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As you know, DC is special and only runs periodically.

But there may be other RFF things in the same view now and again that may tempt you!

If you are planning a game or RFF event and think that the DC crowd might be interested...please MESSAGE me and we'll take a look!


Starting soon is NRH's latest game.

With a NEW TWIST of each player Designing one of the game legs!

This is a chance for you to try your hand at Designing a leg and STILL have all the fun of playing an exciting race with full legs run by the well respected game host NRH.

If you are interested, you can check out the GAME here:,36768.0.html

Time for some TAR fun!!

Last Chance for NRH's signups!! If you LOVE DC you will def want to check this out. Summer FUN!

You KNOW you want to!!  :didimiss:,36768.msg1296557.html#msg1296557


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