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Update from Ron Shahar when asked about HaMerotz LaMillion:

--- Quote ---'There's nothing to panic about, once it's possible we'll do it. Right now I don't see how it can happen in the world, every country has its own corona laws. God forbid, if one of the contestants or crew members test positive, then what do we do? All sorts of things that go beyond normal production management. It probably currently produces such an expensive production because of these issues that they prefer to wait with it."
--- End quote ---

This interview came after Ron competed on The Masked Singer.

Includes video of Ron singing "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" dressed as a doe:

Unlike Canada or Australia, Israel's much too small a country to think about a domestic edition. The wait will be worth it.

This was in Ron Shahar's IG story. Credit to Avid for noticing it!

Must mean Season 9 is on the horizon. 7 and 8 filmed back-to-back in 2018, so yeah, if it hasn't been cancelled, they're waaay overdue to film as well. Now's the time while every other version is.

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Loosely: "Reshet is considering bringing back The Amazing Race."


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