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--- Quote ---CBS scripted originals have historically repeated well and, per sources, the network will lean on those to ride out the summer. The network will be without new seasons of Big Brother and Love Island, neither of which had been shot before the world stopped.
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Doesn't look like BB22 will shoot this summer due to Covid19


I don't think we have seen anything official to confirm or deny that. Another website suggests it still could be on for the summer.

--- Quote ---‘Big Brother’ Casting Director Hints That Season 22 Is Still On Despite COVID-19 Shutdowns
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Personally: There is no way I would go into a house under lockdown with a group of strangers right now... Can you imagine the legal screams if ONE person fell ill? No contract could save the damage that would do to CBS.

I did hear that they were looking at ways around this...sequester players for 2 to 3 weeks before? Multiple testing (yeah that's great when others can't get tested yet)…. Speaking medically it would be so difficult...

Keep them separately remotely at first?

Truly, doing this would be a VERY poor decision in my opinion.

I think we could also possibly see a late summer/fall BB season this year if the virus has settled down. Survivor likely won’t be ready, and a lot of scripted shows will be behind on filming also, so BB could be an easier solution for CBS.


--- Quote ---“With Love Island and Big Brother, we still hope to have on the air this summer, it could be a little later than usual but we’re still optimistic about getting those on,” CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl told Deadline. “Those shows turn around pretty quickly, Big Brother has live shows every week and Love Island literally airs the night after it shoots, those shows do not have long post processes.”
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