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LIVE Sightings go here!  :hearts: And ONLY live sightings please!!

Comments on the sightings can go HERE >>that's where the real work takes place!

If you HAVE a live sighting to share, help us as much as you can with
WHO (be descriptive, what they look like, is it a male/female team for example, what color they are wearing is helpful)
WHAT are they doing
WHERE (as exactly as possible... street? airport gate? address? be specific!)
WHEN (what time zone?, exact time)
and any descriptions of the action! Pictures are treasured!

If you have a spoiler and prefer to share it privately, you can email me, my email is in my profile. Your confidentiality will be respected. You can also PM me here. Or PRIVATE message me on Twitter @peachrff

IMPORTANT! If you find anything posted by someone working in any capacity for the race or by production, do NOT post it here, you can cost someone their job...or worse. Let me or one of the Moderators know, and we'll see if it can be shared. Thanks!

Same goes for info on FUTURE legs, if you have a spoiler message one of the Moderators FIRST please. NO Future Leg details (where teams will be) should be posted without checking please.

If you are posting a tweet, please post the tweet, the tweet time, and LINK TO the twitter user name. Take a screencap if you can, tweets do disappear.
Please be kind, and don't all bury the poor unsuspecting twitterer with questions, if you see another RFFer on the job, let them handle it.

Photos should be credited. If someone is kind enough to share some with us specifically, those should be marked with photo by...or photo credit to....when posting. Happy to help if you need it.  Generally, pics posted on public Instagrams and Twitter are considered "public".

Spoiler info from public FACEBOOK posts may be shared. (For full details, see HERE .)
  I would like us to ASK, but the current messaging system means many posts go unseen. If you do not contact them yourself, please let ME know so I can try. *basic courtesy* This means copy me on all Facebook links please!

Please quote the info, provide the link, and credit the source.

Pictures should be marked with a name or initials whenever possible, if you cannot, just link to them and I'll help as time allows.

FOR SECURITY REASONS DO NOT REVEAL A FUTURE LOCATION. NOTIFY A MODERATOR ASAP.If you are concerned that any info gained from any sighting, FB post or tweet may be private or confidential or just "too much too soon", feel free to PM/email/private Tweet me to ask before you post.The mods get VERY grouchy if they have to move posts.... so any non-live sighting chatter WILL be deleted!

:thankyou: BIGBIG to all of you who are bringing us info, we couldn't do this without you!!

IF You have a definitive urgent spoiler and it cannot wait until you can reach me:

Please know you can also PRIVATE MESSAGE any of the following you see online and they will help:


We are going to be a bit careful with the First episode for particular safety reasons.

I will post anything I can once the teams are actually on their way, and feel free to jump in there with your sightings then.

This may be after midnight West Coast time so do be patient! Could be the following morning ...we'll see!

Looking forward to a great season! And thank you all!

This information was compiled over 24 hours ago and we are just getting a chance to post it.
Myself and Oval detected the start line and first task, tremendous thank you to Fossil and Chateau who were on the ground at the task, Kiwi and Gamerfan09 assisted during the day with pictures/videos, Jjw26/Kiwi were a huge help getting our teams identified and finding sightings and Peach for getting us our first destination!

The day started in Griffith Park near the Hollywood Sign, this was our start line. There was a Phil sighting as well.

Teams then headed to the Biltmore Hotel for a task, where they then received their next clue instructing them to head to Bangkok, Thailand. More info follows in the next posts.

Teams self drove to the Biltmore Hotel where they encounter a Roadblock involving traversing across a rope between the two buildings then solving a puzzle. Team members not doing the Roadblock waiter in Pershing Square for their partners to finish.

Order of arrival at the Biltmore Hotel:

1. Team 1 (Joe & Ian)
2. Team 7 (Greg & John)
3. Team 2 (Andrea & Malaina)
4. Team 13 (Robin & Chelsea)
5. Team 9 (Todd & Ashley)
6. Team 5 (Rob & Corey)
7. Team 3 (Lena & Morgan)
8.Team 8 (Jocelyn & Victor)
9. Team 4 (Garrett & Joel)
10. Team 6 (Sheridan & Alex)
11. Team 12 (Steve & Anna)
12. Team 11 (Liam & Yeremi)
13. Team 10 (Eliana & Elizabeth)

Order of finishing the Roadblock:

1. Team 7 (Greg & John)
2. Team 5 (Rob & Corey)
(About a 30 minute gap)
3. Team 8 (Jocelyn & Victor)
4. Team 1 (Joe & Ian)
5. Team 9 (Todd & Ashley)
6. Team 12 (Steve & Anna)
7. Team 2 (Andrea & Malaina)
8. Team 13 (Robin & Chelsea)
9. Team 3 (Lena & Morgan)
10. Team 10 (Eliana & Elizabeth)
11. Team 6 (Sheridan & Alex)
12. Team 11 (Liam & Yeremi)
13. Team 4 (Joel & Garrett)

Kiwi is working on posting photos that Fossil took yesterday


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