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TAR Australia 6: Fliss & Tottie (Country Kids)
« on: August 21, 2022, 06:55:00 PM »

Fliss & Tottie
Country Kids, NSW

Friends since birth, Fliss and Tottieís country upbringing give them many advantages other teams may not have. Bringing their practical skills on The Race can only be an advantage and Tottieís farmhand skills mean she can fix just about anything. The one thing that might work against them is theyíre not used to the hustle and bustle of big cities. On The Race to prove age is just a number, theyíre in it to not only become the first female team to win but they also want to inspire other young girls to grab their dreams with both hands and make them a reality.

What are you looking forward to the most on The Amazing Race Australia?
Everything about it! The Race itself is spontaneous like me. I canít wait to travel internationally, compete in challenges and have the adventure of a life time alongside my best friend.

What is the biggest challenge or weakness youíll need to overcome?
I have a huge phobia of spiders (especially huntsman spiders) and I am crossing all of my fingers and toes that I donít have to interact with any. That will definitely be my biggest challenge!

What do you hope to accomplish on The Race?
I hope to make it to the final three of The Race, that would be a huge accomplishment for myself and my teammate. Also just doing our best even if we fail or get eliminated, then we will know we have done our best in this competition and be proud we made it this far.

What excites and scares you most about traveling?
What excites me about travelling would be going to so many different countries and having that opportunity to live in a way that they do on a daily basis. One thing that does scare me though is travelling alone without my family and getting lost in places I donít know, especially if itís another country speaking different languages.
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