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TOUGH AS NAILS / Re: TAN1 Ep 7: "Trash Day" (8/12)
« Last post by HavaDrPepper on Today at 10:39:28 AM »
I would guess those challenges were filmed on a studio lot since they have "towns" set up on some of them.  Because I can't believe that there wasn't anything from residents if it was a real neighborhood on social media at the time of filming.  Even with non-disclosure paperwork, things get out by people that haven't signed a NDA.

I was not surprised Michelle was in the bottom 2 nor was I surprised she was the one to go.  That was a rough challenge for her.  Besides her age, her height didn't help because it would mean more steps to take... I'm short, I know!

I am still really enjoying this show and I ABSOLUTELY love the fact that the contestants get to continue playing for prize money in the team competition until the end.
A friend of mine in Michigan has posted that the Michigan organization governing high school sports is only allowing those sports with have no contact with other individuals, such as swimming, cross country running or golf.  Any other sport with multiple players on the field will not be held this fall but in the spring.

Locally, the athletic conference my town school is in has gone to a 6 game schedule this year with no season championship since all teams will not play each other.  They tried to keep close rivalry games on the schedule.  Each team has 3 home and 3 away games. Games are running from Aug 28 to Oct 2.  The local team's first home game isn't until Sept 11 which actually is good since a new stadium is being built. More time to get things done right!  What concerns me though is the first game of the season the local team travels to a school that is within the county in the state with the highest number of cases per 100,000 population and the city where the game is being played is the hot spot for the county.

However, my county is not faring well at all these days.  Just since July 1st we have added 126 cases. And on the state list of case rates per county, we are at 11th as of Aug 12th.  From July 29 to Aug 11 we had 52 new cases. The above mentioned county that sits at #1 has 123 cases.  Both these counties are less than 50,000 in population so considered rural counties.  Again these case rates are extrapolated according to county population so other counties may have had a larger number of cases but due to county population their case rate is lower.

The state put out a map of what they know about the 611 school districts plans to return to school. Basically, the large metropolitan areas are choosing to go fully remote (61 districts).  172 districts are choosing a hybrid model with some being in the metro areas, others in the rural areas.  340 of the districts are choosing to go a regular schedule with the majority of these being in the rural counties (including my local school).  39 districts had not made a decision yet.  A cousin lives in one of them and their decision came out Wednesday night.  2 days a week in school for several weeks with a reevaluation done at that time as to what they will do going forward.  Many in our area fully expect our local rural schools to shut down within the first month since the rates of infection are going up not down.

And, honestly, I am just waiting to see how many COVID cases end up popping up from those teams on the collegiate level that do continue with their plans to play.  College players have not always followed the rules in place by the NCAA and schools in the past, why would they do it now?  Heck, even adult professional athletes don't follow the protocols and look at what has happened in professional baseball.

Yes, I'm sad I can't see my alma mater play this fall nor will I see the Buckeyes play, but it is just not meant to be right now.
TOUGH AS NAILS / Re: TAN1 Ep 3: "Heavy Metal" (7/15)
« Last post by ZouLy on Today at 08:51:30 AM »
I've been noticing the themed jobsites in each episode so far and it's something I really appreciate. From the construction site to auto junkyard to the next episode's ranchhand challenges, it's a consistent effort. I still find the punchcard props something that sticks out like a sore thumb.

The recap bit and next episode promo remind me so much of TAR's current formats and it's not because of Phil narrating. I can guarantee that. Next episode is definitely going to give TAR withdrawal syndrome with the two-person pairs.

Couldn't agree more  :cmas16

It looks like the producers are trying to give a chance at a certain skillset that is unique to a certain contestant,
For example on episode.2, we can hear that Tara has some experience on railroads for about a year, and then here in episode 3, Lee has experience on automotive parts, whereas later in episode 4 will be the advantage for Melissa as a ranch girl,
TOUGH AS NAILS / Re: TAN1 Ep 2: "Get the Job Done" (7/8, Hour 2)
« Last post by ZouLy on Today at 08:03:29 AM »
Starting to get the hang of the show here on episode 2,
Very unique concept as to how they try to find a similarity of TAR elimination mat or Survivor torch, and comes up with Punch in and out just like in the real job.

Kudos to not following elimination, eviction or voted out concept from the other 3 CBS's big reality show, but still got some vibes to compete each other and some elements to make the contestant think thoroughly before they make decisions,

This episode enriched us with a knowledge on how to build rails and bring back older version of handcar as a mode of transport, me personally wanna try to get my hands on one of those handcars.. :grin:

TOUGH AS NAILS / Re: TAN1 Ep1: "Redefining Toughness" (7/8, Hour 1)
« Last post by ZouLy on Today at 05:21:07 AM »
Just barely had a chance to finish the premiere up until episode 5 today,

For me, the show is like a shorter Survivor "Challenges Only" version without beach, camp and jungle, also without any intense bickering social game,

What I saw was how everybody appreciate other people's work, motivating and cheering them up even though they knew they were competing each other and there's big money on the line.

Really impressed with how Phil and the producers choose a variety of terrain in order for teams to complete challenges,
I could see in the future still tons of ideas to create team and individual challenges as the show really touch the daily basis of everyday worker..

I even want to start a fantasy "Tough As Nails: Design Challenge" for fellow RFF members.. hahaha :lol:

Anyway, looking forward to see more surprise that the show has in store for us,

Amazing Race 32 SHOW / Re: TAR 32 MEDIA *May Contain Spoilers*
« Last post by georgiapeach on Yesterday at 11:36:47 PM »
Is there a link to the full promo?

This is the only TAR cap...less than 2 seconds.
Songs performed on this gala:

Adabel Guerrero & Leandro Bassano - Una calle me separa (Nestor en bloque)
Scores by juror:

(Order of voting: N. Guevara - K. Tejeda - P. Cibrián - M. Casán)

Adabel Guerrero & Leandro Bassano: ? + 7 + 9 + 6 = 22
First gala of Cumbia:

Adabel Guerrero & Leandro Bassano - Score: 22


This round the secret vote is held by Nacha Guevara.

After the duel, the jury decided to save one couple by unanimous decision:

1. Agustina Agazzani & Facundo Mazzei

And this is the audience decision, made by phone and through the ElTrece website:

Agustín Sierra & Inbal Comedi - 57,36 %
Karina Jelinek & Manuel Victoria - 42,64 % (ELIMINATED)
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