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So You Would Like To Be an Updater?
« on: February 08, 2008, 03:54:22 PM »
So you'd like to be an Updater?

Great! We would LOVE to have you here with the rest of us maniacs! Although it may seem a little overwhelming at first, you'll be a pro in no time. We think that RFF does a fabulous job with the Updates and it is the time and dedication of our Updaters that makes this work for everyone.

What's the next step? How do I get started? What do I need?

Well, obviously you need the Live Feeds. Then a good ear, a gift of gab, and a sense of humor! Typing skills are appreciated but not required (I can only type with two fingers--three on a good day!), but if you just happen to be a transcriptionist then you are a hero already!

"I don't know how much I can Update."

There are no minimum requirements for Updaters here. We are all glad of any help, any time, for as long as you can give it. Even if you see someone posting merrily away, that doesn't mean that that poster isn't longing for a break or a meal or a rest for weary fingers. It does help to quietly say, "I'll be leaving in 30 minutes" or whatever so someone else can get ready or plan their time to be ready to jump in. But come when you can and go when you must.

"But you all know each other and I'm nervous."

This isn't a private club and you'll be a member of the gang in no time! We're a friendly group and if you have the Live Feeds and want to share what you are seeing, then you are in the right place. Jump in and say you're new (or not!) and we'll all try to help.

What are the rules?

Very few! On this site, we all really, really try  to keep our personal views out of it while Updating. "Chatter" about the HG's, or what you think of an event happening (your own opinion/comments) should be taken out of the Updating thread to one of the other threads for discussion. We are here to "report" on what is happening, not to share our opinion of what is happening. Sometimes you just can't help having to include some non-verbatim commentary, so either italicise or put those comments in {brackets}.

"How in the world do you listen to all those conversations and "get it" down on paper?"

It will seem a little like rubbing your head while patting your stomach at first. Everyone has their own technique, but I find it works well to pick one feed and stay with it. If someone else is entrenched in feed 1, for instance, and is Updating away, it is nice to pick one of the other feeds and start there. You can always say "I'm going to try feed 3" and change later on if your feed becomes uninteresting to you. Some of our super skilled transcribers just settle in and transcribe verbatim what they hear. Most of the rest of us can manage some verbatim quotes and some "the gist" of the conversation. Listen for a bit and then summarize what is being said. Don't worry that you are not getting every single word and don't worry if it seems you are posting the same as another Updater. The more info the better and you may be the one to catch that critical bit of HG whispering! The major idea is to try to paint a word picture of what you are seeing. Tell a story, set the scene, describe what is happening. Try to use real names or common nicknames so your readers know exactly who you mean. Label your posts so that we know who is talking if there are more than 2 people in the conversation. For example

Janelle:  B:) B:) B:)

Howie:   (:;) B:) (:;)

AND use the HG's names a lot. "He said" may not mean as much to someone as "Howie is saying"...

Make it fun for you and your readers!

"What about foul language?"

Everything posted in the threads is live and may include adult language, adult situations, and adult behavior and therefore may not be suitable for young viewers. It is up to you as an Updater whether you type what you hear verbatim, use S***! or one of the cute emoticons instead--whatever you are comfortable with yourself. But if you are "censoring" a conversation, do say so as you go. For example, [edited for strong language].

"What about adding in those great pictures/screencaptures/videos?"

One of the things that makes the RFF Updater threads SO unique is our incorporating the actual live-time pics of what is going on in the house into our posts. A picture is really worth a thousand words sometimes, and gives our site a unique "live" flavor. Adding pictures is not a requirement, but if you can manage it then we would love for you to add in those charming (or not so charming!) screen captures of the HG moments. Instructions in how to get started with adding pictures, as well as some other technical help can be found HERE in the Support thread.

"What do I get?"
The joy of knowing that you are responsible for bringing all the latest in HG activity to the forums for all those without the feeds. The fun, laughter, and companionship of a great bunch of Updaters! A cool BB Updater title in your profile. Access to the private Updater board for announcements and scheduling and pats on the back.  New friends!

"Who do I talk to?"

You don't need any one's permission to jump in and start updating. But any of the mods or puddin will be happy to answer your questions at any time. TexasLady and I (peach) are both around a good bit and are always glad to help so don't be afraid to send us a PM!

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Updater Land!   :waves:
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