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DANCING FOR A DREAM 2021 (Bailando por un sueño)

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The new edition of the reality "Dancing for a dream" has a scheduled starting date on April 2021, as a main segment of the TV program "Showmatch" on El Trece Channel. As in all the previous seasons, Marcelo Tinelli will host.

The competence, that is an adaptation of the Mexican reality of the same name - and it's based on "Dancing with the stars" -, consists of a couple formed by a television or theatrical personality and a professional dancer who must demonstrate their dancing skills in different musical rhythms. Each couple receives the critics and score of a jury. Couples who do not reach the cutoff score should dance once more, after which the jury choose to "save" a certain number of pairs until only two remain. One of them is then eliminated by public vote through text messages or phone calls.

When there are four couples remaining in the contest a draw is done for them to clash in duels. The two winning couples face each other in a final, in which only the public has the decision to proclaim a winner.

Here the winners of the previous seasons:

First Season (2006)

Carmen Barbieri & Cristian Ponce

Second Season (2006)

Florencia de la V & Manuel Rodriguez

Third Season (2006)

Carla Conte & Guillermo Conforte

Fourth Season (2007)

Celina Rucci & Matías Sayago

Fifth season (2008)

Carolina Ardohain & Nicolás Armengol

In 2009 there was a variation on the structure of the contest, in which the teams consisted of a main figure and a dance troop.

Silvina Escudero
Sixth season (2010)

Fabio "La Mole" Moli & Mariana Conci

Seventh season (2011) & Eighth season (2012)

Hernan Piquín & Noelia Pompa

Ninth season (2014)

Marcos "Bicho" Gómez & Anita Martínez

Tenth season (2015)

Federico Bal & Laura Fernández

Eleventh season (2016)

Pedro Alfonso & Flor Vigna

Twelfth season (2017)

Flor Vigna & Gonzalo Gerber

Thirteenth season (2018)

Julián Serrano/Sofía Morandi

Fourteenth season (2019)

Nicolás Occhiato/Florencia Jazmín Peña






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