Author Topic: TAR 30 EPISODE 3 LIVE UPDATES & COMMENTARY WED 1/17/18 8PM EST *read Post 1*  (Read 14361 times)

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Episode 3

After all the drama of the Head-to-Head, which we'll probably get more of, this leg felt like a back to basics somewhat similar to TAR 25's Marrakesh leg.

Last week, I mentioned how I loved teams getting lost in the confusing streets of Antwerp. This leg improved on that immensely. With the language barrier and the narrow confusing streets, the self-navigation was a perfect combination this leg.

Brittany continues to provide random hilarious moments like apologizing to the fish.  :cmaslol

Eric & Daniel's dad jokes appeared.  :cmaslol

Props to Cedric for persevering through the leg.

With regards to the Brittany & Jess controversy, I don't think Jess intentionally sought to hinder Brittany by putting her gnome down, she just took advantage of Brittany forgetting it. (It's a RACE, you have to take advantage of the mistakes of others)

Fish ARI: Considering we don't often get ARIs, this was a nice task. It incorporated a local job and was a good attention to detail task.
Rooftop Roadblock: This task was AWESOME. I loved that there were multiple steps to complete the task. It added on to the confusing navigation of the city. So many teams got lost. Every team had a chance to jump ahead or fall behind.
Deliver Detour: Pretty good. More self-navigation in a confusing city.
Bellydance Detour: Definitely the easier of the 2, but nice to see belly dancing incorporated. Considering this was a NEL, the imbalance isn't as bad.

Definitely the best leg of the three, and we'll see what I'll think of the Head-to-Head returning.


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Good setting and also placement changes (the basketball guys from first to last), and lots of navigation.

Though the detour had one task much easier than the other and Phil made the non-elimination too predictable by dragging it out at the mat.

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Just watched the episode and wow. This is by far the best episode, it's better than the Premiere leg and a step-up from the second leg. TAR 25's Morocco legs were awesome, this time around it was better. A nice beautiful port city of Tangier. The ARI was a good addition, very detail oriented and helped with the daily lives of Moroccan fishermen. The Roadblock really paid homage to one of my favorite movies, the Bourne Ultimatum and that task proved to be a hard one for the Racers. One of the best Roadblocks to date. The Detours were slightly imbalanced. The Belly Dancing Detour was easy if it you paid attention to detail. It could have been harder if there was an extra element on that task. Still, Team Chomp had a hard time with it. The Delivering Detour of course was physical and I find it surprising that 4 teams initially chose this option with Cody & Jessica switching, very smart move of them. Also, the language barrier between the teams and the navigation issues was great to watch. Props to Evan & Cody for speaking Arabic, knowing various languages prove to be a great tool on the Race and would come in handy. Cedric, what a revelation. 3 heart attacks, and at 48, definitely an inspiration, never gave up. Jessica's kindness to Brittany proved to be an asset to her. Brittany got carried away by the excitement and finding 2 Moroccan women to help her causing her to forget her gnome. Kristi & Jen's determination surprises me. I love their fighting spirit and their goal to be the 4th F/F team to win the Amazing Race. Love Alex & Conor, Kristi & Jen, Henry & Evan, Lucas & Brittany and Cody & Jessica. Overall this was a great episode. This is how the Race should be made. We're back to the glory days.

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I'm still too busy to write the full review, but I'd say there's a lot of good stuff this leg, except the detour. Imbalanced detours are awful.

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I'll keep it quick since I'm very late.

ARI: 8/10
Requires attention to detail; start the day smelly; fish sliding off.
Effectively shuffled placements.

RB: 8/10
Physical task; requires navigation.
Effectively shuffled placements.

Detour: 4/10
Cultural; imbalanced.

Leg Design: 5/10
Overall a great leg, but the imbalanced detour ruined the momentum.

Episode: 6/10
Episode had a lot of teams moving up and down placements. Mistakes were made and were very evident. Drama between Jessica and Brittany. Momentum only ruined by detour.