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The Amazing Race - Internal Flame

Rich and Dom arrive at a challenge that will require both of their efforts to complete.

The Amazing Race - Here We Go

A fresh set of new teams prepare for their first adventure on the new season.


The Amazing Race - I'll Diagnose You

The teams come across a yodeling challenge, and some struggle to hit the right notes.

The Amazing Race - No Experience Like It

Some of the teams reflect on where they have come from and the joys of traveling the world.

LEG 3 (A)

The Amazing Race - A Couple Cranks

A few teams take a shot at the art of motorcycle maintenance.

The Amazing Race - Head Of The Class

Sharik and Linton sit in on a lesson on Human Anatomy, and are confronted with a lot of information.

LEG 3 (B)

The Amazing Race - I Guess It's Me

A few teams get started on a sculpting challenge, one that requires stamina and focus to complete.

The Amazing Race - It's Been A Long Day

As a photoshoot is underway, the teams need to memorize key details to succeed in this challenge.


The Amazing Race - Palace Puzzle

Will Derek and Claire solve the Palace Puzzle before everyone else?

The Amazing Race - Camel Caravan

Marcus and Michael choose the Camel Caravan, instead of the Palace Puzzle. Did they make the right decision?


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