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Amazing Race AUS 8 LIVE SIGHTINGS! Tweets GO HERE! *please read post 1*

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LIVE sightings will go here!  :hearts:
If you HAVE a live sighting to share, help us as much as you can with
WHO (be descriptive, what they look like, is it a male/female team for example, what color they are wearing is helpful)
WHAT are they doing
WHERE (as exactly as possible... street? airport gate? address? be specific!)
WHEN (what time zone?, exact time)
and any descriptions of the action! Pictures are treasured!
If you have a spoiler and prefer to share it privately, you can email or PM one of the TAR Detectives or georgiapeach. Your confidentiality will be respected.
IMPORTANT! If you find anything posted by someone working in any capacity for the race or by production, do NOT post it here, you can cost someone their job...or worse. PM a TAR Detective or georgiapeach, and we'll see if it can be shared. Thanks!
Same goes for info on FUTURE legs, if you have a spoiler PM a TAR Detective or georgiapeach FIRST please.
If you are concerned that any info gained from any sighting, FB post or tweet may be private or confidential or just "too much too soon", feel free to PM a TAR Detective or georgiapeach to ask before you post.

Thank you everyone!!  :hrt:

Buenos Aires

“They were waiting with backpacks in Plaza de Mayo an hour ago.” (10:00 AM)

Look behind the woman taking a selfie. Starting line is Casa Rosada. Via Fran Francauto.

Pit Stop photo


--- Quote from: Xoruz on May 07, 2024, 12:59:05 PM ---Pit Stop photo

--- End quote ---

That's the new Paseo del Bajo, the building on the back is the "Edificio Guardacosta", the HQ of the Prefectura Naval Argentina (the Argentinean Coast Guard).


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