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Have FUN and ENJOY a LIVE and Later Discussions of the SHOWS.

Premiere is tonight!

If anyone can do updates that would be AMAZING!

If not, feel free to add comments whenever.

Just be KIND!  :hfive:  And have FUN!

Another awesome CAST! These people have heart.

Nice start to the season.

Got to give it up to them for building a garage frame in 3 hours.

Episode One Thoughts

Just finishing watching the episode! It was certainly an interesting start! I enjoyed watching the concrete Individual Challenge, but I'm a little disappointed we have the same team names as last season? I thought they could maybe rename Dirty Hands & Savage Crew different names for each season? Anyway, I also enjoyed the Team Challenge, wherein teams had to put up their frame! Hopefully they don't have construction challenges the whole season and do something a little different?

A good start to the season and bring on the remaining nine weeks!  :conf: :cheer:

I finished watching the second season's premiere and I have to say the chemistry of this cast is stellar from the get-go, even before the assembly of the teams. Personally, I love Iraida, 'Brows, Celi, Swifty, and Scott for their energy and some of their juxtapositions to what they usually do on a daily basis. I think Merryl is our first honorary notable contestant we've had so a giant salute to her.

The individual roles they take on during the garage frame challenge hit home for me since I used to work in a residential construction office as a data clerk in the 2000's, pre-smartphone revolution, where they had these giant rolls of architectural details for new suburban homes and renovations, and I would oversee and document strictly the progress made by the on-site construction manager and tradesmen each day. I was watching the second challenge and was surprised at how fast they put together the structure (2-1/2 hours with 6 people, wow). Frankly, it's not adhered to the ground so that's one thing and I saw a lot of things OSHA would have a field day over. :)

Same thoughts regarding the team names with Bourkie: I am confused why Phil insisted on keeping the Savage Crew + Dirty Hands pairing. I don't find the titles very remarkable unless there is going to be a wall of fame with all the contestants. As for the punchcards that are probably going to appear on the next episode, I honestly would love to never see the punchcards again as I still think the whole time clock setup is tacky compared to the atmosphere for the rest of the show. Hope they prove me wrong (or right) tomorrow night.

I'm glad for this show specifically that there isn't an elimination in the first episode. I feel like we barely got to know a lot from these teams besides Angel, Eyebrows, Swifty, and Tara. Speaking of introductions, WAY better this season than last time. Short intros, grand intro gems are sporadic. No compact collection of grand intros in the beginning only to bring others up during the start of elimination.... :0328:.... and better use of fillers and scenes this time.

I actually would love to see some TAR sleuths locate the places visited in this series within L.A. County.


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