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Leg 3
Start, DDP and parking.

* Anatomy Theatre
* Barbieri cheese shop, and then to Osteria del Cappello or Ristorante DianaDucati museum, factory and track.
and on to Villa Bardini...

Thanks Slowhatch!

The course for The Big Cheese was 1.7km/1.1mi. Derek/Claire ended up on the next street while looking for the Osteria del Cappello, but this wouldn't have cost them more than a minute.

Glenda/Lumumba, however, went 0.75km/0.45mi out of the way from the Arco del Meloncello, to the junction of Via XXI Aprile 1945 and Via Antonio Zannoni. It's such a distance to the centre of town, the lady they were asking told them not to walk, but to take the bus instead!

Leg 4
The RB was also the DDP. The bank of the Arno also served double-duty as the Detour end point.
The fashion shoots were here, here and here. The buchetti were here and here; I couldn't find the third (biscotti) place. Finish mat.

Thanks Slowhatch! The biscotti was at Vivoli, near the Piazza di Santa Croce.

Quite a bit of running this leg! If you chose Eye for Fashion you'd cover 4.4km/2.7mi on foot from the carpark to the Pit Stop; if you chose Window of Opportunity it'd be at least 5.2km/3.3mi.

Leg 5
Petra is easy; there's an interactive map here, and streetview is also available (bonus fwiw: how to solve slide puzzles)
They lost me on the detectorist RB. The train started at Wadi Rum station, and ended approx. here; notice the village and police barracks they just passed and the 3 pylons arranged like palm trees. The trail is cold after that. At least we know where not to look; the valley is chock full of "glamping" facilities.


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