Author Topic: HaMerotz LaMillion 9 (TAR Israel) Bitch, Moan & Squal Here! *POSSIBLE SPOILERS*  (Read 15502 times)

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For a post-COVID first production route, this turned out well. Love that we’re seeing Azerbaijan again.

I'm with this - this is actually a really interesting route that would be super fun to run

Outside of the US TAR. This is one of the best routes I've seen and to accomplish at a COVID-era. Props to the production.
Iceland, Spain, Austria, South Korea, New Zealand, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Vietnam and a speculated, Bulgaria, which I do hope so it does get visited.

Azerbaijan is a surprise and it's refreshing since were are seeing it in the summer, US S.20's visit was during the winter months, not really ideal for a coastal city like Baku.
I've seen the F1 Races there on TV and it is stunning.

Bulgaria, TAR Israel, making 1sts for the franchise, if confirmed, 1st ever visit added to the list (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Cuba).

Iceland, Spain, South Korea, New Zealand, Austria, Morocco, Vietnam - No need to elaborate, these are already gems.

On a different note: If TAR Israel can do this. I'm hoping the US version can to. I am waiting to be surprised. Glad Travel is up and about.

I think TARAUS's Cuba visit predated Israel's, IIRC.

But OMG THIS ROUTE. Wow. Undervisited countries with beautiful and distinctive locations, and no two countries with the same native language (Icelandic, Spanish, Korean, English/Maori, German, Arabic, Vietnamese, Azeri, and possibly Bulgarian - and really only 2 countries with the same region, with SK/Vietnam as Asia, even though SK is East Asia and Vietnam is Southeast Asia; similarly, Spain/Austria/Iceland are European Union but much more culturally different than, say, Austria/Germany, and Spain/Morocco are both Mediterranean but on different continents.)

This will be a fun season.

Do you think we also traveled to Germany in this season? I mean it is a short drive from Austria. If TAR Israel did, new country. That'll further make it one of the best. I hope Bulgaria gets confirmed.

Out of all the seasons of Hamerotz, this is the best route IMO. If they did visit Germany and Bulgaria, apart from being 1sts for the Israeli version, is Zambia even confirmed? that'd be even more stunning if those 3 were also on. If I was a Racer, this is a route I'm be extremely happy to run. Iceland, Spain, Austria, South Korea, New Zealand, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Vietnam.