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Re: Insider Clips
« Reply #75 on: May 12, 2006, 08:40:09 PM »
Thanks for the links.  I have given up on  This makes it almost painless.

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Re: Insider Clips
« Reply #76 on: May 16, 2006, 05:14:34 PM »
RNO (link ) transcribes the insider clips ( I love that they do this ,I never had a chance to sit and watch all the clips this week ! )

The Amazing Race 9, Episode 11 Insider: Iíve Lost My Mojo
by Heathyr Fields Ford -- 05/16/2006

The racers seem to have lost their Mojo this week. Even though that appears to be a good thing, it may have affected CBS' ability to play Insider clips! Heathyr, as always, has all the details

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Re: Insider Clips
« Reply #77 on: May 20, 2006, 07:27:18 PM »
Some insider clips from the finale

Northern Exposure
BJT wonder if they should ask if they have any jackets in Lost & Found ..they are already cold and not even in Alaska yet .
E/J kill time in the airport telling BJT that they have spent time in Alaska working on crab boats .


BJT try to cut in line at the airport by saying " thanks for saving our spot " to E/J . E/J return the favor by letting the other people in line know that BJT are line cutters >

Paid in full
RaYo pay BJT back the 20 $ they gave them at the beginning of the leg . Ray jokes , I would have waited untill the next leg but I don't think they will have change for a million .

Cough it up
RaYo are in the airport begging for money , they tell everyone that they lost all there stuff in Japan ..people were kind to them , 163 dollars !
Same Flight different City

RaYo , Yo gives Ray some tips on driving from the backseat ........again

Eric is fed up with BJT shadowing them , their lead is slowly slipping away .

Talk is Cheap 
while they seem to enjoy the presence of their cab driver in alaska eric comments on how slow he was driving , Eric says how the cabbie let them escape with about r$ on their fare , Eric says they did not know that they can't beg at US terminals " anyone that tries to beg at U.S. airports are in violation of the rules , I don't know about airplanes ? Airplanes are fine I beleive ? but airports ,U.S. airports , can't do that  "

Friend or Foe
BJT Conf at the final pitstop
BJT comment on the how E/J competed with them, " its all part of the race " 
anyway BJ says that that E/J had no American money in Alaska so they shared their Burger king with them , Eric was not feeling well .
My comment , I thought so Eric didn't seem himself ..he looked very tired .

Not Worthy
E/J conf at the final pitstop
E says that they don;t feel that RaYo belonged in the final 3 " they've been just hanging back and behind ............there not as much fun as the other teams but I don't think they deserve to be there . "
J says they were never really a threat to them

Lowered expectations
E/J may chat with Phil , Phil praises them as Jeremy makes jokes .

First Place
BJT mat chat :)

Directionally challenged
RaYo mat chat ( pretty funny ) Yo says Ray is " Super Fine "

E/J final thoughts
RaYo final thoughts

Finish line

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