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Starts Monday March 29 10pm on the National Geographic Channel.

Was the first episode longer than an hour? I recorded it when it was on and watched it last night. It recorded one hour and the first "leg" ended, and then it appeared the second leg was beginning and then the DVR cut off. If it was an extended episode you'd think they would get their act straight in the listings. Maybe I'll see if they're re-airing it at all this week and tape extra time if so.

The first hour was ok. If the whole thing is only 7 episodes then I will certainly stick with it, but I wasn't really grabbed by anything. I found the editing pretty scattered except for the straightforward stuff like the rock-climb.


--- Quote from: TheRabbi on April 01, 2021, 09:28:35 AM ---Was the first episode longer than an hour?

--- End quote ---

It was 90 minutes, but even when the episode was airing my TV guide said that Genius would be airing instead of the premiere's last half-hour.

Episode One Thoughts

I enjoyed this premiere! My thoughts are that it's very similar to the BBC's series Race Across The World. Some of the places in Canada, Russia, Vietnam & South America were awe-inspiring to see and this competition is fierce! I do think the editing is all over the place and I'm not sure 90 minute episodes are the go with this show? Anyway, the series is only short at seven episodes and it will give me the time to watch the series while the weather is getting cooler over here and in between my casual work :)

I thought the second episode was much more enjoyable. Great locations, tough challenges, and are getting to know the teams more. It's a good show.


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