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Aiellos Exit 'The Amazing Race'
« on: October 12, 2005, 01:21:23 PM »
Aiellos Exit 'The Amazing Race'

NEW YORK, Oct. 12, 2005


"We thought it would be fun playing in the mud."

Matt Hanson
(CBS) On Tuesday night's "Amazing Race: Family Edition," eight remaining teams continued their trek across the country, this time traveling by bus through the South. In the end, though, Tony Aiello and his three son-in-laws learned a valuable lesson: mud is also thicker than water.

"We got bogged down in the mud bogs," Tony Aiello told The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen. "It took us forever to get through that. But we were determined we weren't going to leave until we got through it."

"We probably lost about two hours stuck in the mud," his youngest son-in-law David Alverson said.

Looking back, Kevin Kempskie, who married one of Tony Aiello's twin daughters, said they probably should have chosen the shrimp detour. But at the same time there are no regrets.

"We all agreed that we just wanted to have fun. That was an obvious one," Kevin said.

Matt Hanson, who is married to the other twin, agreed.

"We said let's have more fun because the first two legs we were all business, getting stressed out," he said. "It looked like a fun task and, us four, we thought it would be fun playing in the mud."

Bonding was the aim of their race. Tony Aiello said that the holidays were not enough to really get to know each other.

"I know my sons-in-law, Thanksgiving, Christmas times together," he said. "But we wanted to have an adventure together and really get to know the men that my daughters love."

The Space Center also provided ample opportunity for fun, even though they got the last number to get on the centrifuge ride, putting them in last place. As for the ride, "It was awesome," David said.

"It was surprising," he added. "I generally have a hard time with things spinning around really fast. But it was weird. Once we started to get to the 3.2 Gs, you could see the welds on the inside of the metal capsule and they were actually moving — looked like they were crushing in together. It was incredible. And it felt like this heavy weight on your chest, and you can feel your skin pulling back."

Being the last to join the Aiello family, David said the notion of competing as a team was "a little nerve racking, but it was a great time. We absolutely had a blast. We had a good time the entire time we were there, and that's just the way we did it."

After watching their race on TV, Tony Aiello said his daughter wished they were there to help them win it. "We had some serious thought about, maybe it will be my daughters and I going on the race. There was some debate."

Kevin quickly added: "I don't think they'll do any better. Sorry girls." But, just as quickly, he lowered his head and took it back. "They probably would do better than we did."

Next for this team is a camping trip. Wives and children will be joining them.

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Re: Aiellos Exit 'The Amazing Race'
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2005, 01:32:49 PM »
Since the Aiello's were equalized with the Weavers and Gaghans on the 5 pm bus, what really killed them was that they didn't read the Roadblock clue fast enough, to the part where it said "First come first served."  I think they were actually ahead of at least one other team to the Roadblock clue box, but wasted time deciding who would do it, before reading the crucial part of the clue.

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Re: Aiellos Exit 'The Amazing Race'
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2005, 01:14:26 PM »
“I Got to Know the Men My Daughters Love” - An Interview with The Amazing Race 8’s Aiello Family
by Jenn Brasler -- 10/14/2005

What did the Aiellos really think of the Weavers? How did they think they would fare against the Gaghans? How has their family dynamic changed since the race? Find out in our interview.
Reality News Online: Hi, guys! Thanks for doing this interview. Your team seems to be one of the best-liked of this year’s racers. How long had you known each other before the race?

The Aiellos: Matt and Kevin knew Tony/each other for about nine years. Dave knew Tony/each other for 5 years.

 RNO: Tony, what did you think of the guys before the race?

Tony: I knew them on a surface level but the race let me understand them on a more intimate level. I got to know the men my daughters love.

RNO: Did anyone take a leadership position on the team, or did you all share that role?

The Aiellos: It was a shared role.

RNO: What is each person’s favorite memory from the race?

Tony: Crossing the Delaware and Civil War reenactment.

Kevin and Dave: Same as Tony, especially with the Civil War reenactment. Being put in the middle of the battle was definitely an amazing experience.

Matt: Also, for the intro shot, we all arrived in water taxis and were able to pass by Ellis Island while seeing Phil near the Statue of Liberty. The greatest feeling was the excitement and anticipation from the beginning of the race.

RNO: Where did you want to go on the race?

Kevin: I would have liked to go outside the country. Definitely not disappointed with where we went in the U.S., though, as we had never been to some of those places.

The Aiellos: We would have liked to go run through Dublin, visit Sweden, or pass through China.

RNO: Why did you all not like the Weavers?

Dave: Basically, stupid people can’t help from being stupid, but I feel like there is a difference with ignorant people and the Weavers could have helped that the fact that they were acting ignorant. When you ask someone a question and they do not even acknowledge your presence, that is just wrong. It would have been better for them to say, ‘We can’t answer’ than to just pretend that I wasn’t there. That was ignorant.

Matt: The Weavers played a different game than the other nine teams.

RNO: What went wrong on the Muddy Waters detour?

The Aiellos: Too much mud! We were too heavy to get through it.

RNO: What finally went right?

The Aiellos: We stuck with it and didn’t give up and switch tasks. We kept changing our approach every time and we got through it and ultimately beat the Weavers back. Sticking to it was the key.

RNO: Did you all consider switching to deheading shrimp?

The Aiellos: Not once we made the decision. We were sticking to our decision.

RNO: Did you guys think that it would be easy to beat the Gaghans, at least when you first met them?

The Aiellos: Some thought that they were going to be pretty tough right from the get-go. Even from before the race even started, they were one of the teams that we thought could be tough, even with the kids.

Kevin: I totally underestimated them.

 RNO: What is your family life like now? Has it changed since the race?

The Aiellos: Our interaction between the four of us is much better; less on the surface level). We’ve gotten to know each other on a much better level than we ever thought possible. We definitely have a closer relationship than the four of us and achieved something that we would have never been able to during regular interaction during family gatherings.

RNO: What did you all learn about each other?

Kevin: We can rely on each other and motivate each other. We know that we will be able to keep everyone’s morale up and watch each other’s back through tough situations and pressure that comes with everyday life.

RNO: Thanks again for the interview! I hope you all always have fond memories of the race.

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Re: Aiellos Exit 'The Amazing Race'
« Reply #3 on: October 14, 2005, 06:03:44 PM »
I was reading this article at realityreel ..I never knew this ..

"The energy on the show became better. I will tell you this, that in episode three that is where the gear changes. When you're done, you move the first three teams to sequester. The first two teams follow the Race and when you get to the third team elimination, they all go to sequesterville. So now they're off to sequesterville and it's probably Disneyland, or something to that extent, or wherever they're going to go. And now you're going to see the Race start to kick in. And now it's really going to be a whole new game."

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Re: Aiellos Exit 'The Amazing Race'
« Reply #4 on: October 14, 2005, 06:05:30 PM »
so that's how the Blacks get along with the Rogers and the Aiellos  }}

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Re: Aiellos Exit 'The Amazing Race'
« Reply #5 on: October 14, 2005, 06:22:02 PM »
I just found it hard to believe the Blacks would give us a spoiler .. /#} ..thank you Mr. Black ..and Kudo's to those who believed .

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TVGuide Interview
« Reply #6 on: October 17, 2005, 10:31:34 AM »
The Aiellos' Shrimp Are Cooked on Race
by Rochell D. Thomas

Amazing Race's Tony Aiello
There are times when having four strong men on your team would be a plus, like if there's heavy lifting to be done or fighting involved. This week on The Amazing Race: Family Edition, however, was not one of those times. As the combined body weight of the uniquely formed Aiello family — father-in-law Tony, 57, and his three sons-in-law, Kevin, 31, Matt, 31, and David, 26 — not only pushed them down in the mud, it shoved them out of the race. Four men on the ultimate road trip. What did you all pack?
Kevin: We took about four days' worth of clothes and toiletries. But looking back, we all wished we'd packed a hell of a lot less.
Matt: Because we really didn't have time to change.
Tony: One time, when we were crossing the Delaware, I just turned my socks inside out because that's all I could do. We were wet and hot and smelly.
Kevin: Definitely. We should have brought more socks and less clothes because you could be fine on two days' worth of clothes and about 10 pairs of socks. Did the mystery bus smell like shrimp from all the people who took that detour instead of the mud run?
Tony: Yeah. Shrimp and mud. Muddy shrimp.
Matt: The bus was... interesting. What exactly happened on the bus to set the Weaver family off?
Kevin: I think it was just the pressure of the whole thing and exhaustion. It was an eight-hour ride. You all seemed annoyed with the Weavers last week, yet you didn't seem to have anything against them the week before.
Tony: Well, we didn't know them prior to that at all. And they came across saying one thing and doing another thing, so they were a little underhanded, I thought. There's a way of playing the game and, in my opinion, they didn't play it fairly.
Matt: And I think we were just tired of hearing the complaining and the crying. When they showed Rebecca [Weaver] on TV, it looked like she was laughing, but she was really hysterically crying and complaining about the bus and smelling like shrimp and whatnot. This is The Amazing Race. What do you expect? You're not going to get a plush limo, you know. Well, what did you all expect from Family Edition?
Tony: We didn't know, other than the fact that we were going to have to run and run... and run some more.
Matt: I expected that, with kids on the race, it probably would be less physical and maybe it would have more puzzles and technical things that kids would excel at. In the first and third episodes the Gaghans, who have two young children, actually used the kids to their advantage; their weight alone actually helped them pass us in both tasks. They drove through the mud run on the first try, whereas we were four 200-lb. guys sinking deeper and deeper into the mud every run. Speaking of the mud run, you did it 14 times. Why didn't you stop around time number nine?
Kevin: It was too late at that point to quit and do the shrimp detour because it was a 30-mile drive back.
Matt: We kept going at it because we're four stubborn men and we just didn't want to quit. It took two hours.
Kevin: About an hour and 50 minutes too long.
Tony: At some point I said, "Maybe I should've taken my daughters we could've done some simpler tasks."
Matt: He also said, at one point, "These guys are going to kill me." How did you all not have a big fight in the car? The Paolos would have killed each other by then.
Kevin: It was getting there.
Matt: It might have been close.
Tony: But, in the end, it was a respect thing.
Matt: And also just knowing...
Tony: ... that we would still have to be at family dinners together kept us nice. I've got our grandchildren I need to see. How did you decide who would go on the space-shuttle thing?
Kevin: I took myself out of that because I sure as hell didn't want to spin at 3.2 Gs.
Matt: I'd said that I wanted to do the next task regardless of what it was. It happened to be a two-person thing, so we elected Dave to go with me. When you were spinning at that velocity, did you feel like it was pressing your privates, too?
All: [Laugh]
Matt: It actually was quite hard to breathe. But you could feel it everywhere, even your eyeballs. So I guess the answer is yes. And it felt pretty good, actually. Where'd you go after you were eliminated?
Kevin: I can't tell you where, but we went away for a few weeks. CBS took good care of us. We did some hiking, some shopping and we spent a lot of time at the pool. And we did some ziplining. Fun stuff.
Matt: A lot of eating.
Tony: And a lot of reflecting. We asked a lot of "What ifs?" Like, "What if we'd done the shrimp?" We beat ourselves up pretty good. But there's nothing we can do about it now.{68FE6008-1A61-48BE-8DD5-51DC694ADDAA}
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Amazing Aiello family have no regrets
« Reply #7 on: October 18, 2005, 10:45:17 AM »
Amazing Aiello family have no regrets

By TARA MERRIN -- Calgary Sun


IN-LAWS OUT ... The Aiellos (from left Tony, David, Matt and Kevin) are off of Amazing Race. (Photo: CBS)
Tony Aiello can't stop replaying the moment in his head.

He and his three sons-in-law paused for just a second to make a roadblock decision on The Amazing Race: Family Edition and it cost them a chance at $1 million US.

Although the Aiellos arrived at the final clue box ahead of two other teams, their hesitation in choosing who would ride in a centrifuge used for astronaut training allowed the Paolos and Gaghins to pass them.

"It took us two or three days to get over it, so to relive it again on TV was very difficult. I guess it just wasn't in the cards," he says.

While it was difficult to watch, Aiello, a 57-year-old restaurant consultant from Mansfield, Mass., says he'd do the Race again in a heartbeat.

Not only did it give him the opportunity to spend time with his sons-in-law (Kevin, Matt and David), he also gained a new appreciation of their unbelievable determination. 

Case in point, it took his team 17 attempts to manoeuvre a mud track, but they never gave up.

"We burned out a couple of our jeeps, but we almost got through it the first time so we knew we could do it," Aiello says, adding he respects his sons-in-law for staying positive. "This race just confirmed ... these guys are great."

One thing that did disappoint Aiello, was never leaving the U.S. In previous seasons of The Amazing Race, teams have flown to exotic locations, but changes were made to ensure the safety of the younger players.

"We didn't know that was going to happen. We were waiting and anticipating going to the airport on each leg so it was disappointing," he says.

While making the Race child-friendly did impact the game, Aiello suggests it will be an adult team who'll win. He says the teams without children are stronger because they do not need to constantly stop for bathroom breaks, regular meals or emotional breakdowns.

That was certainly the case for the Weaver family -- a widow and her three teenagers.

"I didn't enjoy the Weaver family from Florida. I know about their loss and I am sorry for that, but they made themselves the outsiders.

"They didn't really show it on TV, but on the bus they really freaked out. They were worried about smelling like shrimp and not getting enough sleep. My heart goes out to them, but they didn't sign up for a luxury cruise here -- this is The Amazing Race."

Amazing Race: Family Edition airs tonight on CBS and CTV at 10 p.m