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And to round off the season, an overview of TAR 34, with very squished labels this season!
Also attached below is a .kmz file with detailed placemarks of each location; you'd need to download and open it in Google Earth, etc.

I recently visited Jordan and took the opportunity to visit some race spots. Here is a new perspective of the detour location in Petra. Some more or less interesting facts:

* There was less than 100m between the puzzles and the feeding stations
* The distance from the feeding station to the water and hay was about 80m, with a few steps
* The tourist stall you can see at the right edge of the picture was partly covered up with reeds to make it look prettier
* The "market" seen in the show was probably put there by production
* If the puzzle teams had just turned around and looked behind them they would have seen the Great Temple where the Pit Stop was. It was about 650m away so might have been hard to spot Phil and the mat. And production seemed to take steps to make it harder to see (no boom camera and the tents were kind of hidden away).

And now a new perspective on the Amman leg. The only race location which could not be seen from the Citadel (where the leg started) was the Pit Stop. And that was only because a high building obscured it. But that is of course with the benefit of hindsight. The only location the racers knew about was the book shop and although you can catch a glimpse of it between the houses you had no chance to see the clue box and besides you have to know what you are looking for. But the main takeaway from this is how close everything was.
This picture is take from the Citadel.

Maf!! This is AMAZING!! Thanks so very much for sharing it. What fun!


It really is embarrassing how stripped down and basic TAR34 is. Thanks for sharing maf.


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