Author Topic: General 32 Info: Where to find what! Spoilers? Analysis? News? Teams?  (Read 263 times)

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We have the SPOILER DISCUSSION and the DISCUSSION OF THE CAST AND SHOW separated to protect the innocent.  :kuss:

If you are ALL in and want to find the LIVE spoilers, the LOCATION spoilers, and our IN DEPTH Discussion of the Promos and Previews)(screencap by screencap) which will reveal current and future locations, possible team spoilers/placements, and potential outcomes go HERE (Members Only)  This is where we analyze every detail of the race.

If you would like non spoiler weekly show updates/LIVE WATCHES/Media discussion (once it is in the media it is no longer considered a spoiler), and all the rest of the TAR news and general fun, please  remain here.

Every TEAM has their own thread and if you would like to comment on current TEAM news and info you can find them HERE Absolutely NO SPOILERS in the TEAM threads.

If you are looking for something or want to share info, and are not sure where to put it please PM me or any of the mods.


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