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How are things where YOU are? What precautions are you now taking? How are you coping? What is happening differently for YOU?

Please start EACH post with I am in ____  (your location) so we can follow better.

Looks like this is our NEW norm for awhile! Keep safe and stay brave, and do share any tips for making this time go well.


I'll start. My base is Atlanta but I am currently traveling for fun about 60%+ of the time.
My background is Critical Care medicine so I have a clear understanding of medical issues and am working volunteer locally.

Much of my travel scheduled thru July will be affected/cancelled and I actually may have to finally stay home and clean out my basement!  :funny: Actually very very disappointed but will soldier on!

I did the routine disaster prep after my sister insisted lol.: Laid in water/a 3 week supply of basic food, some cold/flu meds and some staples. And wine.  :jam: :martini:

Have hundreds of books and projects to keep me busy. Not forgetting RFF!

Currently working to get hand sanitizer out to a number of our senior citizens. It was impossible to find here. Thanks to a local distillery providing the sanitizer using their 95% alcohol byproducts I have been able to make up a large # of small bottles for our local senior community. Trying to get more bottles so I can do another batch Monday.

And attended our first remote church service this morning:

What are YOU doing? How are YOU coping? What challenges are YOU facing?

This is amazing, Peach! I hope you'll stay safe at home.
Also, about the hand sanitizers, that's amazing what you are doing! Great community work to keep the elderly safe!

PS: i don't know how things work at the US, but here in Brazil, if the prices go radically up (it's happening with medical products) you can report to the party responsible for consumer rights!

My base is Pelotas, Brazil. We live close to the border with Uruguay.
Last few days it's been really hot in here, but our winter is coming (and it's brutal).

I work at my dad's pharmacy, and even though we don't sell artificial products (we are a handling pharmacy) we'll have to keep opening for the sake of the population (half a million people).

I'm actually scared for me, my dad and my brother.
I used to be a fat guy who was sick like ALL THE TIME in the past.
Started a keto/carnivore diet 10 months ago and now my immunity is really high and i'm healthy now to a level i don't think i would need to be worried. The problem is, though, that i could still carry the virus into my family.

My city has like 10 suspect cases and none confirmed thus far. But everything (classes and such) are being cancelled for now. I'm even considering not playing soccer or tennis this week. (i'm always playing both)

I hope everyone can be safe and AT HOME! Take caution measures and try to stay home, guys! We need to prevent from it.
Wishing everyone at this forum a safe journey through all of this!  :2hearts:

Thanks Declive!! Really proud of you and your lifestyle changes.

We are still learning here. But as far as we know this is a disease likely transmitted by aerosol or droplets.

My advice would be to avoid crowds.  But a good game of tennis outside should be fine...just no handshaking! Stay on your side of the net lol.

I finished all my errands today and can manage everything else for a few weeks without needing to go into crowds. Hopefully we will know more by then. At work maybe wear a mask if you can find them? They are completely out of stock in my area so not an option. Wash your hands like crazy and avoid touching your face.

We will all get through this. Hopefully all these worldwide efforts will help contain the spread. We are learning!

As the CDC has advised canine cannot be infected by the coronavirus and cannot transmit it, it has not required much change in our walks. Iím wearing thin winter gloves for not as it hasnít gotten warm enough to be uncomfortable to have them on. My apartment building has been closed to visitors ( since almost all of us are in higher risk categories (age, health conditions or both) Delivery people are allowed in. Our entrances are only remotely manned from another buildind. If the person on duty isnít preoccupied.
In any event, Edele is getting her walks (a half mile to 2 miles in a single walk, depending on the weather and the level of sunlight outside.)


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