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TAR 33 Timeline
« on: March 09, 2022, 09:28:01 AM »
Starting a new thread in the public forum, instead of the members-only forum for spoilers. We could merge these if needed.

I'm not 100% sure about the dates that teams were racing, but we knew the following:
- Teams were seen racing in London on the evening of 23 Feb 2020, and taking the train to Glasgow the evening of 24 Feb;
- Teams raced in St Gallen on a Sunday;
- Teams were seen racing in Pinarello on 25 Sep 2021;
- Raquel/Cayla were seen checking in at Thessaloniki on 29 Sep;
- Kim/Penn mentioned on the Will/James podcast that there were 3 nights between the Lisbon and Los Angeles legs, and that the Los Angeles leg took place on 6 Oct.

There were several mentions of "yesterday" on the legs within the same country, so I'm assuming these took place on back-to-back days. Not sure if this was just production prompting them to use "yesterday" instead of "3 days ago" though.

The Pit Stop durations were mostly based on Penn's watch and sun angles at the time of check-in, and are based on the first team to check in. I didn't account for timezones, so if teams checked into one timezone at 12pm and started the next leg at 2pm in a different timezone, I would count that as x days, 2 hours.

Welcoming any comments and edits, particularly from the racers!

SAT 22 FEB 2020
Start at various locations, USA
Akbar/Sheri, Lulu/Lala
  Taxi to John F Kennedy Intl Airport, New York City, New York, USA
  Travel to John F Kennedy Intl Airport
  Taxi to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Romulus, Michigan, USA
  Flight to O'Hare Intl Airport, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  Taxi to Buffalo Niagara Intl Airport, Buffalo, New York
  UA 5213 (1055-1205) to O'Hare Intl Airport or
  AA 4009 (1500-1604) to O'Hare Intl Airport or
  UA 3851 (1735-1850) to O'Hare Intl Airport or
  AA 2995 (1835-1940) to O'Hare Intl Airport
  Travel to O'Hare Intl Airport
  Taxi to Los Angeles Intl Airport, Los Angeles, California, USA
  Taxi to Portland Intl Airport, Portland, Oregon, USA
  AS 498 (1100-1330) to Los Angeles Intl Airport or
  AA 6088 (1217-1442) to Los Angeles Intl Airport or
  DL 1140 (1240-1500) to Los Angeles Intl Airport or
  AS 602 (1330-1600) to Los Angeles Intl Airport
  Travel to Charlotte Douglas Intl Airport, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  Taxi to Raleigh-Durham Intl Airport, Raleigh, North Carolina
  AA 1912 (0919-1035) to Charlotte Douglas Intl Airport or
  AA 5170 (1049-1209) to Charlotte Douglas Intl Airport or
  AA 2495 (1256-1402) to Charlotte Douglas Intl Airport or
  AA 1818 (1436-1545) to Charlotte Douglas Intl Airport or
  AA 5101 (1617-1733) to Charlotte Douglas Intl Airport
  Taxi to Nashville Intl Airport, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  AA 660 (0937-1205) to Charlotte Douglas Intl Airport or
  AA 2690 (1104-1329) to Charlotte Douglas Intl Airport
Akbar/Sheri, Caro/Ray, Lulu/Lala
  BA 112 (1830-0625+1) to Heathrow Airport, London, England, UK or
  BA 174 (1850-0650+1) to Heathrow Airport or
  BA 116 (2015-0810+1) to Heathrow Airport or
  BA 172 (2055-0845+1) to Heathrow Airport or
  BA 114 (2145-0935+1) to Heathrow Airport
Arun/Natalia, Michael/Moe, Ryan/Dusty
  AA 46 (2220-1205+1) to Heathrow Airport
Anthony/Spencer, Taylor/Isaiah
  VS 8 (1500-0920+1) to Heathrow Airport or
  NZ 2 (1615-1050+1) to Heathrow Airport or
  BA 282 (1620-1045+1) to Heathrow Airport or
  BA 280 (1825-1245+1) to Heathrow Airport or
  VS 24 (1920-1335+1) to Heathrow Airport or
  BA 268 (2100-1520+1) to Heathrow Airport
Connie/Sam, Kim/Penn, Raquel/Cayla
  AA 730 (1755-0700+1) to Heathrow Airport or
  AA 732 (2100-1000+1) to Heathrow Airport

SUN 23 FEB 2020
Taxi to Trafalgar Sq, London
Walk to Canada Gate, Buckingham Palace, London
Raquel/Cayla, Ryan/Dusty, Anthony/Spencer, Akbar/Sheri, Connie/Sam
  Walk to Parliament Sq, London
  Walk to Little Ben, London
  Taxi to Piccadilly Circus Station, London
Caro/Ray, Kim/Penn
  Walk to Mess Hall, Immersive LDN, London
Michael/Mo, Taylor/Isaiah, Arun/Natalia, Lulu/Lala
  Travel to Mess Hall
Anthony/Spencer, Raquel/Cayla, Caro/Ray, Akbar/Sheri, Connie/Sam, Arun/Natalia, Lulu/Lala, Michael/Mo
  Taxi to The Chipping Forecast, London
Ryan/Dusty, Kim/Penn
  Walk to The Chipping Forecast
  Travel to The Chipping Forecast
Taxi to Natural History Museum, London
Pit Stop #1 (~12h) at Natural History Museum, London, England, UK

MON 24 FEB 2020
Pit Start (0746-0937) at St Mary Abbots Church, London
Taxi to Mail Rail, The Postal Museum, London
Ryan, Raquel, Anthony, Penn, Ray, Arun, Sheri, Connie, Taylor, Lulu
  Train at Mail Rail
Taxi to Leicester Sq, London
Ryan/Dusty, Arun/Natalia, Connie/Sam
  Taxi to Flight Club Shoreditch, London
Raquel/Cayla, Anthony/Spencer, Caro/Ray, Kim/Penn, Akbar/Sheri, Taylor/Isaiah, Lulu/Lala
  Taxi to Mange, London
Taxi to ArcelorMittal Orbit (unaired), London
Taxi to Russell Sq, London
Pit Stop #2 (0h) at Russell Sq, London, England, UK
Pit Start at Russell Sq
Taxi to Euston Station, London
Train (2350-0722+1) to Glasgow Central, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

TUE 25 FEB 2020
Walk to NCP Car Park, Glasgow
Car to Lochside Guest House (unaired), Dumbarton, Scotland
Car to Òran Mór, Glasgow
Car to Saracen Fountain, Alexandra Park, Glasgow
Ryan/Dusty, Anthony/Spencer, Raquel/Cayla, Connie/Sam, Caro/Ray, Arun/Natalia
  Car to Fishers Cooperage, Glasgow
Kim/Penn, Lulu/Lala, Taylor/Isaiah, Akbar/Sheri, Arun/Natalia
  Car to Britannia Panopticon, Glasgow
Car to Cloisters, University of Glasgow, Glasgow
Pit Stop #3 (~1 year, 6 months, 24 days, 17h) at Cloisters, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

THU 16 SEP 2021
Travel to Los Angeles Intl Airport
ZT 901 (1545-0108+1) to Halifax Stanfield Intl Airport, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

FRI 17 SEP 2021
ZT 901 (0209-1320) to Zurich Airport, Kloten, Canton of Zürich, Switzerland

SAT 18 SEP 2021
Extended Pit Stop at Zurich Airport

SUN 19 SEP 2021
Travel to Abbey of Saint Gall, St Gallen, Canton of St Gallen, Switzerland
Pit Start at Abbey of Saint Gall
Walk to Museumstraße, St Gallen
Ryan/Dusty, Raquel/Cayla, Kim/Penn
  Bus #1 to Schwägalp Pass, Urnäsch, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland
Arun/Natalia, Michael/Moe
  Bus #2 to Schwägalp Pass
Akbar/Sheri, Lulu/Lala
  Bus #3 to Schwägalp Pass
Cable car to Säntis Transmission Tower, Urnäsch
Ryan, Lulu, Arun, Raquel, Penn, Moe, Sheri
  Walk to Berggasthaus Säntis, Schwende, Appenzell Innerrhoden, Switzerland
  Walk to Gross Schnee, Schwende
  Walk to Säntis Transmission Tower
Ryan/Dusty, Kim/Penn, Arun/Natalia, Lulu/Lala, Raquel/Cayla, Michael/Moe
  Cable car #1 to Schwägalp Pass
  Cable car #2 to Schwägalp Pass
Car to Gasthaus Sonne, Urnäsch
Michael/Moe, Arun/Natalia
  Car to Frehner Farm, Urnäsch
  Car to Hagenfurthstraße, Altstätten, Canton of St Gallen
All other teams
  Car to Schule Urnäsch, Urnäsch
Car to Marktgasse, Altstätten
Pit Stop #4 (~1 day, 18h) at Marktgasse, Altstätten, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Switzerland

MON 20 SEP 2021
Extended Pit Stop at Marktgasse

TUE 21 SEP 2021
Pit Start (0730-0800) at Marktgasse
Car to Contra Dam, Locarno, Ticino, Switzerland
Car to Piazza Carlo Battaglini, Lugano, Ticino
Ryan/Dusty, Kim/Penn, Akbar/Sheri
  Walk to Parco Belvedere, Lugano
  Walk to Mion Frutta e Verdura, Lugano
  Walk to Salita Degli Angioli, Lugano
Lulu/Lala, Raquel/Cayla, Arun/Natalia
  Walk to Gabbani Gastronomia, Lugano
  Walk to Gabbani Hotel, Lugano
Walk to Parco Ciani, Lugano
Pit Stop #5 (~1 day, 19h) at Parco Ciani, Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland

WED 22 SEP 2021
Travel to Milan Malpensa Airport, Ferno, Lombardy, Italy
ZT 902 (1109-1202) to Bastia Poretta Airport, Lucciana, Corsica, France

THU 23 SEP 2021
Travel to Ponte Novu, Castello-di-Rostino, Corsica
Pit Start (0900-0930) at Ponte Novu
Car to Pl Paoli, Corte, Corsica
Walk to Belvédère de Corte, Corte
Walk to Pl Paoli
Car to Gorges de la Restonica, Corte
Jeep at Gorges de la Restonica
Car to Verghellu Canyon, Venaco, Corsica
Car to Cardiccia Dam, Giuncaggio, Corsica
Kayak to Camping Ernella, Giuncaggio
Pit Stop #6 (~1 day, 17h) at Camping Ernella, Giuncaggio, Corsica, France

FRI 24 SEP 2021
Extended Pit Stop at Camping Ernella

SAT 25 SEP 2021
Pit Start (0800-0815) at Camping Ernella
Car to Camping Fautea, Zonza, Corsica
Walk to Torra di Fautea, Zonza
Walk to Camping Fautea
Car to Pinarello Beach, Zonza
Raquel/Cayla, Kim/Penn, Lulu/Lala, Arun/Natalia
  Boat at Pinarello Beach
  Kayak at Pinarello Beach
Car to Parking Vitiello Senola, Bonifacio, Corsica
Walk to Quai Nord, Bonifacio
Walk to Sentier Campu Rumanilu, Bonifacio
Pit Stop #7 (~1 day, 20h) at Sentier Campu Rumanilu, Bonifacio, Corsica, France

SUN 26 SEP 2021
Travel to Figari-Sud Corse Airport, Figari, Corsica
ZT 903 (0938-1220) to Thessaloniki Airport, Thermi, Central Macedonia, Greece

MON 27 SEP 2021
Travel to Neoi Epivates Beach, Thermaikos, Central Macedonia
Pit Start (0900-0930) at Neoi Epivates Beach
Car to Constantine's olive grove, Nea Gonia, Nea Moudania, Central Macedonia
Car to Marianna's Vineleaves, Nea Gonia
Car to Mamo's Kantina, Nea Irakleia, Nea Moudania
Car to St George Church, Nea Irakleia
Car to Port of Kallikrateia, Nea Moudania
Pit Stop #8 (~1 day, 21h) at Port of Kallikrateia, Nea Moudania, Central Macedonia, Greece

TUE 28 SEP 2021
Extended Pit Stop at Port of Kallikrateia

WED 29 SEP 2021
Pit Start (0900-0915) at Port of Kallikrateia
Car to Dassous Theatre, Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia
Car to Heptapyrgion, Thessaloniki
Walk to Trigonion Tower, Thessaloniki
Walk to Cafe Jasmine, Thessaloniki
Walk to White Tower, Thessaloniki
Pit Stop #9 (~3 days, 19h) at White Tower, Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece

THU 30 SEP 2021
Travel to Thessaloniki Airport
ZT 904 (0925-1118) to Lisbon Airport, Lisbon, Lisbon District, Portugal

FRI 1 OCT 2021
Extended Pit Stop at Lisbon Airport

SAT 2 OCT 2021
Extended Pit Stop at Lisbon Airport

SUN 3 OCT 2021
Travel to Santuário de Cristo Rei, Almada, Setúbal District, Portugal
Pit Start (0830-0900) at Santuário de Cristo Rei
Car to Fortaleza de São Filipe, Setúbal, Setúbal District
Car to Doca dos Pescadores, Setúbal
Kim, Raquel, Arun, Ryan
  Boat at Doca dos Pescadores
Walk to Mercearia Confiança de Troino, Setúbal
Walk to Rua Vasco da Gama, Setúbal
Walk to Doca dos Pescadores
Car to Santuario de Nossa Senhora, Sesimbra, Setúbal District
Walk to Farol do Cabo Espichel, Sesimbra
Pit Stop #10 (~2h, 23h) at Farol do Cabo Espichel, Sesimbra, Setúbal District, Portugal

MON 4 OCT 2021
Travel to Lisbon Airport
ZT 905 (1126-1343) to Portsmouth Intl Airport at Pease, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
ZT 905 (1524-1738) to Los Angeles Intl Airport

TUE 5 OCT 2021
Extended Pit Stop at Los Angeles Intl Airport

WED 6 OCT 2021
Travel to The Westin Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles
Pit Start at The Westin Bonaventure Hotel
Car to El Pueblo de Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Car to SIR Hollywood Entertainment Services, Los Angeles
Car to Dignity Health Tennis Center, Carson, California
Walk to Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson
Pit Stop #11 at Dignity Health Sports Park, Carson, California, USA
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Re: TAR 33 Timeline
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2022, 09:29:29 AM »
So Arun/Natalia mention on their recap (at the 28:00 mark) that they were camping in Corsica for two days. This got me to go back and review the other double legs, and thank goodness for food-making challenges! The sausage-making in Lugano locks in Tue 21 Sep for Leg 5, while the dolma-making in Nea Gonia locks in Mon 27 Sep for Leg 8. The timeline above has been updated.

This means that production has been following a regular schedule of arriving in a locale, filming the next day, having a one day break in between, filming the second leg, and then flying out the day after. An extra day was needed when arriving in Europe and the US for the first time for Legs 4 and 11.

Which brings to question the very, very long Pit Stop in Lisbon. They arrived on 30 Sep, but only raced on 3 Oct (instead of 1 Oct). This long Pit Stop stuck in a hotel induced a panic attack with Kim (per their recaps and interviews), and almost cost the eventual winners their race. I recall the rumour that a leg had to be cut because of Taylor/Isaiah's last minute withdrawal; I'm guessing this was where one leg was lost?
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