Author Topic: TAR Australia 6 Episode 17 LIVE SHOW UPDATES and DISCUSSION Thread  (Read 921 times)

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TAR Australia 6 Episode 17 LIVE SHOW UPDATES and DISCUSSION Thread
« on: September 29, 2022, 03:25:18 AM »
:conf: Happy TAR Australia Episode Day!!! :conf:

IMPORTANT! Even though we are a spoiler board, we do NOT want to have the episode spoiled while it is airing.

SO PLEASE ** NO  OUTCOMES ** to be posted before the show is done airing!
And to protect the unspoiled, NO FUTURE SPOILERS EVER!

Anyone breaking these rules is at BIG risk.  :browsie:

Otherwise, come watch with us for the best viewing party in town!! :party:

Have FUN everyone and :tu for joining us!!

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Re: TAR Australia 6 Episode 17 LIVE SHOW UPDATES and DISCUSSION Thread
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2022, 10:41:00 AM »
The Mine Five alliance from TAR32 returns. One team got the Roadblock right and shared the correct number with everyone else, leading to a 7-way race to the Pit Stop a la the Sauerkraut Roadblock.

Seems fair imo the two teams who missed legs got U-Turned. It made them have to do a little extra work in the race besides one Speed Bump. Too bad it was completely nullified by an HOO.

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Like TAR34's premiere, they advertised a "game-changing new twist" this leg. We got one, indeed: back-to-back KOR for the first time ever!!

The US version's "Megaleg" has nothing on this O_O

Happy about the elimination, though.
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Re: TAR Australia 6 Episode 17 LIVE SHOW UPDATES and DISCUSSION Thread
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2022, 10:41:10 AM »
And to end this mega week of TAR.
Wow more musical challenges. (Yes, sarcasm, after last night's TARUS). Wow more counting colors challenges.
At least the detour + W-Turn is at the start of the leg. Though I hate it when the decision point for the U-turn is before the Detour challenges, instead of after.
Happy there's no burning the board this time. Constant racing teams using it on returning teams was an interesting approach though, but still very questionable using that against weaker teams, instead of trying to slow down a strong one. Kelly & Georgia coming out without being u-turned from the returning teams, baffles me, they have been mid-pack through the merge, but they won a leg. Heath & TOni wanting to help the cops makes sense, as they were both from the Sydney group.

Yet seems a bit silly to have a HOO in the middle, mostly nullifying any effect of the uturn. Even weirder was when the navigation to return to the cemetery was what shifted placements altogether.
At least the counting flags challenge was RB this time around, and it was a hard challenge, it's a shame that that everyone just ended-up working together, to guess random numbers until there was one correct. So basically everyone left the RB within minutes of each other. SO it was self-drive and footrace to the PitStop. The footrace to the pit stop was awesome. Both for top teams, and for the bottom teams.

So Mexico is Mega-Mega-Leg, with all three legs chained together as no rest KOR, but one break being non-elim, and this pit stop being elim.
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whoever gets eliminated next leg, will likely help us determine F4.
Is this the first time both u-turned teams actually survive it, with another team being eliminated? Can't remember.
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Not sad to see Chelsea and Jamus go. BUt it was close. They arrived shortly after Tiffany and Cynthia.
Surprising result, with how top teams from the dia de los muertos ARI, were the bottom teams by the end of the leg.

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Re: TAR Australia 6 Episode 17 LIVE SHOW UPDATES and DISCUSSION Thread
« Reply #3 on: September 29, 2022, 12:09:16 PM »
Sixth hour of TAR for me this week.

With tacos, mariachi, day of the dead, and paper picado, we're hitting the things people first think of with Mexico. Thought we reverted back from pre-Detour U-Turns. The U-Turn decisions also gave off the same vibe as the Originals last season. Was rendered moot though at the cemetary. Still more fun than yesterday's episode with an exciting finish.

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So surprised to see back-to-back KORs as they have been racing for three days. Was a rare instance of a KOR elimination. Won't say Chelsea & Jamus were one of my favorites this season.