Author Topic: Do You Think We値l Ever See Any More New International Versions?  (Read 1200 times)

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Obviously if this were to ever happen, it would likely be a while with the current world events, but do you guys think we値l ever see any new international versions of the Amazing Race (like a completely new series?) The last new version to premiere was Amazing Race China in 2014, I wonder if any other countries or regions would be interested in producing their own versions that haven稚 done so yet?

Also, I wonder if we値l get anymore of the international series being revived again after a long absence (like Amazing Race Asia, Australia, and Vietnam were)? I would personally love to see China Rush return.

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I壇 love to see The Amazing Race UK! But, I think that would of already happened by now? Channel 4/Channel 5 should of already picked it up years ago! I壇 also love to see TAR India & TAR South Africa, but I think I知 dreaming here!  :didimiss: :funny:

I壇 love to see TAR China Rush return as well!
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Well, TARLA is buried six feet under. And although it would be great trying to resurrect it, after the poor performances of the last seasons - ratings talking - I don't think any network would give a chance for a second run. (If fact I don't even think anyone in this continent's media remember the show being broadcasted)
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Yeah, the UK should've gotten its own version by now. But with the BBC doing its own original concept, it is very doubtful.

I think the only other possibilities could be Asia. South Korea loves variety shows and a TAR: South Korea would most certainly be celeb-based like TAR China. Thailand would be the next possibility too as they like franchising foreign formats.

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Race Across the World pretty much is The Amazing Race UK (and it's not a bad show at all). Closest they're gonna get.

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Maybe a revival of TAR Central Europe?

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Maybe a revival of TAR Central Europe?

That would be awesome!

The dream would be if TAR Norge returns. Or if they make a TAR Scandinavia or a TAR with the Nordic countries.

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Another TAR Asia would be amazing. Their first ones were high class!
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I would love it we could get the Central European season we never got (that痴 a beautiful part of the world too, they could even just race around that area and have plenty to do and see).

Being that the Amazing Race Australia revival did so well last year, it gives me hope that maybe other networks will take notice and revive their series or purchase the rights to start a new series in the future.

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There was a Norwegian version so maybe another Scandinavian version is possible.