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Here to drop the bad news:

Media has informed that the production decision for this season is to change the format of the show. Therefore we're not going to have a new season of DFAD, SFAD or THE ACADEMY. All the possible contestants have been told that they're free to sign contracts with other networks or production companies. Also the show would be starting airing in July and not in April as in previous years.  :(


Not a surprise, I must say. Last year, during the final three months of the season, there was plenty of rumors about the show ending the following week and not in December as usual due to the low ratings (the program never reached the numbers of previous seasons and was always beaten - with a few exceptions - by The Voice and Celebrity Master Chef). Not even the change of schedule and duration helped to reverse the situation.

Some news from one of the former members of The Academy.

Carolina Ardohain is going to the host a new reality on ElTrece called in Spanish "El Hotel de los Famosos" (what translated would be something like "The Hotel of the Famous") that would start on late February/first weeks of March. The format would be similar to Big Brother and the contestant should be inside the hotel at least for four months. No further details have been revealed so far although there's a first list of "celebrities" on the media.

Take this info with a grain of salt.

On an interview with one of the most important cable news network, Pablo Prada (one of Marcelo Tinelli's producers) said that they're testing different reality formats for the new season of the show, without ruling out DFAD and SFAD by now; and that the intention is to start as late as June of this year.


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