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ALIAS - In the season premiere episode, "Authorized Personnel Only" Spoilers

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been working hard sorry bout that. I don't share your enthusiam over Alias this season. I'm actually bummed out that they have changed the formula of the show. It's like a whole new show. Just today I wrote to ABC thru their ABC Insider club where you give input to ABC on a show u like and posted on the ABC message board where I know they read.

This is my fav non reality show and I think ABC, the creators, and the producers have screwed it up and hope they correct it or i'll stop watching, which i hate to say.   :<(

I'm not that happy with it either Cole but, its much better than 24 ..there story lines aren't all that either , well yet anyway ...would you let  please  us know if ABC responds ?

hey Cole ..these smilies were   put in with  you mind  ===  c/*  ,.(  I miss you  bad   ^*^*   _*<

if you have a chance go to the message board for Alias on the ABC website and you will see the massive divide amongst the Alias fans. You have the pre-APO and post-APO fans (a true Alias fan will know what i mean by this) ;-) >*

;-) smilie  what code was that Cole ? i want to fix it  :<(

Geee...I posted here the other nite...posing a few questions about the new Alias "formula" that Cole mentioned...but it isn't here!  |:(   If I can remember my questions, I'll repost i guess... 
(i don't know...maybe I dozed off that nite?!!)


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