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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 36, Episode 1, "You can't drive while you're crying"
Film date: 2022-10-25

This season was the 35th season filmed. Then CBS just sat on it while they filmed another season. That season, which was the 36th filmed was released first and is thus known as the 35th season. This season, which was the 35th to film will henceforth be known as the 36th season. This makes my head spin like a bunch of Voladores.

The starting line of this season is the beach in front of the Westin Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

The teams in this season are:

* Angie & Danny, mother and son
* Kishori & Karishma, cousins
* Rod & Leticia, married couple where he is a former NFL player
* Sunny & Bizzy, firefighter moms
* Juan & Shane, military pilots
* Michelle & Sean, married aerobic instructors
* Anthony & Bailey, identical twins
* Chris & Mary, father and daughter
* Amber & Vinny, dating nurses
* Yvonne & Melissa, girlfriends from San Diego
* Maya & Rohan, sibling students and super fans
* Derek & Shelisa, grandparents (ex police)
* Ricky & Cesar, Boyfriends
At the starting line Phil tells the teams that there will be no non-elimination rounds. He also tells them they will visit two new countries which the race has never visited before.

Phil tells teams that the first clue is located on a set of cars which are parked in front of the hotel. He then asks them to put on their backpacks before he starts the race. We note that Amber & Vinny seems to be the only team who only has one backpack.

Route info: Welcome to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Drive yourselves to downtown Puerto Vallarta and find the Voladores along the Malecon for your next clue.

There are no maps in the cars so teams will have to find their way on their own, the Malecon is 9km away. The clue also names two streets where they can park their cars.

 "I wish I didn't fail Spanish twice now", one of Anthony & Bailey
 "I'm sadly monolingual", Karishma about her being half Mexican
 "We just started the race, I'm sweating like an animal, I should have exercised maybe a little bit more", Michelle
 "My Spanish is decent, I minored in Spanish in college", Vinny
 "As a little kid i dreamed about The Amazing Race", Danny
 "You can't drive while you're crying", Angie gets the title when she is talking about how happy she is to watch her son fulfill his dream to be on the race

On their way to the first clue box Maya & Rohan get really lost, it seems as if this makes the flustered which is not good for navigation...
 "Hopefully there is a team which is just as lost as we are right now", Rohan
The later interviews they say that they did not have a map and thought it was going to cost them too much time to get one.

When they get to the right area Maya & Rohan turn in on the wrong street. This turns out to be narrow, and a cul-de-sac. Rather than back out they start to turn their car, however the street is not much wider than the car is long so this is not easy. In fact it reminds us of a scene from an Austin Powers movie. When they are almost halfway through the turn they seem to give up for a while.
 "We're sideways, I don't know how we are going to get it back up", Rohan
In a later interview they say it took them 20-30 minutes to get the car turned around. Even so they do encounter other teams on the next task, so I guess other teams also struggled with navigation.

Teams reach the clue box by the Voladores in the following order:
  1. Ricky & Cesar
  2. Rod & Leticia
  3. Derek & Shelisa
  4. Yvonne & Melissa
  5. Anthony & Bailey
  6. Amber & Vinny
  7. Chris & Mary
  8. Michelle & Sean
  9. Kishori & Karishma
 10. Angie & Danny
 11. Sunny & Bizzy
 12. Juan & Shane
 13. Maya & Rohan

Detour: Pick'em up or Pin'em down

In Pick'm up teams need to pick up two rocking horses from a street high up on a hill and transport them down to the beach (300m). The horses are on wheels but the streets are very uneven so the wheels hardly helps. Once they arrive to the dropoff locations they are given tools and have to remove the wheels.

In Pin'em down teams get to watch 40s of a battle royale between 16 Luchadores. Actually there are 8 pairs of two fighting each other, in the same ring. The task is then to take 10 drawings of the masks they are wearing and pair up the wrestlers who were fighting each other. There are fights every 5 minutes so if they do not get it right they can watch the next fight.

The clue also says that only 7 teams may complete each side of the detour.

Ricky & Cesar have been in Puerto Vallarta before so they know that the rocking horses are big, and therefore they decide to do the wrestlers instead.

On their way to the rocking horses Shelisa's backpack opens and out drops three crossword books. They leave the books behind.

 "I didn't think about the cobblestones", Derek

An interesting small scene occurs when Kishori & Karishma arrive to the wrestling square. They come from the back so they appear behind Ricky & Cesar and can thus see their answers.
 "Oh, we're not looking, I promise", Karishma

The rocking horse task is so popular that nine teams want to do it. Chris & Mary arrive as team #8 and by that time there are no more horses so they have to switch. On their way down they run into Juan & Shane and the tell the boys that there are no more horses.

 "Whatever it was, it's over", Juan & Shane are overwhelmed by the chaotic fight between the Luchadores
Team complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+0) Ricky & Cesar, wrestlers
  2(+0) Rod & Leticia, wrestlers
  3(+6) Kishori & Karishma, wrestlers
  4(-1) Derek & Shelisa, rocking horses
  5(+1) Amber & Vinny, rocking horses
  6(-1) Anthony & Bailey, rocking horses
  7(-3) Yvonne & Melissa, rocking horses
  8(+3) Sunny & Bizzy, rocking horses
  9(+3) Juan & Shane, wanted to do rocking horses but had to do wrestlers
 10(-2) Michelle & Sean, rocking horses
 11(-1) Angie & Danny, rocking horses
 12(-5) Chris & Mary, wanted to do rocking horses but had to do wrestlers
 13(+0) Maya & Rohan, wrestlers

Route info: Drive yourselves to Lienzo Charro Miguel "prieto" Ibarra.

Nothing much happens on the way to th next route marker. But some tams inevitably get lost.

Team arrive to the next clue box (8km) in the following order:
  1(+1) Rod & Leticia
  2(-1) Ricky & Cesar, just after #1
  3(+1) Derek & Shelisa, as #2 are leaving
  4(-1) Kishori & Karishma, as #3 are leaving
  5(+6) Angie & Danny
  6(+1) Yvonne & Melissa
  7(+2) Juan & Shane
  8(+2) Michelle & Sean
  9(-3) Anthony & Bailey, as #8 are leaving
 10(-2) Sunny & Bizzy
 11(+1) Chris & Mary, just after #10
 12(-7) Amber & Vinny
 13(+0) Maya & Rohan, as #12 are leaving

Road block: Who's feeling loopy?

In this road block contestants must jump through a series of seven spinning lassos. And they need to wear a big hat and a handkerchief while doing it, the rope may not touch the hat. If they fail any of the jumps they must restart from the beginning.

 "Hopefully they have a big lasso because I'm pretty tall", Rod
 "I'm from Texas", Karishma when Kishori asks if she can throw a lasso

Karishma commits race sin #1 by not reading her clue thoroughly. This hurts her because she forgets the handkerchief, so when she manages to jump through all of the lassos on her 18th attempt she is not given her next clue. She asks Kishori for the road block clue and rereads it carefully.

Michelle & Sean run a double dutch studio so it would look bad for them to struggle at this task, which is just another kind of rope jumping. But Sean is struggling for a little bit before he gets the hang of it.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Rod* & Leticia     (1-0)On his 5th attempt 2(+0)Ricky & Cesar*     (0-1)On his 4th attempt 3(+0)Derek* & Shelisa   (1-0)On his 1st attempt 4(+3)Juan & Shane*      (0-1)On his 2nd attempt 5(-1)Kishori & Karishma*(0-1)On her 23rd attempt 6(+0)Yvonne* & Melissa  (1-0)On her 8th attempt 7(-2)Angie & Danny*     (0-1)On his 11th attempt 8(+0)Michelle & Sean*   (0-1)On his 5th attempt 9(+0)Anthony* & Bailey  (1-0)On his 1st attempt10(+0)Sunny* & Bizzy     (1-0)On her 2nd attempt11(+1)Amber & Vinny*     (0-1)On his 1st attempt12(-1)Chris & Mary*      (0-1)After more than 6 attempts13(+0)Maya & Rohan*      (0-1)On his 1st attempt
Route info: "Drive to your very first Pit Stop at Plaza de Los Arcos del Malecón and find Phil on the mat. Warning, The last team to check in will be eliminated!"

The mat is actually very close to the location of their first clue.

 "They are less than 10 minutes out, we can still make it", Maya as she & Rohan leave he road block.
 "Now that I'm thinking about it, this road is actually going opposite of where we want to go", Vinny
 "I don't know how fast I can book it to the mat but I'll try", Chris realize they are fighting for last

Teams arrive to the mat (9km) in the following order:
  1(+0) Rod & Leticia
  2(+0) Ricky & Cesar
  3(+0) Derek & Shelisa
  4(+0) Juan & Shane
  5(+3) Michelle & Sean
  6(+0) Yvonne & Melissa
  7(+0) Angie & Danny
  8(+1) Anthony & Bailey, just after #7
  9(+1) Sunny & Bizzy
 10(-5) Kishori & Karishma
 11(+1) Chris & Mary
 12(-1) Amber & Vinny, just after #11
 13(+0) Maya & Rohan, are eliminated

 "However, you're still racing", Phil to the first 12 teams reaching the pit stop
Instead of a prize or some well deserved rest teams are given a new clue by Phil. That is all but Maya & Rohan who are the last to reach the Pit Stop and get eliminated. Apparently they weren't that far behind because when they are nearing the mat they see the two teams before them leave it.

 "It's been a dream come true", Maya

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 36, Episode 2, "Trust but verify"
Film date: 2022-10-25

The last leg ended on Plaza de Los Arcos del Malecón in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. At the mat Phil handed teams a new clue and told them that they were still racing.

I guess that there was a small pause here because nobody is near Phil or the mat when they read the clue, and we clearly see Ricky & Cesar look at their watch as if checking if they are allowed to start now.

Teams are shown opening their next clue in the following order:
1.Rod & Leticia     12:05 2.Ricky & Cesar     12:10+0:05 3.Derek & Shelisa   12:22+0:17 4.Juan & Shane      13:07+1:02 5.Michelle & Sean   13:11+1:06 6.Yvonne & Melissa  13:12+1:07 7.Angie & Danny     13:15+1:10 8.Anthony & Bailey, 13:16+1:11 9.Sunny & Bizzy     13:18+1:1310.Kishori & Karishma13:31+1:2611.Chris & Mary      13:41+1:3612.Amber & Vinny     13:42+1:37
Route info: "Keep racing and make your way on foot to Puerto Vallarta's Zona Romántica and find your next clue at the center of the Iguana bridge."

 "We didn't get first, it was a little disappointing", Ricky
 "I'm big on trust but verify", Melissa gets the title
 "At 12 I was hosting mini Amazing Races in our town", Danny feels like a real super fan

Anthony & Bailey ask the staff of a nearby restaurant for directions. Then while they are talking to the camera a couple of steps away one of the staff gives them back the clue they just forgot there. This is a bad sign for their longevity.

Michelle & Sean and  Kishori & Karishma stumble upon the road block while they are looking for the Iguana bridge.
 "I don't think this is it", Kishori
Even if Kishori thinks this is wrong they also start doing the task. The next team to arrive is Juan & Shane and Kishori immediately ask them if this is the first thing they encountered. As the boy say that they have already done a detour the girls realize that they are in the wrong spot and after a short discussion they leave for the bridge. Michelle & Sean are seated next to them so they overhear everything and also realize that they must leave.

Teams find the clue box on the Iguana bridge (800m) in the following order:
  1(+0) Rod & Leticia
  2(+0) Ricky & Cesar
  3(+0) Derek & Shelisa
  4(+0) Juan & Shane
  5(+1) Yvonne & Melissa
  6(+3) Sunny & Bizzy
  7(+1) Anthony & Bailey
  8(-1) Angie & Danny
  9(+3) Amber & Vinny
 10(+1) Chris & Mary
 11(-1) Kishori & Karishma, just after #10
 12(-7) Michelle & Sean, just after #11

--- Quote ---DETOUR

Detour: 'Balloon Collection'
or 'Color Correction'

Balloon Collection: Collect
three hundred balloons.
Then deliver them to the
balloon vendor at Centro
Cultural Cuale to receive
your next clue.

Color Correction: Search
among the colorful cut out
flags for a strand that does
not match the rest. Then

--- End quote ---

In Balloon collection teams must collect balloons from three different vendors. Each team member must pick up one bunch of balloons at each location. They will get their next clue when they deliver all of their balloons. It doe snot seem to matter if a few of them pops on the way. The furthest set of balloons is about 500m away. Most of the teams have passed at least some of the balloon givers on their way to the clue box so they already have a good idea of where they may be.

In Color collection teams must search the plaza in front of Centro Cultural Cuale for one strand of paper flags (aka Papel Picado) which does not match the others. Each strand holds 10 flags and there are a lot of flags flying over this plaza. On tricky part about this is that teams are only told that they need to search for a strand which does not match the rest. They are not told how the strand will differ. We eventually learn that each strand holds 10 flags of different colors and on the non-matching ones two of the flags are switched.

The end of the balloon detour is right at the square where the color correction task takes place.

Rod & Leticia play rock, paper, scissors about which detour to take.

 "We ran by all of the balloons so we know where they are", Cesar

Ricky & Cesar go to the farthest balloon vendor and grab one bunch of balloons, this is a mistake as they need one each. They grab one from the next vendor as well, but then they meet Rod & Leticia and see that they have two bunches of balloons. They immediately reread their clue and realize their error. It was kind of impressive to see how quickly they realized heir mistake and went to correct it. It was also smart of them to start picking up balloons from the vendor farthest away so they did not have to run around as much with them.

A little bit later Derek & Shelisa, who are still looking for the clue, encounters Ricky & Cesar. They ask for help finding the clue box but the boys only respond with a "sorry". Amber & Vinny has a different experience when they run into Angie & Danny who have no problems telling them where the clue is.

 "We are very proud to be our age and being able to keep up with some of the younger folks", Shelisa
 "I'm proud of mom for sticking up in this heat. Probably harder than childbirth, yes mom or no?", Danny
 "We'll see at the end, what comes out", Angie
Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+0) Rod & Leticia, balloons
  2(+0) Ricky & Cesar, balloons
  3(+0) Derek & Shelisa, balloons
  4(+0) Juan & Shane, balloons
  5(+0) Yvonne & Melissa, balloons
  6(+1) Anthony & Bailey, started flags but quickly switched to balloons
  7(+1) Angie & Danny, started flags but quickly switched to balloons
  8(+1) Amber & Vinny, balloons
  9(-3) Sunny & Bizzy, flags
 10(+2) Michelle & Sean, balloons
 11(+0) Kishori & Karishma, started flags but eventually switched to balloons
 12(-2) Chris & Mary, started flags but eventually switched to balloons

Route info: "Make your way to Lázaro Cárdenas Park to find your next clue."

On the way to the next clue Danny convinces Angie to give him her backpack. But she still looks like she is struggling in the heat. But the strongest sign that she is really struggling is the fact that in one shot you see the medic walking a few meter away.

Chris also has a hard time so he has to sit down for a while. While he rests Mary prepares some electrolytes for him and he recovers.

Teams reach the clue box at the park (900m) in the following order:
  1(+0) Rod & Leticia
  2(+0) Ricky & Cesar
  3(+0) Derek & Shelisa
  ---- Michelle & Sean, while looking for the Iguana bridge clue
  ---- Kishori & Karishma, while looking for the Iguana bridge clue
  4(+0) Juan & Shane
  5(+0) Yvonne & Melissa
  6(+0) Anthony & Bailey
  7(+1) Amber & Vinny
  8(-1) Angie & Danny
  9(+0) Sunny & Bizzy
 10(+0) Michelle & Sean
 11(+0) Kishori & Karishma
 12(+0) Chris & Mary

Road block: "Who has a skeleton in the closet?"

In this road block the participating team member must paint their team mate's face with a simple skeleton design. They are given a reference picture and all the needed materials. Since the Day of the Dead also coincides with the Monarch butterfly migration the judges are dressed up as butterflies and when done all racers are given a set of butterfly wings which they must wear for the rest of the leg.

 "I feel very qualified for this. I've done drag makeup, I've done musical theater", Ricky
 "My issue is that I'm a perfectionist", Ricky
 "This is harder than it looks, I'll tell you that much. Stop sweating, you're messing up my makeup", Shelisa
 "Anthony's sweat is making this very hard", Bailey

The judges are very lax at this task. Some of the approved face paintings looked like they were made by a 3 year old. To be fair, it is hot and humid so most players are sweating profusely. Ricky and Vinny do the best paintings, by far.

Halfway through Angie tells Danny that she is feeling really dizzy. She lays down and the medic comes with a cold towel. Danny keeps painting her while she lies down on the ground.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Rod & Leticia*     (1-1) 2(+0)Ricky* & Cesar     (1-1) 3(+0)Derek & Shelisa*   (1-1) 4(+0)Juan* & Shane      (1-1) 5(+0)Yvonne & Melissa*  (1-1) 6(+0)Anthony & Bailey*  (1-1) 7(+1)Angie & Danny*     (0-2) 8(-1)Amber* & Vinny     (1-1) 9(+1)Michelle* & Sean   (1-1)10(-1)Sunny & Bizzy*     (1-1)11(+0)Kishori* & Karishma(1-1)12(+0)Chris & Mary*      (0-2)
The next clue instructs teams to run to the next pit stop at Casa Kimberly. Phil will be waiting under "The bridge of love" which connects Elisabeth Taylor's and Richard Burton's houses.

 "Hey bro, you've got to ask. I'm not approaching people looking like this", Bailey feels that his face paint may not look the best
 "I don't know who Elisabeth Taylor is", Anthony is asking for help (and he gets a laugh for that)
Teams reach Phil at the mat (1km) in the following order:
  1(+0) Rod & Leticia, win Expedia points for a trip to Lisbon, Portugal
  2(+0) Ricky & Cesar, just after #1
  3(+0) Derek & Shelisa
  4(+0) Juan & Shane
  5(+0) Yvonne & Melissa
  6(+1) Angie & Danny
  7(+1) Amber & Vinny, just after #6
  8(-2) Anthony & Bailey, just after #6
  9(+1) Sunny & Bizzy
 10(+1) Kishori & Karishma
 11(-2) Michelle & Sean
 12(+0) Chris & Mary, are eliminated

 "I gave you all the action I could today, don't ask for any more when we get back to the hotel", Leticia
 "As a life long fan of The Amazing Race it is truly a dream come true, bucket list checked", Mary

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 36, Episode 3, "It's not over til Phil sings"
Film date: probably 2022-10-28

This leg of the race will take place in Guatapé, Colombia. Teams will depart in three groups every 15 minutes. We do however get a shot of all teams departing simultaneously so they must have filmed at least one false start as well.

The episode starts with some product placement where Phil talks about Expedia designed adventures. This leg will be inspired by such adventures.

Teams are released from the parking lot in front of El Peñón in the following order:

Group 1: 07:15
 * Rod & Leticia
 * Ricky & Cesar
 * Derek & Shelisa

Group 2: 07:30
 * Juan & Shane
 * Yvonne & Melissa
 * Angie & Danny
 * Amber & Vinny

Group 3: 07:45
 * Michelle & Sean
 * Anthony & Bailey
 * Sunny & Bizzy
 * Kishori & Karishma

The first clue tells teams to climb the stairs of El Peñón to find their next clue.

El Peñón is an imposing rock standing behind the racers. Racers will have to climb more than 60 stories to get to the top. According to Wikipedia there are 740 steps to the top. Climbing these stairs is no walk in the park.
 "My age is killing me", Shelisa
 "Try keeping a good pace, keep the breathing under control, counting my steps", Ricky is smart
 "We're just gonna take it in moms pace", Danny
 "Slow and steady today", Anthony & Bailey
 "I'm petrified of heights", Sean

We learn that during the pit stop Sunny got news that her grandmother passed away.
 "This leg's for grandma", Bizzy

Teams reach the top in the following order:
  1. Ricky & Cesar
  2. Derek & Shelisa
  3. Rod & Leticia
  4. Amber & Vinny
  5. Juan & Shane
  6. Yvonne & Melissa
  7. Angie & Danny
  8. Sunny & Bizzy
  9. Anthony & Bailey
 10. Michelle & Sean
 11. Kishori & Karishma

Detour: Bandeja Paisa or Yipao

In Bandeja Paisa teams must cook three servings of this dish which includes Rice, Beans, Chiharrones, Eggs, Carne Asada, Plantains, Arepas, Chorizo and Avocado. Their plates will then be judged by a panel of three local grandmothers. They are given a recipe, with a picture what the finished should look like. The instructions are in English while some ingredient names are in Spanish. They are also given the ingredients they need and the clue mentions that there is a limited number of extras if needed. Each clue also contains a unique photo. Teams doing the cooking must match this to the Zócalos (frescoes) to find their cooking station.

In Yipao teams must pack a Willy's jeep to match a given example. This is much harder than it sounds as there is an awful lot which needs to be packed. In fact it turns out to be so hard that the teams which attempt it all eventually switch to cooking.

To get to the detours teams need to get into one of the provided high speed water taxis. Once they have selected a driver they may not switch. Which Angie & Danny probably hoped that they could because their boat has a very hard time getting the engine started. They can not do anything else than just sit there while their driver desperately tries to get the engine going. Eventually the motor starts and they are on their way, but not before two other teams have passed them.

The two last teams; Anthony & Bailey and Michelle & Sean seem to get lost on the way to the boats so they fall further behind.

Most teams decide to go cooking as they have just climbed a bazillion steps and they do not feel up to any physical challenges.

 "You can't beat this experience", Rod is happy in the boat
 "Shelisa want to come on The Amazing Race because she had a cancer scare about 3-4 years ago", Derek
 "I'm still in recovery mode", Shelisa
 "Today we're gonna try to use our brain more than our body", Vinny

We learn that Juan was born in Colombian, his family moved to the USA when he was about 7 years old.

 "I'm a chef and I do freelance, I work a lot in catering", Cesar feels that this detour is made for him
 "We do not cook together", Shelisa

Sunny & Bizzy were planning to do the jeep task but when they stumble upon the cooking stations they decide to do that instead.

We learn that neither Kishori nor Karishma has ever cooked meat before as they are vegan and vegetarian. They ask Derek & Shelisa for help to identify the ingredients.
 "Thanks mom & dad, we love you", Kishori & Karishma to Derek & Shelisa
 "I have no idea how to fry an egg", Danny

 "It was an example of a truck, we could kind of look at it to see how they did it. Which still did not help. We looked at it and it looked more difficult", Derek describes the truck loading task

 "This dish is disorganized. You need to know where to put each item.", The judge (in Spanish) to Rod & Leticia after their first attempt at cooking

So the judges really care about the presentation of the dishes. Fortunately for the racers the recipe includes a picture so all Rod & Leticia need to do is to go back and rearrange the food and then they get approved.

Anthony & Bailey start the Jeep detour but do not feel up to trying to solve the puzzle of how to pack the things. So they switch to cooking.
 "This is like really beyond us", Anthony
Michelle & Sean are also struggling so they also switch with the boys. Once at the cooking Anthony & Bailey look at the recipe and are dismayed. I am not sure what they expected but apparently this is not it. They do not recognize most of the ingredients, so they decide to switch back to the Jeeps. This time they actually make some progress on the packing. But then it is time to tie some knots...
 "Are we like the first team ever to switch detours like four times?", Anthony
When they get back to the cooking everybody but Michelle & Sean have left.
 "It's not over til Phil sings", Anthony gets the title

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+0) Ricky & Cesar, cooking
  2(+0) Derek & Shelisa, cooking
  3(+0) Rod & Leticia, cooking
  4(+1) Juan & Shane, cooking
  5(+3) Sunny & Bizzy, cooking
  6(-2) Amber & Vinny, cooking
  7(-1) Yvonne & Melissa, cooking
  8(+3) Kishori & Karishma, cooking
  9(-2) Angie & Danny, cooking
 10(+0) Michelle & Sean, started jeep but switched to cooking
 11(-2) Anthony & Bailey, started jeep, switched to cooking, switched back to jeep before switching to cooking again

The next clue is a route info which tells teams to make their way to El Cordero de Guatapé and there they must get into one of the marked Tuc-Tucs which will take them to Casa Loma.

The last bit before Casa Lorma seems to be a fairly substantial hill. Amber & Vinny's Tuc-Tuc does not have enough power to climb it so they jump out to push.

 "Dude, I'm just pumped to be moving", Anthony & Bailey are happy to be done with the detour
Teams reach the clue box at Casa Loma in the following order:
  1(+0) Ricky & Cesar
  2(+0) Derek & Shelisa
  3(+0) Rod & Leticia
  4(+0) Juan & Shane
  5(+0) Sunny & Bizzy
  6(+0) Amber & Vinny
  7(+0) Yvonne & Melissa
  8(+0) Kishori & Karishma
  9(+0) Angie & Danny
 10(+0) Michelle & Sean
 11(+0) Anthony & Bailey

Road block: Who's feeling picky?

--- Quote ---ROAD BLOCK

Get ready for an
Expedia Experience!

Hand pick and process
enough ripe coffee
cherries to produce 1
kilogram, or 2.2 pounds,
of coffee beans for the
Recolector to reveal your
next clue.

--- End quote ---

The chosen team member must pick ripe cherries and then use a machine to remove the husks. It seems as if there is a sorting step as well but nothing is said about that (I guess a judge checks that all the picked cherries are ripe). They will also eventually learn that the husk make up at least half of the weight so they need to pick at least 2kg of cherries to get 1kg of beans.

We see that Sunny & Bizzy figure out what the task is going to be before they open the clue.

The coffee plants grow in a relatively steep slope.

 "I'm the height of Danny de Vito", Karishma

Vinny is smart, he gets close to a bush and puts his basket between his legs so he can use both hands to pick. Most other racers hold the basket in one hand and use the other to pick.

 "Pick those cherries Kishori, your bum looks great from here", Karishma
 "Alright mom, you got this. Eight teams have already come and left", Danny is pressuring his mom
 "That's not helpful, that's just pressure", Angie does not want to know

 "Oh, hell no, I don't know about this", Sean does not want to go down the rather steep path to the road block area
It actually looks like Sean refuses to go down the stairs.
 "I'm really scared of heights", Sean
Eventually, after some cajoling by Michelle, Sean gets down.

When Anthony & Bailey are on their way to the actual road block location they meet Angie & Danny who have just completed the task.
 "You are still in it, there is still a team down there", Danny

 "A dude, look at that bird. That's absolutely beautiful", While picking cherries, Bailey points out a bird to the camera person

While the last two teams are picking cherries it starts to rain, which makes the steep slope even slippier.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Ricky & Cesar*     (1-2)Before any other team has even arrived to this task 2(+4)Amber & Vinny*     (1-2) 3(+0)Rod & Leticia*     (1-2) 4(-2)Derek & Shelisa*   (1-2) 5(-1)Juan & Shane*      (1-2) 6(-1)Sunny* & Bizzy     (2-1) 7(+0)Yvonne & Melissa*  (1-2) 8(+0)Kishori* & Karishma(2-1) 9(+0)Angie* & Danny     (1-2)10(+0)Michelle* & Sean   (2-1)11(+0)Anthony & Bailey*  (1-2)
The next clue reads: "Find Phil, here on the Casa Loma Coffee farm."

We get to see a lot of shots of teams looking for Phil so may not have been trivial to find.

Teams find Phil and the mat in the following order:
  1(+0) Ricky & Cesar, win Expedia points for a trip to Cape Town, South Africa
  2(+0) Amber & Vinny
  3(+1) Derek & Shelisa
  4(+1) Juan & Shane, won a footrace against #5
  5(-2) Rod & Leticia
  6(+1) Yvonne & Melissa
  7(-1) Sunny & Bizzy
  8(+0) Kishori & Karishma
  9(+0) Angie & Danny
 10(+0) Michelle & Sean
 11(+0) Anthony & Bailey

The race is fairly tight in the middle, so tight that teams 3-8 are all on the mat at the same time.

 "It's pretty cool we just even got the chance to be here and we're happy that we got to be here", Bailey

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 36, Episode 4, "Those who wanders are not lost"
Film date: probably 2022-10-29

The last leg ended in Guatapé, Colombia. During the pit stop teams are transported to Medellín. This episode start with all the racers doing some tandem paragliding from a mountain down to the to the starting line at La Meseta in the municipality of Bello. Once there everybody is unstrapped and then they are released in three groups:

Production may have planned to release everybody at the top of the mountain. But the weather was kind of iffy so once there was a gap in the clouds they had to launch all the teams as soon as possible. Which may explain why they did the start after the jump.

Group 1: departs at 09:15
 * Ricky & Cesar
 * Amber & Vinny

Group 2: departs at 09:30
 * Derek & Shelisa
 * Juan & Shane
 * Rod & Leticia
 * Yvonne & Melissa

Group 3 : departs at 09:45
 * Sunny & Bizzy
 * Kishori & Karishma
 * Angie & Danny
 * Michelle & Sean

The first clue tells teams to get into one of the marked taxis and make their way to Comuna 13 en Reversadero #1. There they will find their next clue near the base of the escalator.

 "We're not as fast, we're not as smart, not as cute", Derek compares themselves against the other teams

We learn that Karishma is a licensed skydiver so she was very pumped after the jump.

The taxis drop teams off at the intersection of Calle 38a and Carrra 109 which is about 200m away from the start of the escalators.

 "I need you to slow down", Amber
 "I need you to speed up, you're super slow", Vinny

The clue box is not right at the base of the escalator but rather on a ledge a bit to the side so it is not trivial to spot. Angie & Danny have a hard time finding it. Danny wants to go up the escalator but Angie points out that the clue says that it is by the base of the escalator. As they are looking Amber & Vinny come running past after having finished the detour. They shout out a question and Amber points towards the area the clue box is at.

Teams find the clue box by the escalator (16km) in the following order:
  1. Ricky & Cesar
  2. Amber & Vinny
  3. Juan & Shane
  4. Yvonne & Melissa
  5. Derek & Shelisa
  6. Rod & Leticia
  7. Kishori & Karishma
  8. Angie & Danny
  9. Sunny & Bizzy
 10. Michelle & Sean

Detour: Dance vibe or Wall scribe?

In Dance vibe racers must join a break-dancing troupe and perform a 30s routine.

In Wall scribe teams must go to a wall of murals. Among them they will find 8 race markers each bearing a part of a rebus puzzle. Their task is to solve the puzzle and tell the judge. The correct solution is "The world is smaller than you think".

Both detours require teams to first travel to the top of the escalators. The clues tells teams that they may not walk or run on the escalators.

 "I grew up break-dancing in the 80s", Rod
 "I can't dance at all", Leticia

The last pane in the rebus is a face with what looks like horns and a small thought bubble above it.
 "Evil thoughts?", Cesar
 "The world is bigger than your evil thoughts", The first guess by Ricky & Cesar
 "I eat rebus puzzles for breakfast", Danny

For the wall detour the clue says that the order in which you see the puzzle pictures is the order you should remember them to reveal the answer. This tricks Sunny & Bizzy who try to solve the rebus after the order they found the panels, which is not the order they are on the wall. The girls try many fanciful combinations:
 "Those who wanders are not lost", Sunny & Bizzy get the title
 "The world is smaller than I thought", a close guess
 "The earth I find, then we think"
 "The world is smaller than I think", Sunny & Bizzy are very close on their 31st attempt

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+1) Amber & Vinny, wall on their 1st guess
  2(-1) Ricky & Cesar, wall, on their 5th shown guess
  3(+5) Angie & Danny, wall, on their 2nd shown guess
  4(-1) Juan & Shane, dance, on their 2nd attempt
  5(+0) Derek & Shelisa, dance, on their 3rd attempt
  6(+0) Rod & Leticia, dance, on their 5th attempt
  7(+3) Michelle & Sean, dance, on their 3rd attempt
  8(-1) Kishori & Karishma, dance, on their 4 attempt
  9(-5) Yvonne & Melissa, dance, on their 5th attempt
 10(-1) Sunny & Bizzy, starts wall but after 31 attempts they switch to dance which they get on their 1st attempt

Route info "Take your taxi to Plaza Botero and search for your next clue'

In the taxi we get to see Amber & Vinny discuss the fact that Vinny was pressuring Amber to be quicker. I wonder if this team will have a hard time later on in the race when they are even more tired.

The taxi ride apparently takes close to 45 minutes as the streets are very congested.
 "I though LA traffic was bad", Shelisa

On the way to the plaza Ricky & Cesar borrow the driver's phone and look at pictures of the plaza and the statues therein.

Teams arrive at Plaza Botero in the following order:
  1(+0) Amber & Vinny
  2(+0) Ricky & Cesar
  3(+0) Angie & Danny
  4(+1) Derek & Shelisa
  5(+1) Rod & Leticia
  6(-2) Juan & Shane
  7(+0) Michelle & Sean
  8(+0) Kishori & Karishma
  9(+0) Yvonne & Melissa
 10(+0) Sunny & Bizzy

Road block: Who's feeling artsy?

This plaza is filled with statues made by Fernando Botero. Each participating racer is given a map of the plaza with 23 pegs on. They are also given 12 placards with names of statues on. The task is to place their placards on the correct pegs which indicates where in the plaza the statue is located.

 "Amber is not the most directionally inclined individual", Vinny
 "I really want to look at hers, 'cause she hasn't put her shades down. But I'm going to play it fair", Ricky does not look at Amber's map

 "Where is a the map?", Shelisa, standing in front of the board with the map on it
 "Those are the things Kishori is great at", Karishma when she reads the road block clue
 "Are you a name station", Karishma summons her inner candelabra and asks a local guy when looking for the maps

Rod and Shane decide to work together and locate six statues each.

 "And this is where they show on TV how may I got right and how many I got wrong", Shelisa on her first attempt (she got all wrong)
 "I'm in college, I can do this", Karishma gets a grip on the situation

We do not know if Michelle ever got the board correctly. We are just shown her getting her clue as it is starting to get dark and we have seen all the other teams reach the mat.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Amber* & Vinny     (2-2)On her 1st shown attempt 2(+0)Ricky* & Cesar     (2-2)On his 1st shown attempt 3(+0)Angie & Danny*     (1-3)On his 2nd attempt 4(+2)Juan & Shane*      (1-3)On his 3rd attempt 5(+0)Rod* & Leticia     (2-2)On his 2rd attempt 6(+3)Yvonne* & Melissa  (2-2)On her 1st attempt 7(-3)Derek & Shelisa*   (1-3)On her 8th attempt 8(+2)Sunny* & Bizzy     (3-1)On her 2nd attempt 9(-1)Kishori & Karishma*(2-2)On her 18th attempt10(-3)Michelle* & Sean   (3-1)after more than 19 attempts
The next clue is a route info which tells teams to race on foot to the next Pit Stop at a bridge in Parques del Río Medellín.

Ricky & Cesar complete the statue task just after Amber & Vinny. The latter are still getting directions (the lady they are asking is very slow), and the boys do speak Spanish so they are quicker in getting directions and take off. At that time Angie & Danny arrive so Amber gives Danny some help.

Teams reach Phil in the following order:
  1(+1) Ricky & Cesar, win $2500 each
  2(-1) Amber & Vinny
  3(+0) Angie & Danny
  4(+1) Rod & Leticia
  5(-1) Juan & Shane
  6(+1) Derek & Shelisa
  7(-1) Yvonne & Melissa, just after #6
  8(+0) Sunny & Bizzy
  9(+0) Kishori & Karishma
 10(+0) Michelle & Sean, are eliminated

 "I want my see my kids see their parents going for it", Sean

Then at the mat Phil asks for a lesson in Double Dutch skipping. He makes a good job of it. And the scene ends when the rope catches the camera.
 "That will make the cut", Phil to the crew


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