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Yo, guys. Here's fully translated English scripts for the 3 episodes that make up Leg 1 of HaMerotz LaMillion 2. You're welcome. : TheAmazingRace (

HaMerotz LaMillion (TAR Israel) - Season 4, Leg 1 (Both halves) Full English Transcript

It begins.


HaMerotz LaMillion 2 Leg 2: Hungary 2: Electric Boogaloo: Anglicised

Teams head to Bosnia & Herzegovina for the only time in TAR history (and Dubrovnik...again) as we get into the fourth proper round of play for HaMerotz LaMillion 2. Part 2 might be the overall funniest ep of the season so far, and Part 1 had amazing slapstick.

The teams head off to Krakow, Poland in HaMerotz LaMillion 2's first "filler" episode. There's a big storm coming next round....

HaMerotz LaMillion (TAR Israel) - Season 4, Leg 2 (Three episodes) Full English Transcript

Found it on Reddit.

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