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ALIAS - In the season premiere episode, "Authorized Personnel Only" Spoilers

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Well you can count me in as a diehard Alias fan.  I am enjoying this season as it is very similar to season 1 and instead of being in dark SD6, it is a brighter set.  Some of the storylines are a bit of a stretch.  The one that drove me crazy was the one where Sidney faked the car accident and went to that bad guys house and she was snooping around and they figured her out--the writers must have been chewing on magic mushrooms and got a big brain fartwave.  That was a bit of a stretch.  I definitely liked last week's episode.  It had everything in it, edge of seat suspense, action, excitement, romance.  This was the one where Vaughan and Sidney were posing as a couple to get into the bad guys ring and they lived in that almost Truman show like neighbourhood.  I liked it when they had to fight for their lives in the car dealership.  So if they continue with those kind of stories--I will be a fan forever.  I am happy they are not doing the rambaldi thing--it was wearing thin and I really hated last season especially with ugly lisping Lauren who turned out to be one bad  ]*].  Marshall can stay and continue being his goofy funny self.
ps. I use to be a 24 fan but after the fantastic season 2, the show has gone downhill and this year's first episode showed so much promise until they runied it with that pitiful hour where Jack held up the convenience store.  That was so hokey that I have tuned out forever.


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