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Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
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Excerpt from
Q: How would you compare the two races you have run?

Cara: “Obviously, just for the sheer fact that we got to run to the end, we’re going to obviously favor our first race … the two races were extremely different … the first race was very fast paced; it was task, challenge, back to task, back to clue, back to research, back to being on the move – just you were always going. For me and Jaime, that was a very effective way to race because there was just a great deal of momentum pushing me through the task because it just kind of got more exciting and better by the moment … I think what was hard for our team on this race was just that there were such long lulls between your first clue of what country you’re going to and then just the first task – in many cases, days at a time. There was so much time just spent on travel. The research was done, all the exciting parts were done; it was just sitting and starving in train stations or, ya know, long cab rides that were multiple hour rides or driving yourself places that were hours upon hours away or plane rides and plane delays – pretty much every plane we went on was delayed by some freak accident. It was hard to keep that momentum going, so I think for that reason we kind of favor our first race, but we are so happy we got the chance to do it again.

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Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
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A U-turn, a dinosaur and a cabbie all led to Jaime and Cara's elimination on 'The Amazing Race'
by: Sheri Block

Jaime and Cara know getting U-turned might have cost them “The Amazing Race” but they have no hard feelings towards the offending team Kent and Vyxsin.

After both teams agreed to U-turn the Harlem Globetrotters, the dating Goths blindsided the former NFL cheerleaders by posting their picture instead.

But Cara says the sneaky move wasn’t as shocking as it appeared.

“I think we had always gone into the ‘Race’ anticipating that they give us tools that we could use and that could also be used against us and Kent and Vyxsin did just that,” says Cara.

“If we were in their shoes, we might have done the same. I’m not sure we would’ve done it to them right there on the mat but mostly because it would’ve been poor strategy … you’d want to go for (a team) that’s further behind.”

Jaime and Cara, who chose to U-turn the Globetrotters in the double U-turn, were able to complete both sides of the Detour quite quickly but ran into problems once they got to the Roadblock challenge, which consisted of assembling a 20ft. tall replica of a dinosaur at the Stone Forest near Kunming, China.

“Once the pieces are locked in they are almost impossible to take back out without exerting a tremendous amount of strength,” says Jaime, who took on the task.

“We’d been running for four days -- no food, no sleep, and no shower. Cara and I had chosen the solar panels, which were very heavy, up six flights of stairs, four times, so we already extended a lot of our remaining muscle at that point on that challenge and it took about four hours to build that dinosaur.”

By the time Jaime finished the task, all the other teams had already left and when the cheerleaders got to the mat, host Phil Keoghan confirmed they had been eliminated.

Looking back, both Jaime and Cara say the only thing that might have changed their fate is if their taxi driver didn’t stop for gas, which cost them an hour.

“Cara was able to somewhat estimate the amount of time it took me to finish re-building the dinosaur after Justin left and it was between having to do the other side of the Detour and (finding a) gas stop … but other than that, there was really nothing else we could’ve done,” says Jaime.

Even so, Cara says it was disappointing to be the third team sent home, considering they finished in second place when they ran the ‘Race’ the first time in Season 14.

“We got to run the entire ‘Race’ last time and came so close but I think for Jaime and myself we agreed that it was harder the first time around for a variety of reasons but the first and foremost of which is that we were so close (to winning),” says Cara.

This season was also more physically and emotionally challenging than the first time they ran, adds Jaime.

“The thing Cara and I loved so much about the ‘Race’ the first time is that we really thrive on the competition part, which is doing the tasks and doing the research … this time it could take sometimes three or four days before we finally got to a challenge because there was so much travel and layovers and trains and planes involved.  By the time we finally got to something we were starving, we hadn’t slept, it had been four days since we’d done anything.”

But Cara did find a way to make good use of all this travelling time -- the law student was studying for her final exams.

“I brought along outlines for each of my courses and studied and then as soon as we got back, literally a day and a half later I sat with my class for my first final in constitutional law. It was an additional challenge for sure … (and) all of the other racers got a kick out of it, too. They said they would borrow my outlines when they would have trouble falling asleep.”

Jaime also went through a major career change since running the ‘Race’ the first time -- she became a Playboy Playmate.

“I actually said to (Hugh Hefner), ‘You know that I’m not 19 and I’m not blonde. I’m a 30-year-old redhead.’ I thought I was being ‘Punk’d’ for a second there but it’s actually been a whirlwind past year and a half and I’m happy.”

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Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
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“It Was Like a Nightmare” – Reality News Online’s Exclusive Interview with The Amazing Race 18's Jaime & Cara
by Teeuwynn Woodruff

Reality News Online: Hi, Jaime & Cara! Thanks for talking to Reality News Online today!

Jaime: Thank you.

RNO: What’s been going on with you since the last time you were on the race?

Jaime: Oh, real life?

Cara: A lot!

Jaime: Yeah. I mean, Cara and I lead active lives. Since the last race I have become a Playboy Playmate which entails a lot of travel and a lot of events, so its constantly go, go, go. I actually leave next week for Argentina for a month for work. It’s been like that since the last race. There really hasn’t been a break. It’s great, but it’s definitely fast-paced.

Cara: I carry a full time job in government relations – political consulting work. I also am a law school student, so I work all day and go to school at night – and I’m a newlywed since the last race. We both have had very full plates.

RNO: What did it feel like, given your busy schedules, to know you’d be going back on the race?

Cara: For me, it felt very exciting. In some ways it was nerve wracking because I was very nervous about how this was going to pan out with law school. But I think both of us were just truly excited at the idea of running another race and having this experience again.

RNO: Getting to the race itself, what did you think when you saw Kent & Vyxsin at the train station after they had been gone for days and missed the required flight to China?

Jaime: I was actually frustrated and disappointed to see them because I felt like they shouldn’t have been there. I felt like, with the super leg, we all literally busted our butts. After having run a full race the first time and now this race – truly one of the longest, most miserable, and exhausting days of my life – and for them to have been given the chance to take a different flight when the flight that we all took was a mandatory flight. It was the only option. And the next one available was not for 24 hours.

There was only one flight per day, and for them just to be able to take the next flight out… And they had 11 hours to make the flight. Cara and I actually left that Pit Stop in last place. Kent & Vyxsin left two teams before us. It was a two hour drive away, and they had 11 hours to make it. They still didn’t make it and we did, and for them to just take the next flight out and only receive a 30 minute penalty… It was truly just inadequate – in all the teams’ minds. Everyone was in agreeance that it just didn’t make sense to us.

Cara: Everyone thought that the penalty wasn’t enough when there was a 24 hour wait for the next flight to go out. I mean, that’s kind of a joke. It was actually offensive that they gave them 30 minutes – I’d rather they didn’t give them anything at all. I just thought that was a slap in the face.

RNO: That was also an extremely long leg to deal with.

Jaime: Four days.

RNO: This leg you got to the Double U-Turn just a second after Kent & Vyxsin. Did you think you could convince them to U-Turn the Globetrotters and not you?

Cara: We weren’t trying to convince them of anything. We didn’t realize at first that we were on the table as potential candidates for their U-Turn. So, for us, we were just harping on the Globetrotters only because they were the only team we knew were behind us. We didn’t know at that time that Ron & Christina, Jet & Cord, Justin & Zev, and whoever else were behind us.

There were a lot of teams behind us, but we didn’t know that at the time because we chose the physical task and it was so very physical – the solar tubes – exhausting and time consuming. So we had no thought other than, “Clearly, this task put us all in the bottom half of the Detour doers. We need to get there and make it up.”

So we said we know the Globetrotters are behind us. Vyxsin was like, “Yeah! The Globetrotters!” Then Kent was just sitting there fumbling around with the papers forever! Finally, he’s like, “I gotta do this to you, ladies.” And we were like, “Fine! Then just do it.” At that point, he had taken so long that we were, more than anything, aggravated that he had wasted time putting up our photo.

We did it to the Globetrotters only because they were, literally, the only team we knew was behind us.

RNO: Had you gotten to the U-Turn before Kent & Vyxsin who would you have U-Turned?

Jaime : We would have U-Turned the Globetrotters. We were thinking, “Why would you U-Turn the team who’s already right there?” God knows how long the Globetrotters are behind us. You want to send the team farther back even farther back.

Cara: And if we had known we were in fourth place, we wouldn’t have U-Turned anyone at all and wasted a U-Turn.

RNO: How much time did the U-Turn cost you? It looked like you did well with the doll task.

Cara: It cost us maybe 15 minutes.

Jaime: The doll task was actually – in both races we’ve done – the easiest task we faced. It was actually kind of a joke compared to the solar panels which were so heavy. [You had to] go up six flights of stairs numerous times. It was so exhausting I can’t believe they were considered comparable tasks.

RNO: So how much time do you think the solar tube Detour took you?

Cara: I don’t know. We did it fairly quickly. We did it on par with pretty much all the teams who did it. It had to have taken at least 45 minutes – at best – probably more. But I don’t think either of us were keeping track of time then.

RNO: So the U-Turn didn’t actually cost you much then?

Cara: Not in terms of time. Stopping for gas actually cost us more time – it actually ended up being about an hour stopping to get gas.

RNO: You two have a history of problems with travel on the race.

Cara: Unbelievable!

RNO: Why did it take so long for your driver to get gas for his taxi?

Jaime: For people who have not been to China, it’s difficult to get around once you’re in a city area. Traffic is very congested. It’s slow – and he had to get off the highway to get gas. So it ended up costing us another hour. It took longer than the actual Detour itself.

RNO: That’s pretty horrible. What did it feel like sitting in the cab for that?

Jaime: It was like a nightmare. I made the comment at the gas station, “It’s like Hawaii all over again.” Getting lost and stopping for gas when you’re on the end of a challenge is so frustrating because there’s nothing you can do. Your fate is out of your hands completely. I think that’s what’s so frustrating to me.

RNO: There was no way to get another cab then?

Jaime: At that point it was so hard to [get people] to understand that we wanted to go to a place called the Stone Forest… There was just no English whatsoever. It took so long to relay to [the taxi driver] that we wanted to go to the Stone Forest, to start over again with someone else… Who knew where they would end up taking us?

RNO: You also had driving problems in Japan when you clipped another car’s rear view mirror. How much time did that cost you?

Cara: Probably about two hours.

RNO: Jaime, putting that large dinosaur puzzle together looked grueling. How long were you working on it?

Jaime: Probably, as a whole, it took me about four hours to do it. The pieces were so heavy and so big, trying to lift them over my shoulders and lock them into place. Then, having to start all over and having to unlock them exerted so much energy – especially after the solar panels – I just didn’t have any strength left to take it apart and redo it. I was just utterly spent at that point.

RNO: How often did you go back to the sign to check your work?

Jaime: Oh, you’re looking constantly. The problem is the piece I had wrong – the hip – was the piece that held the whole dinosaur together, it could fit in either direction. I had it flipped, but it still worked either way you put it in, and I think that was obviously on purpose. So, you built your whole dinosaur, then the hips actually needed to be turned the other direction. And they won’t tell you that it’s wrong.

They would tell you if it was unsafe, meaning the pieces weren’t locked in, but they wouldn’t tell you if it was considered wrong. So you could build the whole dinosaur, because it was considered safe because my piece was still locked in… It was just backwards. I could have checked [the sign] a thousand times, but my piece fit, so I thought it was in correctly.

RNO: Do you know how far behind Ron & Christina and Zev & Justin you got to the Pit Stop?

Cara: About an hour.

RNO: So that gas stop –

Jaime: I think the gas stop did us in. I mean, between doing the extra Detour and the gas stop it was at least an hour to an hour and a half of our time. I feel it would have been close [if the gas stop hadn’t happened].

Going into it after stopping for gas and stopping for another Detour – mentally I was so frustrated at that point. Then starting that dinosaur all over again. Who knows if we would have finished the solar panel task quickly, like we ended up doing, and then getting to [the Roadblock] and realizing there were only three other teams there – that’s revitalizing, that’s motivating. “Wow! We’re actually in the front of the pack.” Your whole attitude changes.

Then having to stop for gas for an hour, doing the other Detour… It just really changes your mentality. I was already down.

RNO: The only sleep we saw you get on the leg was on the train. What was it like trying to sleep on those bunks?

Cara: We didn’t sleep at all – that’s what that was like! First of all, Jaime and I aren’t the best sleepers. We’ve always struggled – in our first race as well. We’re just not great at sleeping on planes and things of that sort. And it’s not leisurely travel where, perhaps, you might give yourself a little bit of a sleeping pill or something! With those long flights you don’t want to run that risk when you’re running a race around the world.

So we aren’t the best sleepers and that train was very busy. We were the third highest beds and every bed in the whole train was full. Imagine trying to get a good night’s sleep with a bunch of strangers who aren’t nearly as tired as you are – so they’re shuffling around, moving about, talking to each other.

I think at one point we had a lovely couple eating peanuts – ballpark style peanuts, and those are noisy. We’re like, “Oh, we really need to sleep. How much longer are they going to be eating those peanuts?” Not that they knew. They didn’t know what was going on. You can’t blame them.

Jaime: And, they’re eating food, and you’re hungry!

Cara: You’re like, “I wonder if they want to share some of those peanuts if we’re all going to be listening to them eat them.” It’s not like how it may appear where you just hop on a train and go right to sleep. Plus you have all your possessions, your passport and things of that sort, and you’re sleeping holding on to all of those – because if any of those go walking while you’re sleeping that wouldn’t be very good either.

We weren’t rested.

RNO: You’ve been on the race twice – what’s best and worst about going on it?

Jaime: The best thing about the race is truly, even in the points of utter misery doing it the second time, still it’s just an amazing life opportunity to be given. To be given it twice is amazing. It’s called The Amazing Race because it truly is.

The worst part will always be having come so close the first time and it being out of you’re control… Cara and I are okay with accepting something if we couldn’t compete – for example, if we didn’t finish the dinosaur task in time, that’s one thing. But when you’re living the whole, “What if we had taken a different taxi in Hawaii? What if he hadn’t stopped for gas? What if he hadn’t gotten lost?” Those what ifs are way harder to live with. That’s the bad part.

RNO: Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about the race?

Jaime: Just that if people watch it at home and dream of doing it, that’s how we did it. We weren’t recruited. We actually sent in an application and a tape on the deadline day and we got picked. We did it fair and square. If they dream of doing it – they should.

RNO: Thank you so much for talking to me again!

Jaime: We appreciate it.

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Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
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Wow, they did a lot of interviews after they left the show. I'm surprised that the doll detour only took fifteen minutes as well. They keep saying it was the easiest task they had seen. I think TPTB were trying to soften the Uturn this time. Making it a double and having an easy detour is a far cry from Joe and Heidi being Blind Uturned and stuck with an impossible task that no one completed. Or perhaps they were like Carol and Brandy and picked the harder one first and were able to catch up that way.

I do think that Gary and Mallory's decision to skip that RB will help them in the long run. That was a physically and mentally demanding chore that was performed in high altitude at the end of a grueling four days with no rest. They saved them selves from physical fatigue and mental stress that the other teams had to deal with, leaving them in a good position to compete for the rest of the race.
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Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
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Four days without food or sleep? I can't even imagine that! The level of KF must be off the charts at that level!

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Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
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I'm not a fan of Jaime, but her dream meal made my mouth water.

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Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
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According to the Mayne Event (a segment on NFL Sunday Countdown on ESPN), looks like former contestant, Jaime Edmondson from TAR14 and UB is expecting (with Evan Longoria).  No video of that segment, but here's a tweet that mentions it.
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Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
« Reply #33 on: February 26, 2013, 08:54:08 PM »
Jaime and Evan welcome their daughter to the world!

She was a little early but all is well!


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Welcome to the world xoxo
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Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
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 :partie: :partie:

Congratulations, Jaime!!!
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Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
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OMG Jaime is a mother now!!!  :hearts: :hearts:
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Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
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OMG Evan Longoria is a father now!!!  :hearts: :hearts:
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Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
« Reply #38 on: October 23, 2022, 08:47:11 PM »
Please hold Jaime and her husband and two daughters in your hearts.

On Oct 19th 2022 she delivered a perfect yet stillborn son.

Sending them all our comfort and prayers during this difficult time.
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Re: TAR18: Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal (former NFL cheerleaders)
« Reply #39 on: October 23, 2022, 09:00:57 PM »
Condolences to Jaime and family.