Author Topic: TAR Australia 6 Finale Episode LIVE SHOW UPDATES and DISCUSSION Thread  (Read 833 times)

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:conf: Happy TAR Australia Finale Day!!! :conf:

IMPORTANT! Even though we are a spoiler board, we do NOT want to have the episode spoiled while it is airing.

SO PLEASE ** NO  OUTCOMES ** to be posted before the show is done airing!
And to protect the unspoiled, NO FUTURE SPOILERS EVER!

Anyone breaking these rules is at BIG risk.  :browsie:

Otherwise, come watch with us for the best viewing party in town!! :party:

Have FUN everyone and :tu for joining us!!
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Re: TAR Austtralia 6 Finale Episode LIVE SHOW UPDATES & DISCUSSION Thread
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2022, 10:20:34 AM »
Fantastic location for the final leg, not exactly epic challenges, with great placement shifts all around, especially after teams make small mistakes.
Its great to have more time with the teams.ANd it was fantastic, despite arrival differences, all teams were at most of the challenges at the same time.
Angel & Frankie mentions during the snail ARI testimony, that there might have be a bit more than friendship starting between them.
Toni and Heath mentions that they'll be able to visit family in the UK, if they get the prize money.
Kelly and Georgia are the super-young newlywed with aspirations for the future.

Eating sour pork challenge in Chinatown, was just silly with the gigantic chopsticks. With another eating meat challenge, it does seem cruel to keep casting fully vegan teams. Yes, it's about how teams can overcome these situations. But for every vegetarian Georgia willing to overcome that to try to win the race, we have unnecessary drama which was the case of the vegan warrior ladies from the Sydney departure. 
Pearl RB was a test for patience, but really cool.
Writing words in beach ARI was just pretty.
Cooking snails ARI was a cool traditional thing. These sea snails are somewhat familiar to me, back where my grandparents are from, we wouldn't break the shells, they would be cooked, and we would go in with a needle to pull the meat out.
And final RB was an annoying, needle in haystack challenge. It was just sandcastles instead of haybales. Kelly lack of organization only made their situation worse. This RB mostly decided the outcome of the race. It would probably be better if this final RB was not so luck based. If all teams were together for the Memory Challenge, that would've be more exciting.
The final memory challenge was awesome, with the clocktowers, and codes. I hope this gets reused in other iterations. Considering that Kelly & Georgia were out for part of the race, curious if they were there for all clocktowers.

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Heath & Toni are probably super fans or familiar enough with TAR, they noticed the "it's time" on clues, and took notes on clocktowers and time of departures.
The edit of the final section, was interesting for drama, but I guess the impression that it was not that close, considering the different lighting of the sun as teams went by the final memory challenge and were heading to the finish line.

Really happy that Heath and Toni got the win.
Happy with the final placements for the F3 teams.

Hoping TAR Australia gets to return for more seasons.
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Re: TAR Austtralia 6 Finale Episode LIVE SHOW UPDATES & DISCUSSION Thread
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2022, 11:34:25 AM »
Not the best designed final leg but it certainly was an exciting one with the continuous placement shifts. The TAR22 sandcastles returned in a simplified version (in that season, they had to rebuild them). Great idea for a final memory challenge, I did notice the amount of focus they put on starting at clock towers.

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The right team won. What a strange, yet nice coincidence back-to-back winners this year have included someone with terminal cancer. Would have been happy as long as it wasn't Kelly & Georgia since they didn't run the race all the way through.

"Head to 10 and apply. This could be you next season." Yeah, about that, Beau...

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Re: TAR Austtralia 6 Finale Episode LIVE SHOW UPDATES & DISCUSSION Thread
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2022, 02:49:03 PM »
Beau finally got to go to Broome.

So, this was a bit of a frustrating finale as it was competitive throughout the leg until they reached the sandcastles. Not a fan of luck being a big determinant in the finale. Also, there's a reason previous iterations of the sandcastle task used clues and figurines instead of buttons. I enjoyed the memory task as it would have rewarded the teams that had been paying close attention to the clues.

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So happy to see Heath & Toni win.  :conf:

Overall, this season ended up being a mixed bag with great locations and decent teams but bogged down by the craziness caused by COVID. Of the seasons from 10, it's below 2021 but above 2019.