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TAR34: Derek Xiao & Claire Rehfuss (Dating)

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Derek & Claire

Reality romance from Los Angeles, Calif.

Derek Xiao

Age: 24
Occupation: Product Manager

Claire Rehfuss

Age: 25
Occupation: AI Engineer



Say Hello to Derek & Claire

Video credit to Ones Ishak

The Amazing Race 34 Ep.1 - Favorite BTS Moments!! Derek Chugged A Beer?

FIRST sorry for the audio 😭 (it will be fixed in next week's episode)

But most importantly... Claire and I are on the Amazing Race 34!

This is our 3rd reality show, and we've never done a recap before! But there was so much that happened BTS on the race, we wanted to sit down and share all of our favorite moments. Warning, if you haven't watched the episode yet there are spoilers!


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