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Chateau d If:
I got #9

Cuzco Peru  TAR7

They used this location to do a Phil stand-up shot for the Roadblock where racers had to go get shoes shined.  In the shot there was a shoe shine boy walking by in the background with his blue shoe shine box.

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Chateau d If:
#3 is Yanahurco

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One step forward, one back. The pogo statue is called New heights by Gary Price. But there's more than one around ($83K and it's all yours). This page states that a copy is on permanent display at the Utah StateFair grounds. But the background doesn't match the photo and the sculpture looks mobile anyway. So unless someone can match the railing "somewhere in Utah" will have to suffice.

Chateau d If:
#5 is Chicago but I don't remember this particular location in TAR6

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