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So, with Season 32 now being in the can, what were your Joys & Disappointment of the season?

Discuss it all here, but make sure you follow all of RFF's Golden Rules!

Sir Khalid:
-Good Cast
-Good Tasks
-Good Locations

-Mine 5 Alliance
-Predictable Final Leg

Positive :
- New elements in gameplay (The return of Yield, first ever KOR elimination, searching for yield with different time limit)
- Cast with distinctive character :luvya: There are no blend characters in this season
- Some great leg design, with variety in leg structure (not detour - roadblock everytime but with ARI instead)
- Kaylynn & Haley being bottom gods for 6 consecutive legs and slaying all 3 NELs this season  :lol:

Negative :
- The over-powerment of the Mine 5 (Core 3) alliance destroyed some of the great tasks, and caused the consecutive elimination for the 4th - 6th place team
- Linear final leg with luck-based task  :jam:
- No one uses the yield for 4 legs until one team got double yielded in the mega leg
- Beard bros and Will & James being double standard all the time annoyed me  :jam:

The season started out really strong, deteriorated a little bit in Berlin, picked up again in Kazakhstan, then continued to deteriorate since India. :groan:

To be honest, this is the only season apart from S16 that I have literally no interest in watching the final leg, as I don't want anyone from the Final 3 (4) to win  :groan:

I can't @ people saying the cast was good.. the boring alliance was a result of bad cast.. they are not competitive enough to the point that they created an alliance to help each other finish the tasks..

remember the memory challenge? they even worked in a team of 6, did it luck-based, and shared the answer.. resulting one team to pretty much give up because they know they didn't get a chance.. the 3 teams didn't even try to compete with each other lol

lack of competitiveness..

making alliances to use uturn yield etc strategically or share directions is one thing, but sharing answers is another thing.. they were just lazy and play safe..


The return of Yield in selected number of legs
The double-length legs modified as "Mega Leg"
The revisits of Colombia, Paraguay, Kazakhstan and Cambodia


Mine Five alliance
The linear final leg without a memory task
Third season in a row into a 4-continent race that lacked Oceania


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