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Racing report
Amazing Race Season 34, Episode 1, "Many first but don't be last"
Film date: 2022-05-25

The race is back! This year the starting line is in Munich, Germany. And this year we have 12 teams, they are are:

* Luis & Michelle, married dancer and firefighter
* Derek & Claire, met on Big Brother and are currently dating
* Tim & Rex, former NFL coach and his golf buddy
* Abby & Will, childhood sweethearts
* Quinton & Mattie, former Rams cheerleaders
* Emily & Molly, adopted twin sisters who only met a year ago
* Linton & Sharik, father/daughter, immigrants from Jamaica
* Aubrey & David, ballroom dancers
* Aastha & Nina, engaged
* Marcus & Michael, military brothers
* Glenda & Lumumba, newlyweds (where she is a lot taller than him)
* Rich & Dom, motivational speakers
The starting line is at Nymphenburg palace and teams ride there on a giant raft, or at least that is the way it is portrayed in the episode. In fact the place where they slide down with the raft is at Floßrutsche Mühlthal which is 26k from the palace and according to interviews that segment was filmed the day before the actual start.

After speaking to some of the teams on the starting line Phil tells them that this first leg will be different. They can complete the tasks in any order and this is called a Scramble. He also tells them that there will be no non-elimination legs.

The clue teams get at the starting line only contains the addresses of the three challenges. Teams can then complete them in any order. Each completed challenge gives them a piece of a clue. When they have all three they can put them together and it will direct them to the pit stop.

Teams will need to self drive and there is a map in the car. The first clue lists the challenges as:
Roll at Luitpold park
Saw at Biergarten Seehaus
Smash at Augustiner-Keller Biergarten

At each location racers will find a clue which explains the challenge in detail. From the start we see that teams have different strategies. Marcus & Michael immediately go to the first location they find on the map while Aastha & Nina talk to some locals and figure out where all the locations are and how to get to them before they leave the start.

Emily & Molly have a different strategy. They figure that the pit stop will be in a scenic location so they chose to go to the challenge by the river last.
 "I have no idea where we are, and we are not going in the right direction", Tim
 "Our twin telepathy is not working", Emily when she misheard Molly's directions

Michael has been in Münich multiple times while in the army.
 "But don't know enough about the city to just move about", Michael when they struggle

In Roll teams must roll a beer keg through an slalom course in 55 seconds or less. They need to roll it out and back through the course and each racer rolls it one way. One thing they did not mention in the episode is that if you failed you had to wait 2 minutes before you could try again.
 "I lost 50lb for this race", Rex is still a big man

In Saw they must saw through a log. Teams get a pair of traditional hats, gloves and a two person saw. There are even small starting cuts sawed into the log. There is also a Bavarian band playing and that should have been a hint. The key to doing this task seems to be in keeping a steady rhythm. So this is actually a lot more about technique than brute strength.
 "The secret is rhythm", Sharik figures out what the key to this task is
 "David is more impressed by my sawing skills than how I actually got us there, which was way harder", Aubrey

In Smash one of the racers must smash a block of ice to get to the clue inside. This is actually a road block so in the list below I have marked the racer doing this task with a *. The clue just says "Who wants to chill?". The task is then to get to a clue encased in a block of ice. The racers get a box of tools which they can use. This includes various hammers, a blowtorch and a rubber chicken. The box also contains a pair of gloves and protective glasses. And glasses are good because the ice soon starts to fly in all directions.

Derek starts this task by playing around with the rubber chicken a bit. Then we see Claire pointing at her watch and he moves over to the actual task.

Smash and Roll both seem to be fairly quick challenges while Saw takes a lot longer for most teams.

This format makes it very hard for the racers, and viewers, to figure out how they are doing compared to the other teams they see. Here I am going to list which team we saw complete which challenge in the order we saw it in the telecast (which may or may not correspond to reality). The list will include the team, the challenge and how many challenges that team has completed. The list is in chronological order and the first number is the teams placement number at that time (given the number of completed challenges).

1.Marcus & Michaelroll(1/3)on their 2nd attempt2.Derek & Claireroll(1/3)on their 1st attempt3.Luis* & Michellesmash(1/3)4.Molly* & Emilysmash(1/3)5.Abby & Willroll(1/3)on their 2nd attempt6.Aubrey & Davidroll(1/3)on their 2nd attempt7.Quinton* & Mattiesmash(1/3)8.Glenda* & Lumumbasmash(1/3)9.Tim* & Rexsmash(1/3)10.Aastha & Nina*smash(1/3)11.Linton & Shariksaw(1/3)12.Rich & Domsaw(1/3)1(+0)Marcus* & Michaelsmash(2/3)2(+6)Glenda & Lumumbaroll(2/3)3(-1)Derek & Clairesaw(2/3)4(+3)Quinton & Mattieroll(2/3)5(-1)Emily & Mollyroll(2/3)on their 1st attempt6(+5)Linton & Sharikroll(2/3)7(-2)Abby & Willsaw(2/3)1(+2)Derek* & Clairesmash(3/3)2(+0)Glenda & Lumumbasaw(3/3)8(+1)Tim & Rexroll(2/3)on their 1st attempt9(-6)Luis & Michellesaw(2/3)10(+0)Aastha & Ninasaw(2/3)11(-5)Aubrey & Davidsaw(2/3)3(+1)Quinton & Mattiesaw(3/3)12(+0)Rich & Domroll(2/3)on their 4th attempt4(+2)Linton* & Shariksmash(3/3)5(-4)Marcus & Michaelsaw(3/3)6(+2)Tim & Rexsaw(3/3)7(+2)Luis & Michelleroll(3/3)on their 1st attempt8(-1)Abby & Willsmash(3/3)9(+3)Rich & Domsmash(3/3)10(-5)Emily & Mollysaw(3/3)11(-1)Aastha & Ninaroll(3/3)on their 5th attempt12(-1)Aubrey & David*smash(3/3)
At each challenge racers get one puzzle piece. The texts on them are:
#1: Park in one of the available marking spaces between
#2: 22 Widenmayerstraße and 25 Widenmayerstraße. To cross Luitpoldbrücke or Prinzregentenstraße, the cross-
#3: walk is located underground

When put together the puzzle pieces form an angel. And Phil can be found at the Friedensengel (Angel of Peace) which is a statue of an angel.

Teams reach the mat in the following order:
  1(+2) Derek & Claire, win $2,500 each
  2(+0) Glenda & Lumumba
  3(+0) Quinton & Mattie
  4(+0) Linton & Sharik
  5(+5) Emily & Molly, just after #4
  6(-1) Marcus & Michael
  7(-1) Tim & Rex
  8(+0) Abby & Will
  9(+0) Rich & Dom, while #6-8 are still on the mat
 10(-3) Luis & Michelle
 11(+1) Aubrey & David
 12(-1) Aastha & Nina, 3 minutes after #11 and are eliminated

At the mat before Phil tells Aubrey & David which place they have he speaks to them a bit about how tough it has been etc. He is clearly implying that they are last so Aubrey is shocked when she spots another team running towards the pit stop. She and David are extremely happy to learn that they are not eliminated.

 "My main rule was to have fun, and I had a blast", Aastha

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 34, Episode 2, "Patience is the new me"
Film date: 2022-05-26 - 2022-05-27

The last pit stop was at the Friedensengel in central Münich, Germany. Teams will depart from the same place early the next morning in groups of 3 or 4 teams based on their placement in the previous leg. The groups are:

Group #1 at 08:00:
 1. Derek & Claire
 1. Glenda & Lumumba
 1. Quinton & Mattie

Group #2 at 08:15:
 4. Linton & Sharik
 4. Emily & Molly
 4. Marcus & Michael
 4. Tim & Rex
Group #3 at 08:30:
 8. Abby & Will
 8. Rich & Dom
 8. Luis & Michelle
 8. Aubrey & David

The first clue is a route info and it tells teams to drive themselves to Innsbruck, Austria. Then into the alps to Grünwalderhof to find their next clue.

It seems as if teams are given all the needed maps. All still talk to locals to get directions. Quinton & Mattie find a lady who says it is just 10 minutes away in Münich (she probably sent them to the Grünwalder Straße).

Once they got the where they think it is Quinton & Mattie ask another local and she informs them that they are in the wrong country.
 "So we're in for a longer road trip than we thought", Mattie

 "Not an aggressive driver at all, that's the new me patience", Rex kind of gets the title

Luis & Michelle start driving in the wrong direction, and Abby & Will are following them. Abby & Will realize their error and break off and a while after that Luis & Michelle also realize their error.

Teams reach the clue box by Grünwalderhof (175km) in the following order:
  1(+0) Derek & Claire
  2(+2) Marcus & Michael
  3(+1) Tim & Rex
  4(-3) Glenda & Lumumba
  5(-1) Linton & Sharik
  6(-2) Emily & Molly
  7(+1) Rich & Dom
  8(+0) Aubrey & David
  9(-1) Abby & Will
 10(-2) Luis & Michelle
 11(-10) Quinton & Mattie, arrive as the 10th team is leaving

Road block: Who wants to call in the cows?

In this road block players must learn to Yodel. They have to sing three different songs, while doing specific motions for each song. They need to reach a certain quality in their Yodeling to get approved. There are signs with the "lyrics" which they can look at during the performance.

The songs are (contestants must sing the red parts):

    Kuh Melker Jodler

He-iti, hå-iti, he-iti, hå-iti,
he-iti, hå-iti, he-iti, hå-iti he-it-i-a.

hå-iti, he-iti, hå-iti, he-iti,
hå-iti, he-iti, hålarå, hui-di-ri-di-ri.

    Brixentaler Bravour Jodler

Håld-jådl-di håld-jådl-di hå-la-di jå dl-di
Håld-jådl-di håld-jådl-di hå-la-di jå.

Håld-jådl-di håld-jådl-di hå-la-di jå dl-di
Håld-jådl-di håld-jådl-di hå-la-di jå.

    Almrosen Jodler

Håla-re-a hui-di-ri-dl duli-å, håle-re-a-ri, håle-re-a-ri,
håla-re-a hui-di-ri-dl duli-å, håle-re-a-ri, håle-re-a-ri a-hå,.

Håla-re-a hui-di-ri-dl duli-å, håle-re-a-ri, håle-re-a-ri,
håla-re-a hui-di-ri-dl duli-å, håle-re-a-ri, håle-re-a-ri a-hå.

Both team members must dress up here and the clue states that they must wear their costumes for the rest of the leg.
 "I'm tone deaf", Claire
 "Being dyslexic, there are certain challenges", Rex
 "I feel horrible, I feel like I'm letting Derek down.", Claire when other teams start getting approved while she keeps failing
 "I've never been so happy to see people", Quinton when they meet another team as they pull up to the road block

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+1)Marcus & Michael*(1-1)On his 2nd attempt 2(+2)Glenda* & Lumumba(2-0)On her 1st attempt 3(+2)Linton* & Sharik (2-0)On his 2nd attempt 4(+2)Emily* & Molly   (1-1)On her 2nd attempt 5(+4)Abby* & Will     (1-1)On her 2nd attempt 6(-3)Tim & Rex*       (1-1)On his 5th attempt 7(+0)Rich & Dom*      (1-1)On her 3rd attempt 8(+2)Luis & Michelle* (1-1)On her 2nd attempt 9(-1)Aubrey* & David  (1-1)On her 3rd attempt10(-9)Derek & Claire*  (1-1)On her 6th attempt11(+0)Quinton & Mattie*(1-1)On her 2nd attempt
Route info: Drive yourselves to the city center of Innsbruck. Then search for your next clue along the river next to Marktplatz.
Teams were also told to park in Markthallengarage (220m away) and take all their belongings with them.

 "I think a strength of ours is reading maps", Claire
 "I guess we are just not very good with directions", Tim while he is trying to fold his map

Teams reach the clue box in Innsbruck (12km) in the following order:
  1(+0) Marcus & Michael
  2(+0) Glenda & Lumumba
  3(+0) Linton & Sharik
  4(+1) Abby & Will
  5(-1) Emily & Molly
  6(+1) Rich & Dom
  7(+3) Derek & Claire
  8(+0) Luis & Michelle
  9(-3) Tim & Rex
 10(-1) Aubrey & David
 11(+0) Quinton & Mattie

Detour: Bells ringing or Partner swinging

In Bells Ringing teams must make their way to Stiftskeller Restaurant (350m) where they must learn to play a melody by rattling different bells. They are given a sheet of music and must ring out the different notes.

In Swing your partner teams must travel to Maria-Theresien Straße (450m). Here they must learn and perform a wedding dance.

We learn that both Marcus & Michael did play instruments growing up. But apparently Michael did not know that about his older brother.

 "This is going to be interesting 'cause we are 7 inches apart", Glenda realize it is hard for her husband to spin her when he is a lot shorter
 "I'm actually a professional dancer, so whether he wants it to or not, anytime there is a dance challenge, we're doing it", Michelle

One thing which tricks teams in the bells detour is that there is a guy playing the accordion at the actual performance area. They do not see this from the practice room.

 "Sorry guys... this is a very perfect performance", the dance judge plays with the contestants
Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+0) Marcus & Michael, bells on their 5th attempt (before anybody else arrives)
  2(+0) Glenda & Lumumba, dancing on their 3rd attempt
  3(+0) Linton & Sharik, dancing o their 3rd attempt
  4(+3) Derek & Claire bells on their 1st attempt
  5(+3) Luis & Michelle, dance on their 2nd attempt
  6(-2) Abby & Will, dance on their 3rd attempt
  7(-2) Emily & Molly, dancing on their 4th attempt
  8(-2) Rich & Dom, bells on their 5th attempt
  9(+1) Aubrey & David, dancing on their 2nd attempt
 10(+1) Quinton & Mattie, dance on their 1 attempt
 11(-2) Tim & Rex, bells on their 10th attempt

Route info: Race on foot to Hofburg Imperial Palace and find Phil in the giant hall.
The clue also tells them that the last team to check in will be eliminated.

Rich & Dom get turned away at the mat as Dom is missing her hat. She tries to argue that they do not know where it is as they may have dropped it while running. Phil does not care, rules are rules. They realize it may be in the car so they run back there. And fortunately for them the hat is in there so they can run back to the pit stop again.

Teams reach Phil and the mat in the following order:
  1(+0) Marcus & Michael, win Expedia points good for a trip to Lima, Peru
  2(+0) Glenda & Lumumba
  3(+0) Linton & Sharik
  4(+0) Derek & Claire, not long after #2
  5(+0) Luis & Michelle
  6(+0) Abby & Will
  7(+0) Emily & Molly
  ----- Rich & Dom, are sent back as Dom is missing her hat
  8(+1) Aubrey & David
  9(-1) Rich & Dom
 10(+0) Quinton & Mattie, just after #9
 11(+0) Tim & Rex, are eliminated

 "This made our friendship definitely like the next level", Tim

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 34, Episode 3, "It's all in the details"
Film date: 2022-05-28 and 2022-05-29

The last pit stop was at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Innsbruck, Austria. During the pit stop teams are flown to Bologna Italy. Phil then tells us that this will be a Mega Leg, two detours, two road blocks and two cities.
Teams flew to Italy on the 28th but if we can rely on the start times shown in the episode the actual leg must have been run on the 29th.

Teams are released in groups from Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca in Bologna:

Group #1 departs at 09:30:
  1. Marcus & Michael
  1. Glenda & Lumumba

Group #2 departs at 09:45:
  3. Linton & Sharik
  3. Derek & Claire
  3. Luis & Michelle
  3. Abby & Will

Group #3 departs at 10:00:
  7. Quinton & Mattie
  7. Emily & Molly
  7. Aubrey & David
  7. Rich & Dom

The first clue tells them that this will be a Mega Leg and that they should drive themselves to Arco del Meloncello where they can find their next clue. It seems that wherever the teams drive during this leg there is reserved parking for them, which means that they do not need to drive around looking for a free spot to park.

When teams get to their cars the realize that they have a manual transmission. And we know that some teams will have a hard time with this.
 "I'm don't feeling great about stick shifting skills", Glenda, who them promptly stalls their car

Luis & Michelle has the classic problem of not being able to put the car in reverse. In the end she goes out and pushes the car.
 "We couldn't figure out how to reverse, classic Amazing Race", Michelle (at least she has seen the show before)

Rich also seem to have a very hard time driving stick. And to make matters worse Dom has trouble navigating.
 "I'm not understanding were we are", Dom

Teams reach the clue box at Arco del Meloncello (1.9km) in the following order:
  1(+0) Marcus & Michael
  2(-1) Glenda & Lumumba
  3(+0) Luis & Michelle
  4(-1) Linton & Sharik
  5(-2) Abby & Will
  6(-3) Derek & Claire
  7(+0) Aubrey & David
  8(-1) Quinton & Mattie
  9(-2) Emily & Molly
 10(-3) Rich & Dom

Detour: Head of the class or The Big Cheese

In Head of the class teams must make their way to Teatro Anatomico in the oldest university in the western world. Here they must listen to an 8 minute lecture about the human anatomy. After the lecture they are taken to a courtyard where they must correctly label 16 bones and organs in 90 seconds. There are more than 16 labels to choose from. If they fail they have to go back and listen to the lecture again before they can make another attempt.

In The Big Cheese teams must pick up an 88lb wheel of cheese from Barbieri Cheese shop. They must then load in on a cart and bring it to restaurant Daiana (600m) where it will be split in two by a professional cheese-cutter. The restaurant will take one half and they must bring the other half to Osteria del Cappello (600m). Finally they must bring back the two receipts to the start location (550m).

The clue also states that for both detours teams should start by driving themselves to Piazza Franklin Delano Roosevelt (3.4km) and then make their way form there on foot. Glenda & Lumumba misread and start going on foot from the clue box location. They get quite a bit before they reread their clue and realize they have to go back and pick up their car. Buy this time they are very last.
 "Why are you stopping to ask somebody directions if you know where you're going?", Glenda is not happy

The cheese route is 1.7km long. The cheese is heavy but they have a cart so I get the feeling that this was more of a navigational task than a physical one. But teams seem to have a map so it does not seem that difficult if you know how to read one.

 "Choosing head of the class was a terrible decision", Sharik
 "Normally our strategy is to do the physical challenges. But I took Anatomy in College, it was one of my strongest classes, Mattie
 "I worked in the medical field for so many years", Emily already knew the anatomy details
 "We bombed at the head of the class", Glenda

Glenda & Lumumba had a hard time understanding the professor teaching the class. He had a bit of an accent and when he said "Humerus" they heard "Emerus".

The judge at the anatomy task also has a bit of fun with the teams. When the last two teams both get it he asks them to stand in a line. He then hands a clue to Rich & Dom, who are standing first, and asks them to give it to the other couple. Then he gives them a clue as well.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+0) Marcus & Michael, cheese
  2(+1) Luis & Michelle, cheese
  3(+3) Derek & Claire, cheese
  4(+4) Quinton & Mattie, anatomy on their 1st attempt
  5(+4) Emily & Molly, anatomy on their 1st attempt
  6(-1) Abby & Will, anatomy on their 2nd attempt
  7(+0) Aubrey & David, anatomy on their 3rd attempt
  8(-4) Linton & Sharik, anatomy on their 4th attempt
  9(+1) Rich & Dom, anatomy on their 4th attempt
 10(-8) Glenda & Lumumba, anatomy on their 5th attempt

Route info: Drive to the Ducati factory to find your next clue.

On the way to the Ducati factory Molly is having a mini meltdown while struggling with the manual transmission. And here the fact that these twin sisters do not really know each other come into play as Emily does not really know how to calm her down.

Teams arrive at the Ducati factory (9km) in the following order:
  1(+0) Marcus & Michael
  2(+1) Derek & Claire
  3(+1) Quinton & Mattie
  4(-2) Luis & Michelle, had a minor navigational snafu
  5(+1) Abby & Will
  6(+1) Aubrey & David
  7(+1) Linton & Sharik
  8(-3) Emily & Molly
  9(+1) Glenda & Lumumba, just as team #2 get their clue after completing the task
 10(-1) Rich & Dom, just after #9

Road block: Who's ready for a brake?

Inside the clue it says: Complete the build of a Ducati Panigale V4 motorcycle to receive your next clue.

In practice they must assemble the wheels and brakes on the motorcycle. Once that has been approved they must install the body panels. There is a silent demonstration they can watch.

The shots of this task are interspersed with footage from motorcycles racing down a track. You get the impression this happens next to the racers but in reality there is no racing track nearby. So this is just a bit of product placement.

It turns out that Marcus has exactly this model of bike at home. But he does not tinker with it so it would not have helped him. And besides Michael is the one doing the task.

Claire is nervous, she does not want to let Derek down again as she did in the previous Yodeling road block. But alas, she runs into trouble here as well. Her wrench is set to loosen not tighten.
 "Is it something obvious I am missing?", Claire
Eventually she spots the demo guy changing the direction of his wrench and it dawns on her what she has been doing wrong.

 "I saw the mechanic put it in neutral, to spin the wheel", Michael spots a detail
A bunch of racers have trouble getting their back wheel to spin freely.
 "Is there a brake on? Am I being dumb? This isn't rocket science, it is motorcycle science."", Luis

 "I do mechanical work for a living. I grew up on fast and furious.", David feels he should ace this

Emily interviews that she is a single mom so she builds all their toys, lots of Lego and IKEA furniture.
 "I was kinda concerned because I felt that everybody else was struggling and I thought it was kind of easy. So I felt that maybe I did something wrong", Emily was just quietly acing this task
 "The road block was really really painful and not fun at all", Claire
 "I'm sending to you energy honey, it's from the universe and I'm sending it to you", Dom is trying to help Rich

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+0)Marcus & Michael*(1-2) 2(+6)Emily* & Molly   (2-1) 3(+3)Aubrey & David*  (1-2) 4(+0)Luis* & Michelle (2-1) 5(+2)Linton* & Sharik (3-0) 6(-4)Derek & Claire*  (1-2) 7(-2)Abby & Will*     (1-2) 8(-5)Quinton* & Mattie(2-1) 9(+1)Rich* & Dom      (2-1)--Glenda & Lumumba*(2-1)
Route info: The Mega Leg continues. Drive to the city of Florens and find the Villa Bardini... for your next road block clue.

As the episode ends Glenda & Lumumba are still at the road block and all the other teams are on their way to Florens. The Mega Leg will continue next week.

Racing report
Amazing Race Season 34, Episode 4, "Everyone's an artist"
Film date: 2022-05-30

The last episode was the first half of a mega leg so teams are still racing when this episode starts. Glenda & Lumumba are still at the Ducati road block and the others are driving towards Florence. Apparently teams got a 45 minute lunch break once they were done with the Ducati challenge and before they left for Florence. Once in Florence teams must find Villa Bardini where they will find their next road block clue. Teams did not get a map showing the way to Florence but instead the clue included step by step directions. Also the telecast shows a map which says it is 125 miles from Bologna to Florence. In reality it is more like 125km.

During the ride we hear Sharik explain that her father has done all the road blocks so far because she has anxiety.
 "I'm kind of using my senses to head towards the general direction", Rich is driving and navigating

Teams arrive at Villa Bardini (114km) in the following order:
  1(+0) Marcus & Michael
  2(+0) Emily & Molly
  3(+1) Luis & Michelle
  4(+1) Linton & Sharik
  5(+2) Abby & Will
  6(+2) Quinton & Mattie
  7(-4) Aubrey & David
  8(-2) Derek & Claire
  9(+1) Glenda & Lumumba
 10(-1) Rich & Dom, as the first team is leaving

Road block: Who wants a chiseled body?

In this road blocks racers must use the tools provided to chisel out a block to reveal the sculpture hidden inside.
There is an example of what the final sculpture should look like and given that this is fairly detailed and all the racers get is a big block of plaster this task looks impossible. But after chipping away for a bit racers realize that the sculpture is actually embedded in their block. It has just been covered with plaster. So their task is to chisel away all the excess plaster and then repair any damage they have made to the embedded sculpture in the process.

 "I have to make this look like that?", Marcus have a hard time believing his eyes
 "There is no way that this is happening", Marcus about the detailed sculpture he needs to create
 "It's underneath", Molly is the first to realize that the sculpture is in there and it has only been covered in plaster
 "You guys have it too perfect, I know it's in there", Michelle when she sees that Marcus & Molly are almost done
 "I mean, I was a sculpting major", Molly trolls her

 "After that drive, this is a really great feeling", Aubrey is happy to be allowed to hit something
 "It was much harder than it looked", Sharik

 "Honestly, Rich, I'd rather risk it and take a penalty... This is not what I do", Dom wants to take the penalty (4h)
Rich realizes that the penalty means automatic elimination so he convinces her to try for 15 minutes.
 "Ain't that a bitch?", Dom after rereading the clue and realizing the sculpture is inside the block

 "I'm not gonna lie Claire. He's got some bullet holes", Dom after removing the plaster
From their discussions it seemed as if teams were free to select which team member should do this road block but they all selected the person who did not do the motorcycle task.

Teams complete this road block in the following order (* denotes team member doing the roadblock):
1(+1)Emily & Molly*   (2-2) 2(-1)Marcus* & Michael(2-2) 3(+4)Aubrey* & David  (2-2) 4(-1)Luis & Michelle* (2-2) 5(+0)Abby* & Will     (2-2) 6(+0)Quinton & Mattie*(2-2) 7(+1)Derek* & Claire  (2-2) 8(-4)Linton & Sharik* (3-1)Spent about 1.5h on the task 9(+0)Glenda & Lumumba*(2-2)10(+0)Rich & Dom*      (2-2)
Detour: Eye for fashion or Window of opportunity

In eye for fashion teams must visit three locations scattered around town. At each location there is a fashion shoot in progress and they memorize what the models are wearing. At the end they must match sketches of the models to the locations where they were being photographed. Total distance for this task is 2.9km and the photo shoots take place at Piazza della Signoria, Piazza della Repubblica and Piazza del Duomo. At each shoot there is 2-3 models.

In window of opportunity teams must visit three delivery windows of local restaurants. At each place they must pick up one item of food (soup, meat and biscotti) and everything has to be delivered to a waiting couple. Total distance for this detour is 3.8km. The windows were originally used during the Bubonic plague but also saw use during the height of Covid.

Both detours end at the same place, on the riverbank next to Piazza dei Giudici with a great view of Ponte Vecchio.

Emily & Molly sit down on a bench just outside the road block to mark the locations they need to visit on the map. Marcus & Michael take the opportunity to pass them.

Luis & Michelle and Quinton & Mattie decide to do the task together. Luis interviews that they were exhausted.
 "Four heads are better than one", Luis
 "Maybe one because we're at half a head each", Luis realizes what he said when Michelle holds up two fingers

The food looks good.
 "Can I eat this?", Luis
Marcus & Michael are surprised when they come to the judging part of the detour and they realize that they needed to remember what the piazzas looked like as well. They have to do a bit of trial and error before they get it. In the meantime Emily & Molly arrives just after them and Molly did remember what the piazzas looked like. There are also extra sketches of models differing in small details (like there were three sketches of a model in the same gold dress but with different shoes).

During the detour we see that Sharik is in a bad place mentally.
 "I want to go home", Sharik

Rich & Dom struggle with matching the sketches with the places at the end of the detour so they decide to go back and look at the places again. And when they are back working with the sketches we see Linton & Sharik complete their detour in the background.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
  1(+0) Emily & Molly, fashion
  2(+0) Marcus & Michael, fashion
  3(+2) Abby & Will, food
  4(+2) Quinton & Mattie, food
  5(-1) Luis & Michelle, food, just after #4
  6(-3) Aubrey & David, fashion
  7(+0) Derek & Claire, food
  8(+1) Glenda & Lumumba, food
  9(-1) Linton & Sharik, food
 10(+0) Rich & Dom, fashion

Route info: Race on foot to your next Pit Stop at Piazza Ognissanti.

Marcus & Michael are determined to beat the girls in a footrace to the pit stop. As they run up to the Pit Stop Derek says "12 hours later", so we can assume that is how long the leg took them.

Linton & Sharik are next to last but still they seem to walk to the Pit Stop while Rich & Dom are seen running, but the latter do seem lost (or the producers are playing tricks with the editing).

Teams reach Phil (1.5km) in the following order:
  1(+0) Emily & Molly win Expedia points good for a trip to Sydney, Australia
  2(+0) Marcus & Michael
  3(+0) Abby & Will
  4(+1) Luis & Michelle, at 20:30
  5(-1) Quinton & Mattie, jumped onto the mat together with #4 but as Luis & Michelle has a better position in the last leg they got #4
  6(+0) Aubrey & David, while the previous two teams are still on the mat
  7(+0) Derek & Claire
  8(+0) Glenda & Lumumba
  9(+0) Linton & Sharik
 10(+0) Rich & Dom, are eliminated

Linton & Sharik have a moment on the mat.
 "My arms hurt, it is not worth it, I want to go home. Please send me back to New York.", Sharik
Phil tells them that they are team #9 so they are still in the race. But he also tells them that they have a choice. They can leave the race and go home or they can keep on racing.
 "My arms hurt so much. Phil, have you ever chiseled anything?", Sharik looks for sympathy
 "I have", But Phil is not giving any
Eventually she relents and agrees to keep racing with her father.

 "It is incredible what this race really does give you, if you allow it to. Memories and truths which will stay with us for the rest of our lives", Dom


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