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Self-Isolation Practical TIPS & Fun activities for Kids and Adults!

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This is for

TIPS in how to best self isolate (practical tips)

AND FUN THINGS to do while you are...besides RFF of course!  :)x

FUN! (ongoing updates)

BEST ONE YET!: (multiple FAB ideas!)

Catch up on all of Phil Keoghan's BUCKIT interviews!!

Italian Cooking Lessons at noon daily from a world famous Italian Chef   
Take a free CPR and/or First-Aid Course
Online free PUZZLES!
Around the World via International MOVIES!

How about a themed LIVE workout with a Broadway Dancer Star??
FB Group for this here:

Explore Ramesses VI Tomb in 360

15 Broadway plays you can watch!

World museums you can live tour remotely:


10 Historic Homes you can Virtually Tour

LIVE time Kroger National Park Safaris!
    (It starts at 2:48 for me.)

Activities for kids:

Over 30 Virtual Field Trips you can do remotely!*xm4Es7dfTDTRl5ZhFUTs6w

FREE Online Courses for K to 12 Students:


This is an article by the NZ Ministry of Health.

But the GENERAL info is outstanding and applies in all of our cases.

If you need to self-isolate, this is an EXCELLENT resource.

Stephen Amell announced on his IG the he will have a chat at 11:00 am PT daily beginning today on his IG page. Since his new show for STARZ has suspended production. Hes also been promoting Code 8 the crowdfunded feature film released last year, his nocking point vintage wine club, plus being at home with his kids.
Supposedly about the best fan base experience throughout his run as Arrow.

If you have literally NOTHING to do:


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