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- The cast : The cast this season was great!!! Yes the alliance sucked, but looking at teams as individuals, even the teams that were a little bit more 'boring' delivered (Jerry/Frank, Hung/Chee and Eswar/Aparna). No duds on this season. I love that this year we also got a nice balance of Mactors/Athletes/Regular people. I feel like production sometimes forget who watches the show. We want to see regular people race around the world, not just Mactors and Athletes.

Location 11 legs in 11 different countries, when was the last time this happened? Honnestly, every leg was great, even the Paris one because they ended going to somewhere new (Chantilly) and it was not just another same old city being use. First visit to Trinidad and the Amazon was great, also Paraguay, Colombia, Kazakstan was soo fun and overdue.

The Meh:

- Tasks : The tasks were ok! I don't think we will remember much tasks from this season (The Music challenge in Manilla, the cake challenge from the finale, the Movie challenge from Kazakstan, and the Berlin Roadblock being exceptions).

Twists: I LOVED the Yield twist, but it just didn't end up being a factor for TAR32. I think they should try it again next season, but maybe on the first leg? Maybe one thing that could work is to have this challenge at the starting line, and make them look for 3 different times :10/20/30, and with 2 different planes for the first leg. Forcing teams with the same dilemma: Should I keep looking for a better one, or take the first one I see and rush to the airport?
The Megaleg was ok, nothing new, and I love the City Sprint, but would have worked better with a Top 8 or 6, to see more change between the ranking of the teams.

The Bad:

- Sharing answers: So....... AGAIN, this is nothing new for TAR but....... this was taken to the next level. I don't mind alliances, but teams can't forget that there is just one winner. Short term alliance, yes, long term... no. I'm sure there's some easy option for production to stop this problem. Mention it in the clue: You cannot give the answer to another team. You don't ever have to air it, just write it down and people won't share (Esp. for Berlin roadblock and Manila music challenge).

The boot order war bad: I wish we saw more of the Alliance being in danger, or fighting for last place. Would have spiced up things a bit.... Sad Michelle and Victoria got booted so early. They really had potential to win a few legs and make it far!

The cast was great, but the editing portrayed everyone rather blandly. I wish they would have focused more on the human side of the teams, their stories and personalities rather than just being "alliance this, alliance that".

The proposal was the highlight of the season for me. Whoever was in charge of editing that scene should be promoted to head editor and every other editor should go back to boot camp.

A lackluster season topped off with definitely one of the easier finales. I personally feel it was more contrasted by having just seen the Israeli finale a couple weeks ago. There, a tough mental task and finally crossing a tightrope on their partner’s shoulders (in dramatic weather, too, lol). Then here, feeling through cakes and jumping off a bridge.

India is when the last of my interest in this season died. Its more than the alliance, this season had clear production problems. It kinda feels like they blew most of their budget renting that Kazakh movie studio and its actors, and so had to make bargain-basement tasks elsewhere through the race.

(This was also true for TAR24, but it gets a pass knowing violent Pacific weather forced substitutes of half the route)

TAR33 if and when it resumes has some work to do at the drawing board after the reception this year has had...

-That the Asian Cajuns exist.
-The return of Manila traffic enforcer Ramiro Hinojas
-A visit to Manila

-A visit to Manila (please travel outside of Metro Manila next time lol)
-Visiting the Philippines with only four teams AGAIN
-Rebranding things from old TAR and pretending they're ZOMG new twists
-Stop saying "Team X is the first to depart Country X..." because that is not true.
-Pretty much everything else :lol:

I'd like to celebrate the fact that this season, despite some of the more scandalous occurrences, delivered some of the best moments I've seen in YEARS.
The first Pit Stop check-in of the season being a clean wipeout :funny:
The infamous shopping scramble in Manaus
Michelle & Victoria passing the clue jar at the U-Turn
Leo taking over Will's car at the Charles de Gaulle airport parking garage
The Hyderabadi food delivery service vs. augmented reality Detour (very fresh and keeping up with the times)
A revisit of Siem Reap, Cambodia!
Will & James' reenactment of the Charla & Mirna sausage Intersection Detour at Cafe Beignet
Personally, seeing my Crescent City Connection speculation 2 years ago become true
Inducting Kaylynn & Haley as the new Yield Queens

I think the answer-sharing and impact of the alliance is well documented here so I'm not going to expand on it. Other things,
The "city sprint", originally believing they would be given an orienteering list of tasks to complete before checking back in rather than a marathon
The French leg centered around the Ile de France commune being undervalued with the tasks we got
A missed opportunity to have a purely Yield season without the distractions of Double U-Turns
No Fast Forwards
The underwhelming Bogota leg
Farfetched but still plausible: the missed opportunity for a soundbite memory task at Mardi Gras World and incorporating the music and noise from the blowgun, teledisco, auto rickshaw or horse and carriage clogging, New Orleans jazz band, Kazakh warrior Detour, and lion dance.


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