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Thanks Slowhatch! Leg 10 map here.

Leg 11
The helipad was a field near the Skogafoss waterfall, something like this (minus the cows); despite what the editors tell us, it was only a couple of minutes to the ice climb.
The canyoning is a puzzle. We see vehicles approach the intersection of 250/261; the obvious candidates would be Gluggafoss and its little brother ١r­arfoss, but I haven't made a match yet. The sign and name "FljˇtshlÝ­arfoss" (Riverside waterfall) seem to be a production invention; it doesn't appear on any gazetteer.
The stairs for Silfra and the pitstop was approx. here.

Edit: I think I've narrowed it down to Bleiksßrglj˙fur, east of the road junction (photo source).

Thanks Slowhatch! The point where the Roadblock ended also matches up with this 360░ view at Bleiksßrglj˙fur.

The finale leg, thanks to the team we had all the locations beforehand!


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