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Emmy Award-winning journalist Joan Lunden hosts WICKEDLY PERFECT, a new reality show that pits 12 people with a creative knack for the finer things in life in a no-holds-barred competition to crown the country's new authority on at-home living. These perfection-obsessed contestants, whose motto is "anything you can do, I can do better," will compete in different areas of beautifying the home and entertaining, including party planning, gardening, cooking, baking, sewing, crafts, floral arranging and decorating.

In addition to chronicling the sometimes funny, sometimes factious relationships that develop among the tightly wound, extremely competitive participants, each week a contestant will be eliminated from their luxurious estate located in New England. Renowned chef and restaurateur Bobby Flay (Mesa Grill), Emmy Award-nominated stylist David Evangelista ("The Rosie O'Donnell Show") and best-selling author Candace Bushnell ("Sex and the City" and "Trading Up") will serve as judges.

The winner will receive numerous prizes, including six appearances on "The Early Show" on CBS, a development deal for a lifestyle-oriented television show and a publishing deal with Atria Books, a division of premier publisher Simon & Schuster.

Don't miss the start of this exciting new reality show, premiering January 6th at 8:00PM ET/PT, only on CBS.


This is why Survivor isn't starting in January!

They want to air this show!



Well dang!!! I had a whole post there so, I guess i wasn't meant to say what i did.  **0

Lets hope that it flops and they move it too a new time slot and bump up S10

btw: what did you post River ?? lol


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