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Am currently on the road and maps for the next two weeks might take a little while, but found the location of the metal-detecting Roadblock at 2945'8"N, 3526'17"E, north of the main tourist area!

Leg 6
Leg start, DDP and Detour. I can't find the name of this parklet behind the tourist information office, but it seems to match the RB spot. Pit Stop. 

Leg 7
Start, RB, Detour, and Pit Stop.

Glenda/Lumumba had their little accident here.

Maps coming in (over)due time!

Teams were all over the map for Amman. Coming out of the Citadel onto al-Hussein St, teams should have turned left, hugging the Citadel walls. Instead, Luis/Michelle, Quinton/Mattie, and Glenda/Lumumba turned right, going the opposite direction down the hill.

In their recap, Luis/Michelle recounted going back up the hill to come down the correct way with Quinton/Mattie. Glenda/Lumumba, on the other hand, are seen going through al-Hadadah Tunnel, which saved them that uphill climb.

Luis/Michelle and Quinton/Mattie stumbling upon the Pit Stop isn't too much of a mistake; it's pretty much on the way between the bookstore and the Detour options, and just 100m/110yd off course.


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