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Australian Season 3 CONFIRMED for 2014!

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I wonder when they will start filming? I assume they'll film for 4 weeks.
If they are producing in-house, this might explain the hiatus. Would have been a lot to sort out. Who cares anyway, I am just sooo happy it's back!

OMG Dying of excitement! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:


--- Quote ---3. Both applicants must be Australian or New Zealand citizens or have been a permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand for at least 2 years.
--- End quote ---
Confirms NZ participation.

--- Quote ---4. Neither applicant may be now or have been in the past 2 years an employee, officer, director or agent of the Seven Network, TVNZ or their affiliates, or be associated with any news or media outlet, including any web based media outlet, in Australia or elsewhere.
--- End quote ---
So it'll probably air on and be partly funded by TVNZ

Terms & conditions here:
- 21 is the minimum age limit.
- You must be 21 by the 31st of Jan.
- Filming in the first half of 2014.

Is there any point applying with someone who has been charged with an offence but given no conviction?

No idea. Apply, be open about it...and see where it goes?

And :welcome: to RFF!


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