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TAR 35 (formerly 36) General Pre-Race Speculation

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Via Gamerfan: for 36 starts January 2nd. confirmation of casting starting.

To anyone else, does this imply that 35 will air in the Spring? Idk if they’d want two seasons filmed before even knowing when one will air.

Alex Stern said on her Instagram story that filming will be in the May-June range!

Yeah she said late-May to early-June so probably a similar schedule to TAR34 which had the schedule of:

May 25 – June 16, 2022

So something probably similar to that. And if that tracks then possibly TAR37 in Fall 2023 around the same schedule of TAR35. If they stick to two seasons a year this may become the new normal.

I ♥ TAR:
I really hope they decide to not cast Taylor & Joseph for this season. Enough of BB couples!!! 2 of them won already in last 5 seasons... I can't stomach another one.

We need fresh winners who will become new faces of TAR. Not another RTV crossovers or SM celebrities.


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