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TAR Australia 6: Morgan & Lilli (Blonde Buddies)
« on: August 21, 2022, 07:45:00 PM »

Morgan & Lilli
Blonde Buddies, QLD

Morgan and Lilli are energetic and adventurous best friends of 10 years. Since high school, they have lived in over 20 share rooms, worked 10 jobs together and have seen over 100 cities together. They love snowboarding, surfing and anything that takes them outdoors. The pair share their journeys on social media, with no end to their adventures in sight.

To win, they will do whatever it takes to cross the finish line first, pushing their bodies and minds to their absolute limits. They have been training for The Race for a long time. When they were 14, they pretended to be on The Amazing Race Australia and made their own challenges and obstacle courses!

What do you hope to accomplish on The Race?
I would like to prove to everyone and myself that Iím more than able to push myself mentally and physically in a way Iíve never done before. I would love to accomplish making new friendships, memories and experiences.

Whatís the best and worst part of travelling with your teammate?
Best part about travelling with Lil is she is always reading up on the best places to go and like me always says yes to every opportunity. Worst part is that we always end up sharing a bed (even single beds) as we are constantly on a budget!

Where have you lived?
I have lived in Canada, Byron Bay, Whitsundays and Gold Coast.

Why do you want to be on The Amazing Race Australia?
The main reason I want to be on The Amazing Race Australia is to travel and experience new cultures and places with my best friend, while literally doing The Race of a lifetime. Also, to come home as the first all-female team to win.
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