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Season 2 just announced

🥁 🎺 🎶 Drumming and fanfare: Amazing Race Finland -series continues! Second season starts on Nelos and Ruudu in October! 💛💛💛

Maanca: (Post includes pictures)

Amazing Race Finland filming starts today 💛 🌍 These 11 couples are going on an adventure of a lifetime 👉

💛 presenter Mikko Kekäläinen and his godmother Mervi "Meikka" Levänen
💛 presenter Tinni Wikström and her friend Antti Savinainen
💛 actor friends Leea Klemola and Kaarina Hazard
💛 football player Paulus Arajuuri and his actress sister Adeliina Arajuuri
💛 ex-swimmer Jani Sievinen and his wife Maria Nyqvist
💛 Social media personality Metti Forssell and his friend Hanna Launonen
💛 actress Mimosa Willamo and her father Patrick Willamo
💛 rapper and actor Deogracias "Gracias" Masomi and his friend ex-footballer Jeremie Malolo
💛 Actor Aku Sipola and his friend Wille Komulainen
💛 Investor Elias Aalto and his brother Matias Pietilä, known from the Lion's Den
💛 Artist Tuure Boelius and his sister Saana Boelius

The beloved Heikki Paasonen continues as the host ❤️
Amazing Race Finland series 2. The season will be seen on Nelos and Ruudu in October! ❤️

3 versions ..incredible

Nice to see second season. We also saw Race Around The World Finland, but it flopped.

I think they have made many improvements, or at least I am hopeful. The same observations and need for improvements discussed in this forum have been talked a lot in Finnish media.

Season 2 Cast - Thoughts

Pictures also here:
and here:

Mikko Kekäläinen ja Mervi Levänen - Godson, godmother
Fine. Mikko has very good public image as a positive and supportive person. I hope it will stay the same ...

Middle-aged team, which I like, but I hope they can keep it up with others.

Tinni Wikström ja Antti Savinainen - Friends
Tinni is annoying and this will be my least favourite team. I think they will be one of the first teams to get eliminated.

Leea Klemola ja Kaarina Hazard - Friends
Older women team, nice! It would be interesting, if they could stay in the race as long as possible, but can they keep up the pace? Deeper thinkers of this cast.

Paulus Arajuuri ja Adeliina Arajuuri - Siblings
Paulus has a lovely personality and I bet he has MANY skills. I think they could make it to TOP-4. Paulus is Finland's sweetheart.

Jani Sievinen ja Maria Nyqvist - Couple
Competitive and though middle-aged, I imagine they both have strong stamina and physique. Well-travelled. Could surprise us and end up in TOP-4?

Hanna Launonen ja Metti Forssell - Friends
Mm ... Metti is footballer's wife. That's great I guess ... Well, Metti is well-mannered and calm, let's see how she is in this show.

Mimosa Willamo ja Patrick Willamo - Daughter&Father
Don't know much about them. Would love to root for daughter&father-team, but it was weird that their info tells that they have never travelled together and that eating tasks might be difficult, since they are both vegetarians.

That doesn't tell you a lot, while Metti and her friend were introduced like this: They want to test their own limits. They have deep connection and trust with each other, they know each others strengths. Metti admires Hanna's sportiness and Hanna values Metti's intelligence and determination.

And ... Mimosa and Patric don't eat meat, which I guess is also a nice personality type and valuable information for the viewers ...

Deogracias ”Gracias” Masomi ja Jeremie Malolo - Friends
I think they will end up in TOP-4, but they might easily make crucial mistakes, which might cost them the race.

Aku Sipola ja Wille Komulainen - Friends
Potential fan favourites, but hard to say anything about them yet. TOP-5?

Elias Aalto ja Matias Pietilä - Brothers
I think they might be interesting, since they probably will take risks and have complex talents which will come in handy. Also, they might be good for TV, since they might argue like brothers and don't hold back their opinions.

Tuure Boelius ja Saana Boelius - Siblings
I think this team, Team Tinni or Team Older Women will be one of the first ones to get eliminated.

Now get this ... Only one romantic couple? And actually I don't mind :D But maybe 1-2 more romantic teams could have been interesting, one dating or newly-wed and one older couple with children.

Favourites - Before the show started
1. Paulus&Sister

Not interested
Team Tinni. Team Tuure.

All in all, the cast seems to be okay. Now the interesting thing will be, which continent will they conquer this year? Are they going to do combinations?

I have a feeling, that this year they will spend a little bit more time in Europe and then they will head to Asia or Africa. Maybe even Latin America?

If they decide to go straight back to Asia as they did in last season, they better go to India and end up in Australia and/or New Zealand for many episodes, to make things interesting. Viewers were complaining, because they spent the whole season in Asia last time.

If they do another season in Asia and not combine it with Europe or Oceania, people will be annoyed.

Yeah. Last season was all SE Asia and largely mirrored TAR Asia 5's tasks, they were clearly in contact with the producers of that version. Hopeful for a wider route this time.


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