I.e. this is a puzzle. Apparently this detour only had room for 6 teams.

In Digiben teams must visit three places in London. They must first make their way on foot to Parliament Square (1.3km) where the Bobby will hand them their next clue. It helps to know that a Bobby is an English policeman.
 ""Look for the Bobby", so that has to be a thing", Raquel reads the clue carefully
The clue they get from the Bobby says: "Travel on foot to Little Ben near Victoria station and find the promoter". This is another 1.2km jog for the teams.
The promoter gives teams another clue which reads: "Travel on foot, or by taxi, to the Piccadilly tube station to find Digiben". All teams seem to take a taxi and that is probably the right choice as it is 2.1km to this station on foot.
Digiben turns out to be a DJ who is playing music in the hallways of the tube station. He seems not to be particularly hard to find.

At the artist den most teams quickly realize it is a puzzle and solve the puzzle on the floor before they start gluing the pieces to the wall. But some do not, for example Michael & Moe who just start to paste their panels to the wall.
 "I feel like it is the flag of London", Lulu about their puzzle (which is a bunch of UK flags)
The judge turns out to be fairly strict about cracks between the panels. So a bunch of teams have to improve their artwork.

Michael & Moe and Lulu & Lala both shown struggling at the artist detour. Michael & Moe are told that they need to fix the ripped pieces but then the judge comes with a stack of new panels so they can pick the pieces they need from it.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+3) Anthony & Spencer, Digiben, at 19:14
  2(+0) Ryan & Dusty, Digiben, as #1 is leaving
  3(-2) Raquel & Cayla, Digiben, at 19:24
  4(+1) Kim & Penn, Artist den
  5(-2) Caro & Ray, Artist den
  6(+1) Akbar & Sheri, Digiben, at 19:44
  7(+3) Connie & Sam, Digiben, at 20:38
  8(+0) Taylor & Isaiah, Artist den
  9(+0) Arun & Natalia, Artist den
 10(-4) Michael & Moe, Artist den
 11(+0) Lulu & Lala, Artist den

Route info: "Travel by foot or by taxi to the Chipping forecast in Soho and find the queen and Boris Jonson having a Nosh to receive your next clue".

The Chipping forecast turns out to be a Fish & Chips restaurant (at 58 Greek street). Most teams take a taxi but Ryan & Dusty foot it and arrive at the same time as Anthony & Spencer. Here they find the Queen and Boris, or at least actors pretending to be them, eating Fish & Chips.

Teams get the next clue from the "Queen" in the following order:
  1(+1) Ryan & Dusty
  2(-1) Anthony & Spencer, just after #1
  3(+0) Raquel & Cayla
  4(+0) Kim & Penn
  5(+0) Caro & Ray
  6(+0) Akbar & Sheri
  7(+0) Connie & Sam
  ?(+?) Taylor & Isaiah
  ?(+?) Arun & Natalia
 10(+1) Lulu & Lala
 11(-1) Michael & Moe, are seen looking for the place as #10 leave

Route info: "Race to you very first pit stop inside the National History museum and search for Phil". The clue also says that the last team to check in will be eliminated and that they have to travel by taxi.
 "Sir, can we travel with you again", Anthony as they read their clue right next to their old taxi

Phil is not hard to find as he stands in the enormous entrance hall under the skeleton of a Blue whale. Teams reach him in the following order:
  1(+1) Anthony & Spencer, win a trip to Turks and Caicos
  2(-1) Ryan & Dusty
  3(-1) Raquel & Cayla
  4(+0) Kim & Penn
  5(+0) Caro & Ray
  6(+0) Akbar & Sheri
  7(+0) Connie & Sam
  8(+?) Taylor & Isaiah
  9(+?) Arun & Natalia
 10(+0) Lulu & Lala
 11(+0) Michael & Moe, are eliminated

 "Please kick some ass because we just can not have all the young people win all the time", Phil to Kim & Penn
 "We had a wonderful time being here", Michael

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Re: TAR33 racing reports. Episode #2
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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 33, Episode 2, "It Can't Be That Easy"
Film date: 2020-02-24

The last pit stop was in the evening at the London Natural History museum. After a very short break teams are released the next morning from St Mary Abbots Church in the following order:
1.Anthony & Spencer07:46
2.Ryan & Dusty     07:48+0:02
3.Raquel & Cayla   07:50+0:04
4.Kim & Penn       08:03+0:17
5.Caro & Ray       08:15+0:29
6.Akbar & Sheri    08:17+0:31
7.Connie & Sam     08:30+0:44
8.Taylor & Isaiah  08:32+0:46
9.Arun & Natalia   08:45+0:59
10.Lulu & Lala      09:37+1:51

Route info: "Race to Royal Mail Central Delivery in Clerkenwell"

Teams travel by taxi (22min). Unfortunately for Anthony & Spencer they have a hard time finding a taxi. One shot shows them having made their way 1 mile in the wrong direction while looking for one.

Teams arrive at the postal museum in the following order:
  1(+1) Ryan & Dusty
  2(+1) Raquel & Cayla
  3(-1) Anthony & Spencer, just after #2
  4(+0) Kim & Penn
  5(+0) Caro & Ray
  6(+1) Connie & Sam
  7(+2) Arun & Natalia
  8(-2) Akbar & Sheri
  9(-1) Taylor & Isaiah
 10(+0) Lulu & Lala

Road block: Who still gets the mail?

In this road block contestants must ride an underground train to a loading dock. At the dock they will find marked bins containing letters and parcels. They must each pick a bin and find the clue therein. The clue turns out to be an almost normal clue envelope which is lying in the bottom of the pile. The difference from a normal clue is that this one is white instead of bright yellow.

It seems the train runs on a schedule so teams may have to wait to catch one.
 "We've gonna look for a clue, but I have no idea what I'm doing", Ryan

Ray and Penn decide to work together. They both find the clue fairly quickly, but then they start to overthink and reason that it can not be that simple. So they continue looking.
 "It can't be that easy? Right?", Penn when he finds the clue
They talk to Anthony and he confirms that he also found the same clue and is going with it.
 "Are you sure?", Penn
 "That's what I'm doing", Anthony
Anthony gets on the train wile Ray and Penn keep looking.
 "What if they ask us about the names when we get off it?", Penn worry there will be questions once they get back
 "We could also just be overthinking this, I'm a chronic over-thinker", Penn
It is only when three more teams arrive, and start lining up for the return train with their clues that they realize that they probably already have what they need. In the end they waste about 30-45 minutes.

Lulu & Lala has arrived and are waiting on the train when Taylor returns from the road block.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Ryan* & Dusty     (1-0)Left before any other teams even arrived
2(+0)Raquel* & Cayla   (1-0)Found the clue in about 15 seconds and caught the same train back
3(+0)Anthony* & Spencer(1-0)
4(+3)*Arun & Natalia   (1-0)
5(+2)Connie* & Sam     (1-0)Got back on the same train as #4
6(+2)Akbar & Sheri*    (0-1)Got back on the same train as #4
7(-3)Kim & Penn*       (0-1)Got back on the same train as #4
8(-3)Caro & Ray*       (0-1)Got back on the same train as #4
9(+0)Taylor* & Isaiah  (1-0)
10(+0)Lulu & Lala*      (0-1)

Route info: "Take a taxi to Leicester square to find your next clue"

In the taxi we get to see Caro & Ray argue. She is upset he spent an extra 30 minutes at the road block.
 "You're so rude", Caro
 "I don't care, facts, it is what it is", Ray

At Leicester square (15 min) teams find a normal clue box. They get here in the following order:
  1(+0) Ryan & Dusty
  2(+0) Raquel & Cayla
  3(+0) Anthony & Spencer
  4(+4) Caro & Ray
  5(-1) Arun & Natalia
  6(+1) Kim & Penn
  7(-2) Connie & Sam
  8(-2) Akbar & Sheri
  9(+0) Taylor & Isaiah
 10(+0) Lulu & Lala

Detour: Bullseye, Mate or Decorate

In Bullseye, Mate teams must make their way to Flight club Victoria (7min) here they must pick up two pints of beer and six darts. Then they must take turns to throw three darts each. Once both team members hit the bullseye in the same round they will get their next clue.

In Decorate teams must make their way to Mange at 61 Central St (14min). Here they must decorate two blank cakes with flags of countries which are part of the EU. There is a bunch of sample cakes and they must make copies of two of them. The sample cakes seems to show the following flags: Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Thailand, Chile, Norway, South Africa, France, Jamaica, Great Britain, Sierra Leone and Russia. Of those only France and Germany are in the EU. Great Britain left the EU a few weeks before filming and Norway has never been a member of the EU (they are in the EEA though).

The extra info says that both detours have a limited number of stations available.

Many teams have problems with the decorate detour because they did not know which flags to pick. A number of teams picked UK or Norway. But the judge was nice and told them that these were not in the EU.
 "They're not in the European Union", Spencer knows about Brexit
Taylor & Isaiah just look at which flags the others do and copy them.

When Lulu & Lala arrive to the decorate detour there are still four other teams there, from this we can infer that this task took quite a while.

I wonder what production though about the contestants cake decorating skills because I see more than 40 extra blank cakes in the area around the judge.

Arun & Natalia struggle with the darts and consider switching but decide to stick with it for a few more minutes. Shortly after that they get it. When they leave Arun insists on visiting the toilet and then he forgets the fanny pack in there. He realizes this as they enter the taxi so he can rush back and pick it up.

Penn has started to make a Jamaican flag when Caro & Ray point out that this is not an EU flag. It turns out he missed the EU part of the clue.

Here we learn that Lala split up with her boyfriend shortly before the race and apparently it was not pretty. He seems to have said that she would not do well on the race so when she struggles she remembers him and does even worse and so on. Later they have a fight in the taxi about this.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+0) Ryan & Dusty, Darts
  2(+5) Connie & Sam, Darts
  3(+2) Arun & Natalia, Darts
  4(-2) Raquel & Cayla, Decorate, did an UK cake
  5(-2) Anthony & Spencer, Decorate, did a Norway cake
  6(+0) Kim & Penn, Decorate, did a Norway cake and had complaints about drippage on their German cake
  7(-3) Caro & Ray, Decorate
  8(+0) Akbar & Sheri, Decorate
  9(+0) Taylor & Isaiah, Decorate
 10(+0) Lulu & Lala, Decorate

After the detour teams went to the ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower. The idea was for teams to ride the rather spectacular slide they have there. But due to inclement weather the task was reduced to taking the stairs to the top, get a clue and then take the stairs back again. This task was cut from the aired episode.

The next clue is a route info which sends teams to a double decker bus parked at the Russel Square Metro Station where they can find Phil and the next Pit Stop.

Teams arrive in the following order:
  1(+0) Ryan & Dusty (no price shown), ~12:50
  2(+0) Connie & Sam
  3(+0) Arun & Natalia
  4(+0) Raquel & Cayla
  5(+1) Kim & Penn
  6(+1) Caro & Ray, just after #6
  7(-2) Anthony & Spencer
  8(+0) Akbar & Sheri
  9(+0) Taylor & Isaiah
 10(+0) Lulu & Lala, ~15:00, saved by a KOR leg

There is no greeter but there is Holly who serves tea to the teams.

When Lulu & Lala check in they are not eliminated but instead given their next clue and told that they are still racing.

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Re: TAR33 racing reports. Episode #3
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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 33, Episode 3, "Who has this one in the bag"
Film date: 2020-02-24 - 2022-02-25

The previous episode ended with a keep on racing pit stop in a double decker bus outside the Russel Square Metro Station in London, England. Teams get their clue here in the following order (no departure times are given).
  1. Ryan & Dusty
  2. Connie & Sam
  3. Arun & Natalia
  4. Raquel & Cayla
  5. Kim & Penn
  6. Caro & Ray
  7. Anthony & Spencer
  8. Akbar & Sheri
  9. Taylor & Isaiah
 10. Lulu & Lala


Travel by train to
Glasgow, Scotland.

When you arrive at
Glasgow Central Station
find your next clue on
the windshield of any of
the marked cars located
in NCP Car Park.

You have 100 for this
leg of the Race.

The train departs from Euston station and each team get a sleeper cabin. In the extra scenes we get to see that Lala is claustrophobic and has a very hard time with the rather small cabin. She says she is going to stand up the entire trip (7h), keep the door open and the lights on. Lulu is not thrilled by this.

We also get some more background on Arun & Natalia.
 "I wanted to do this with Natalia because we have watched the Amazing Race all our lives", Arun

Once in Glasgow teams leave the train and start running. They reach the cars at the top floor of the parking garage in the following order:
  1. Taylor & Isaiah
  2. Connie & Sam
  3. Kim & Penn
  4. Anthony & Spencer
  5. Ryan & Dusty
  ?. Akbar & Sheri
  ?. Raquel & Cayla
  ?. Caro & Ray
  ?. Arun & Natalia
  ?. Lulu & Lala

The clue on the cars probably told teams to drive to Culag Guest House near Luss lake. Here they had to "Pop a bung". There are press pics from this task which seems to have involved hitting barrels with large hammers. This was cut from the episode.

The cars have manual transmission and as people drive on the left here they have right hand steering. As expected a number of teams really struggle with the cars. In one extra scene we see that Cayla can not figure out how to put the car in reverse so she uses gravity to back. Later Raquel has to go out and push. They laugh uncontrollably during this.
 "I think our biggest strength is trust between the two of us", Cayla
 "It's a new drivers worst nightmare, to be in stop and go traffic", Akbar is struggling with the car
Ray is also struggling with the car, and he is getting even more stressed out by Caros comments form the back. Eventually he just stops the car and gets out.
 "I'm sorry for crying", Caro apologizes and gives him a hug
 "Please get off me, chill, relax", Ray does not want a hug

The rest of this leg is going to be self driving. And besides having issues driving the cars many teams also have a hard time navigating. So the order between the teams change a lot as teams get lost on the way.

Next teams must drive themselves to ran Mr and look for their next clue.

There seems to be at least three places in Glasgow called ran Mr. Most teams go to a pub which is 10 miles from the church they are supposed to go to. Some teams are very lucky and pass the church on their way to the pub and spot the clue box. Others are not.

Teams arrive here in the following order:
  1. Kim & Penn, find it by accident
  2. Anthony & Spencer, while #1 is still doing the road block
  3. Ryan & Dusty, seconds after #2
  4. Lulu & Lala
  5. Arun & Natalia
  6. Raquel & Cayla
  7. Connie & Sam
  8. Caro & Ray, after the previous teams have left, but they are happy that there are two more clues left in the box
  9. Taylor & Isaiah
 10. Akbar & Sheri, while the previous two teams are still here

Road block: "Who thinks they have this one in the bag?"

In this road block contestants must first correctly assemble a bagpipe. Once approved they must play a continuous note while the band plays a traditional Scottish Anthem.

Assembling the bagpipes is not easy and we get to see the judge telling a lot of teams that they are not done. This time they do not get any help as to what the problem is. There seems to be one bagpipe check judge per team so they do not have to wait for each other at this step.

Playing the continuous note seems to be much easier as we are not shown anybody failing at this. However only one contestant at a time is allowed to do this step so teams may have to wait in line.

Also here we see that Anthony & Spencer are working together with Ryan & Dusty. This intimidates the other teams as all know these are two very strong teams.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Kim* & Penn       (1-1)
2(+1)Ryan & Dusty*     (1-1)
3(-1)Anthony & Spencer*(1-1)
4(+1)Arun & Natalia*   (1-1)
5(-1)Lulu & Lala*      (1-1)Just after #4
6(+1)Connie & Sam*     (1-1)Just after #5
7(-1)Raquel* & Cayla   (2-0)Just after #6
8(+0)Caro* & Ray       (1-1)
9(+1)Akbar* & Sheri    (1-1)
10(-1)Taylor & Isaiah*  (1-1)

After she is done Natalia helps Sam and Raquel by telling them some of the tricky details regarding assembling the bagpipes.
 "I thought, good karma, we're gonna help them out", Natalia

Route info: "Drive to Walter McFarland Saracen Fountain in Alexandra Park to find your next clue"

As Arun & Natalia are getting directions in a shop they see Raquel & Cayla walking by outside, so they know they have caught up already.

Teams reach the fountain (4.2miles) in the following order:
  1(+0) Kim & Penn
  2(+1) Anthony & Spencer
  3(-1) Ryan & Dusty
  4(+3) Raquel & Cayla
  5(+1) Connie & Sam
  6(+2) Caro & Ray
  7(-2) Lulu & Lala
  8(-4) Arun & Natalia
  9(+1) Taylor & Isaiah
 10(-1) Akbar & Sheri


Detour: 'Kilt' or 'Rebuilt'

Kilt: Perform a children's
song, and dance the
traditional Scottish way
to receive your next clue.

Rebuilt: Pop off and
replace the heads of
whiskey barrels to receive
your next clue.

The kilt detour takes place at the Panopticon theater (2.2miles away). Teams must dress up in kilts and perform a song. On stage they are joined by an accordion player and two extremely cute kids.

In rebuilt teams must rebuild the ends of two barrels. This involves removing two hoops, redoing the seam around the head and then replace the hoops. This takes place at Fishers Cooperage (1.3miles) and each player get a leather apron to put on.

All teams keep the detour clothes on until they reach the pit stop, so we can assume the clue told them to do so.

Kim & Penn are very excited to get a song and dance challenge since that is what they do in their daily lives. But they probably skimped a bit on the rehearsing because Penn missed that there was a four bar bridge before he should start singing his verse. On stage he starts complaining about this but in a later interview he admits to acting like a diva.

Arun & Natalia go to repair but they struggle and after a while Natalia wants to switch
 "I won't be able to memorize the song", Arun
Arun does not feel comfortable with singing and dancing but agrees to switch. When they arrive to the Kilt detour there are still two teams who have not arrived yet, so they have a chance. Unfortunately for them Arun is no singer, he just can not seem to get the rhythm of the song. So they have to try many times until at last the judges approves them. But he is still terrible so I would not be surprised if the judges were told that all other teams have checked in now so please just approve him.
 "Dad, you didn't fail me', Natalia as they are getting directions after the task
Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+0) Kim & Penn, kilt
  2(+1) Ryan & Dusty, repair
  3(-1) Anthony & Spencer, repair
  4(+1) Connie & Sam, repair
  5(-1) Raquel & Cayla, repair
  6(+0) Caro & Ray, repair
  7(+0) Lulu & Lala, kilt
  8(+1) Taylor & Isaiah
  9(+1) Akbar & Sheri, kilt
 10(-2) Arun & Natalia, started repair but switched to kilt

Lulu & Lala though they were last but feel energized when Arun & Natalia arrive to the detour as they are leaving.

Route info: "Drive to the University of Glasgow and search the Cloisters for Phil at your next Pit Stop".

The clue also says that the last team to check in will be eliminated. The cloister is 5.0 miles from the repair detour and 2.8 from the Kilt detour.

Teams reach Phil in the following order:
  1(+0) Kim & Penn, win a trip to Cape Cod, they arrive in daylight
  2(+0) Ryan & Dusty
  3(+0) Anthony & Spencer, just after #2
  4(+0) Connie & Sam, around 17:10
  5(+1) Caro & Ray, just after #4
  6(-1) Raquel & Cayla
  7(+0) Lulu & Lala, and now it has gone dark
  8(+0) Taylor & Isaiah
  9(+0) Akbar & Sheri
 10(+0) Arun & Natalia, are eliminated

This time there is a greeter with Phil. A local strong man holding a 100lb pet rock on his shoulder.

 "This is the best experience any father could have hoped for", Arun

And this is where these episodes normally end. But not this one. The next thing we are shown is a scene three days later where Phil has gathered everybody for an announcement. He tells them that they are suspending the race due to the Corona virus.
Then we get a sign that it is 19 months later in St Gallen, Switzerland. Five teams jog up to Phil. They are:
  Akbar & Sheri
  Raquel & Cayla
  Ryan & Dusty
  Kim & Penn
  Lulu & Lala
These are the only teams of the 9 teams which remained in the race who could make it to the restart. Phil points out that some teams are missing, but they have some familiar faces taking their place. Who is not said but from press pics etc we can say that the two eliminated teams, Michael & Moe and Arun & Natalia are coming back

The preview ends with Phil saying GO to restart the race.