Author Topic: Ep 9 East Coast SHOW updates and commentary *start: 800PM or later* note rules  (Read 24982 times)

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In the past from my memory most teams don't tend to use u-turns unless absolutely necessary as they know it could bite them in the future (particularly if the team survives).  Those who use it away from necessity tend to bevery strategic (and also unpopular teams) such as Luke and his mother or Art and  JJ (another team that tried to pressurise others into doing what they wanted, but they failed as there were more strongwilled teams).

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I'm a little confused by the flights out of Moscow, do airlines run different schedules in the summer?  In looking at the site I use in the fantasy games, I found 2 direct flights that leaves at 2155 and gets in at 2240 (KLM and Aeroflot) in Amsterdam at Sheremetyevo.  The first 2 teams should have had plenty of time to make these flighst.  All of these flights would have arrived ahead of the ones they were on as well:

2310 - 0830 Ukraine Intl Airlines
2310 - 1135 Ukraine Intl Airlines

2155 - 2240 KLM
2155 - 2240 Aeroflot
0645 - 0720 KLM
0645 - 0720 Aeroflot
2345 - 0840 Czech Airlines
2225 - 0855 Air France
2205 - 0950 LOT Polish Airlines
2240 - 1030 El Al Isreal Airlines
2140 - 1055 Air Baltic
2140 - 1105 Alitalia

2225 - 1040 Turkish Airlines

In addition, the pitstop times seem off.  Using what we know: ~Jun 11.  Chips/Tery & Lexi got to the Classroom before 0800 (HoO).  They then took the test ~12 times (you see them failing #11) If we use 2-5 mins a round that's 24-60 minutes.  20 minutes by taxi to the Movers detour.  Since N&N were arriving as T&L were leaving, and were ~1.5 hours behind, we can ballpark .5-1.0 hours for Movers (Chips & T/L are in much better shape).  20 minutes by taxi to the park, 5-10 mins or so looking for the PS and we have a range from 0920 to 1100 for them to get to the PS yet they leave at 7:32PM... 9-10 hours PS? From the shadows as the twins ran to the pitstop, I was figuring 1030-1130, so 1115 + 10 = 2155 and it works, But from the shadows Abbey and Ryan would have been around 1730 ., so with their 0528 departure, this puts them at 1930 if we use the 10 hours above..  You can still see sunlight hitting the tops of the trees when Josh and Brent arrive, so they got there before 2112 (sunset) and we know them to be almost 3 hours behind (0811 departure).  This causes another snag though... 10 hours would be 2211, almost an hour after sunset.



Flight work can be quite demanding. I learned years ago after numerous "lessons" from Chateau d'If that the information from many flight information websites has to be parsed through. The primary issue is days of the week.

My statement above that I could find only one Air Baltic flight combination the morning of June 11 missing from the collection of earliest flight combinations assumed nobody except Jaymes/James and Trey/Lexi could make it to Sheremetyevo airport before midnight and when they got there no late evening connections were a possibility. Apparently Jaymes/James overlooked or rated as too risky the Alitalia connection in Rome. Trey/Lexi could have done better than they did by taking the earliest routing through Frankfurt. Nadine/Natalia got the optimal connection which was the best they could do. It's a long way from central Moscow to the end of the subway line (I know as I've taken it) and the schedule is poor late evening. Your nonstop KLM902 /Aeroflot codeshare flight did in fact exist on June 11 but such a convenient nonstop must have been full of World Race Productions staff. Why else would 3 teams ignore it? We previously discussed (I think on this thread) why no flights into or out of Domodedovo airport could considered.
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