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Team Seattle Teachers: (Southeast Asia)



TEAM Seattle James Batey, a physical-education teacher who lives on Vashon Island, saw an online notice that the show was recruiting contestants and enlisted outdoor-education teacher Jay Wyatt of Madrona and Spanish/French teacher Marilina Kim of Ballard as teammates.

Three teachers from The Bush School, a private school with experiential and wilderness programs as part of its curriculum, make up a team sent to race through Southeast Asia. Other teams simultaneously traversed Russia, Canada and South America.

“What we loved about that team specifically is that they were teachers and they love to travel, they love adventure but none of them were professional athletes,” said “Race” executive producer Doganieri. “And their back stories — who they are and their goals in life — we just felt that it really fit the National Geographic personality, the feel of the show, the feel of the network. And they knew each other but they hadn’t really traveled together so we’ll look for that possibility of a little drama with teams.”



Really glad that they won!  :conf:


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