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This season on Design Challenge, 19 designers set out to prove they had what it takes to become the next master architect of Amazing Race legs. Faced with twists from the very beginning, designers trekked from the starting line in Yosemite National Park and voyaged from the wonders of Africa to some of the world’s most advanced cities to the ancient cultures of South America. Along the way, fifteen were eliminated.

For the first time, four designers advanced to the finale. Tasked with designing a twelve-leg route and a final leg, they rose to the challenge and submitted incredible creations. Now, it’s time to see how they did in the eyes of the judges. Who will claim the top spot?

Welcome to the finale of Design Challenge Eight!

Audience, please refrain from posting until given notice after the end of the full Show. Thank you!


TIME: 10:00 PM

Phil Keoghan: Welcome, finalists! I hope it's been a great visit to my hometown of Christchurch, and that it's provided you the inspiration for designing your final legs.

As you know, the theme for this final round was Around the World. Your routes took us to all six inhabited continents and to several brand-new countries. Additionally, you introduced never-before-seen twists, such as hosting Finish Lines outside of the United States. The judges for this final round were quite impressed!

In case you need a reminder, the judges for this round were Kamineko, Gamerfan, and Pi, alongside Lee Sanders. Each judge assigned a score of 1 through 5 to each of your first eleven legs, for a possible total of 55 points. Then, your final leg was scored on a 50-point scale, for a possible total of 105 points.

We'll start by revealing the scores for the first 11 legs, followed by the score for the final leg and the cumulative score.

Designers, best of luck! Here we go!


By random order, we'll start with Kamineko's scores for the first eleven legs.

Kamineko's score for betheactress:

Show content44

Kamineko's score for Bookworm:

Show content49

Kamineko's score for Nuku:

Show content37.5

Kamineko's score for nrh2110:

Show content35.5


By random order, Gamerfan's scores for the first eleven legs will be revealed next.

Gamerfan's score for Bookworm:

Show content48

Gamerfan's score for Nuku:

Show content43

Gamerfan's score for nrh2110:

Show content44

Gamerfan's score for betheactress:

Show content54


By random order, Lee Sanders' scores for the first eleven legs will be revealed next.

Lee's score for Nuku:

Show content42

Lee's score for nrh2110:

Show content40

Lee's score for betheactress:

Show content45

Lee's score for Bookworm:

Show content47


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