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--- Quote from: arubanna on December 17, 2020, 02:05:03 AM ---I can't @ people saying the cast was good.. the boring alliance was a result of bad cast.. they are not competitive enough to the point that they created an alliance to help each other finish the tasks..

remember the memory challenge? they even worked in a team of 6, did it luck-based, and shared the answer.. resulting one team to pretty much give up because they know they didn't get a chance.. the 3 teams didn't even try to compete with each other lol

lack of competitiveness..

making alliances to use uturn yield etc strategically or share directions is one thing, but sharing answers is another thing.. they were just lazy and play safe..

--- End quote ---
The "boring alliance" was a result of a strategic cast, or rather, a few strategic castmates - particularly Will & James. I can't even with your reasoning that the alliance resulted from bad casting....

Casting was seriously great this season, it even made me reconsider recruits in general. Mostly because of Michelle & Victoria, who are my favorite team in years, at least since S27's Logan & Chris. But in general I'd rank them very highly on my personal rankings of F/F teams of all time.

Yes, I remember the memory challenge. It was one of the toughest challenges this season, and with it being the last task on the penultimate leg, it only made sense for 3 teams to work together. Why risk your own elimination by keeping to yourself, if you can guarantee your safety by working with others as well as getting to choose who goes out 4th, just short of the finale leg? Don't hate the players, hate the game. It wasn't fun for us, viewers, to watch, but it was only logical for racers – I'm really surprised it took TAR 30+ seasons for alliances to become prevalent.

"Strategizing on race powers AND directions is fine, but strategizing on tasks is bad" – no, dear, they're both the same thing. Opportunities for racers to get a lead on their competition strategically by something that's allowed in the race rules. Us not liking the result as viewers doesn't change what it is.

--- Quote from: claude_24hrs on December 17, 2020, 07:36:35 AM ---Positive:
The double-length legs modified as "Mega Leg"
--- End quote ---
I'd actually be much more a fan of this if they still had 12 legs this season :/
To me it's just a new name for almost the same thing – only difference between the KOR and the Mega Leg being the lack of Pit Stop in the middle.
I'm still gonna say this season had 12 legs, just like S14 with its "Mega Leg", and imo S10 had 13 legs.

Can't really say a lot good about this season now that it is over... It started well but lost it's strive half way and never recovered.

The Positives:

Casting - Teams like Eswar & Aparna (my favorite team), Hung & Chi and Michelle & Victoria were great in my opinion. They included more of an international cast which I absolutely loved
Yields - It was great to see them return (but this is as far as it goes)
The Early Legs - These include Trinidad & Tobago, Columbia, Paraguay and France were interesting

The Negatives:

The Alliances - This was something that seemed good early on but as it went along the results became more predictable, there were betrayals and it felt like everyone was playing it safe
The Back Half - Everything from Berlin on seemed underwhelming, and it got worse as time went on
The Locations - I am only talking about the second half, and uh.. the Brazil leg as well. The Brazil leg seemed to lack any amazon aspect, visits to Germany, France and Philippines were underwhelming as they chose to stick to their capital cities and the Cambodia leg was just meh
Bland Teams - Gary & De'Angelo and Riley & Maddison in particular just weren't very memorable, and the former U-turning my favorite team only reduced my opinion of them
Kazakhstan - Why only one leg here? I was incredibly disappointed
Fast Forwards - There weren't any, WHY?! I am pretty sure we haven't seen one since TAR29
The Mega Leg - To call it the first time we've seen one of these is nothing short of a joke! We have seen many KOR legs and the one in TAR 10 even had them keep racing without meeting Phil half way. Unless they are simply referring to no rest at all somewhere in the leg (plane ride for example), it was silly to call it that. I also hated that it meant we only got 11 legs, bad decision - still should have been two legs at the very least.
Yields On Every Leg - Hated this as well... This only contributed to my earlier opinion of the alliance and how this made the results more predictable in the back half. Yes, it worked on Season 5 because no one Yielded anybody until the eleventh leg, and teams were not ganging up in an alliance.
Will & James - Definitely my least favorite team this season. I hated their behavior first and foremost, how they treated some other teams and indirectly contributing to the elimination of Leo & Alana and after all this, they still win...


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